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19/05/2023 Blog Betting guide

Empire777 is one of the bookmakers specializing in online casinos today. In order for players to experience the game to the fullest, shares with everyone the simplest and fastest Empire777 deposit guide instructions through today’s popular deposit methods.

Fund your EMPIRE777 in 5 minutes with
Fund your EMPIRE777 in 5 minutes with

Popular deposit methods at Empire777 today

EMPIRE777 Deposit Forms
EMPIRE777 Deposit Forms

How to deposit Empire777 via the most popular methods

Because there are many local banks in Malaysia today, the bank transfer method is still popular with many people. Especially when this method at Empire777 has USD currency support.

Bank transfer

Step 1: Log in to your Empire777 account

Log in to the bookmaker and select Deposit
Log in to the bookmaker and select Deposit

To participate in betting as well as games, you first log in to Empire777. Click on the link below and log in to your Empire777 account.

Step 2: Contact your support center to obtain your Empire777 account information

Click on the message box in the lower right corner to contact Empire777 support and obtain your Empire777 bank account information.

Fill in your personal information and request your bank account information to EMPIRE777 support as shown below.

Contact support to obtain EMPIRE777 banking information
Contact support to obtain EMPIRE777 banking information

Once the bank account information is available, the User shall transfer funds to that account number by any means, provided that the funds arrive in the correct account provided by Empire777 above.

In this article, guides you to deposit money at the bank counter. Therefore, now you guys need to go to the selected bank counter and proceed to make a deposit. After a successful transfer to Empire777, you retain your invoice to enter your deposit information and continue with the steps below.

Step 3: Choose a Transfer method

On the Empire777 interface, select Deposit > Transfer as shown below.

Choose Local Bank Transfer Deposit
Choose Local Bank Transfer Deposit

Step 4: Fill in your Empire777 deposit details

The Empire777 interface will display a deposit form, you fill in the full and accurate Empire777 deposit information as shown below.

Fill in the deposit information in the form
Fill in the deposit information in the form
  • Deposit method: Choose to transfer money at the counter.
  • Deposit amount: Enter the amount that you have deposited into your Empire777 account provided by support.
  • Empire777 Banking: Fill in the Empire777 bank information for which you deposited funds.
  • Date and time of transaction: Enter the exact time at which you send funds to Empire777.
  • Reference code/ Receipt: Filling in the reference code and uploading a full receipt will help Empire777 bookmaker verify information and update your deposit faster.
  • Your bank: Choose your bank.
  • Bank account holder’s name: Enter your real name.
  • Bank account number: Enter your bank account number.
  • Phone number: Enter your telephone number so that Empire777 can contact you when necessary.
Complete the deposit order
Complete the deposit order

Please double-check the information you have entered and click on the Deposit box to complete your Empire777 deposit via bank transfer.

So having completed the steps to deposit Empire777 via local bank transfer, now just wait for bookmaker in betting to update the deposit to your account. If you have any questions, please contact Empire777 customer service for advice.

Deposit Empire777 via Mycash

When depositing via MY CASH at Empire777, members will receive an additional 1% of the bonus value. Therefore, it is also the most popular way to deposit Empire777. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Empire777 bookmaker and log in to your account

Step 2: Select My Cash deposit method and fill in the information

Fill in your EMPIRE777 deposit via MyCash
Fill in your EMPIRE777 deposit via MyCash

Note: Since Empire777 does not support VND via My Cash method, you must enter an amount based on USD.

Select your bank to deposit and click on the Confirm box to continue.

Step 3: Log in to your bank account

When you log in and fill in the OTP to confirm your successful deposit, you have completed the steps to deposit through MY CASH.

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Some notes when depositing Empire777

  • Empire777 deposits must be made on the same bank account. Make sure there are no other 3rd party transactions.
  • The name of your bank account must match your actual name with which you registered your account with Empire777.
  • Currently, Empire777 does not support USD currency throughout the system, so you need to pay attention to avoid confusion.
  • When sending money via any method, you should also save transaction information and deposit receipts in case you need to use it.
Deposit EMPIRE777 for a chance to win JACKPOT gifts
Deposit EMPIRE777 for a chance to win JACKPOT gifts

Summary of Empire777 FAQs for depositing

What is the minimum and maximum deposit at Empire777 ?

For bank transfer, the minimum amount is 5 USD and the maximum is 4260 USD.

For other methods in USD currency, the minimum amount you can deposit is 15 USD and the maximum up to 4500 USD, depending on the payment method, the amount may vary slightly.

How long does it take for funds to be updated into the account ?

The time is very fast for online banking transactions (5 – 10 minutes). If you deposit via bank transfer at the counter, the time will be longer (30 minutes – 1 hour).

Does Empire777 charge fees for depositing ?

Absolutely not. When making transactions, members will not pay any fees.


Above is an Empire777 deposit guide for those who do not know how to deposit money into the bookmaker. With an extremely easy and secure process, any player can make a deposit and participate in a bet. Deposit your Empire777 quickly and start winning real money today.

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