The simplest way to calculate points in badminton betting

18/05/2023 Sports betting

How to calculate points in badminton betting is not too difficult to understand if we spend a little time learning. Having a firm grasp of badminton scoring rules also helps you increase your odds of winning when participating in badminton betting at reputable bookmakers. Follow the most way to calculate points in badminton betting, accompanied by badminton betting tips from wintips.

The simplest way to calculate points in badminton betting
The simplest way to calculate points in badminton betting

Why do you need to know how to calculate points in badminton betting?

If you are a serious badminton bettor, you will definitely not “throw money through the window” of the house in vain. So the first basic thing you need when betting is to know how to calculate points in badminton betting.

Knowing how to calculate points will help you be more responsive in predicting bets such as handicaps, championship bets, score bets, over/under bets,… From there came the decision to make a safer bet. Moreover, when knowing how to calculate points, players will also be wary of any match that has an unexpected result change and stops at the right time. The next part is the easiest way to calculate badminton points.

How to calculate points in badminton betting

For badminton bettors with the goal of reducing stress only, stress often pays little attention to how points are calculated in badminton betting. However, for those who take badminton betting seriously, they are very interested in this way of calculating points.

In an official badminton match, it will be divided into 3 rounds, each with a maximum of 21 points scored. To find the winning team or player in each round, the score is calculated as follows:

  • When both sides score 20 points, it is stipulated that whichever side scores 2 adjacent points, that side wins.
  • When two teams continue to draw continuously and fight until scoring 29 points, the team that scores the first 30 points wins. At the end of the match, whichever side wins 2 rounds, that side wins the whole match.
  • When an opponent hits the ball out on the field, the opponent will score points. If the receiver reacts back to touch the net or the receiver is in the wrong place, the other side can also score points.
How to calculate points in badminton betting is very important
How to calculate points in badminton betting is very important

Some effective badminton betting experiences

If you already know how to calculate points in badminton betting, combine the following betting experiences to win:

Find out more about tennis players

There are many players who make the mistake of choosing to bet according to their feelings, that is, they do not care about any information about the match, but they see which team is sympathetic to bet on it right away. Or they simply bet based on the number they think is luck.

This is the “short-sighted” way of thinking in badminton betting. Having decided to spend money on betting, learn carefully about the things around that match to earn both capital and profit.

Specifically, learn about the players involved in the same performance, their schedule, performance, injury history,… This will affect your ability to predict results.

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Learn from the experts

Learning knowledge and skills from experts in badminton betting is essential. Experts often share the experiences they have accumulated on many channels, forums, betting websites today. You can search and read for reference.

These experiences will help you design your own way of playing and improve your thinking, judgment and understanding of tennis players.

Fixed bet amount

Players when betting on badminton in particular and betting in general often do not tend to fix the bet through many matches. Unstable bets will make players control the money they have as well as easily fall into a situation of losing more than winning.

Therefore, players should divide the bet equally and place bets when appropriate. Betting all the money you have is also not recommended if you are not sure of the outcome of the match.

Some effective badminton betting experiences
Some effective badminton betting experiences

Stop at the right time

Badminton betting is inherently about playing for fun and making some profit if you judge well. However, many people have no control but bet “innocently”, every game is placed, how many bets there are.

The overuse of badminton betting and not knowing where to stop is dangerous to your health and finances. You should immediately abandon the mentality of trying to remove gauze when losing and eager to bet a lot when winning big. Because it will make you lose your temper and not make a good decision for the bets.

Psychological stability

A strong and discerning mentality is the key point you must make when betting on badminton. If the mentality is stable, in any case you cannot process information quickly and make a standard bet decision. Always believe in your betting, don’t bet on the crowd for a minute. No rampant betting, choose the key match, the match you know well to bet on.


Badminton betting is simple for you when you already know how to calculate points in badminton betting in the above article. In addition, the above sure betting tips will probably help you a lot in effective badminton betting tactics. Good luck!

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