Compilation of the worst injury in soccer ever

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Truly, soccer is the most captivating sport on the planet due to its high level of competition. However, it also harbors many risks that can jeopardize a player’s career. Many fields around the world have witnessed horrifying collisions leading to severe injuries. Some result in a few weeks’ stay in the hospital, while others may force players to bid farewell to the field altogether. These injuries can even haunt spectators to the core. In this article, Wintips will compile the “Top 10 the worst injury in soccer”. Remember to keep a cool head when playing soccer to avoid encountering such dreadful injuries.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
The worst injury in soccer all of time

Top 10 the worst injury in soccer all of time

1. Aaron Ramsey

In the match between Arsenal and Stoke City on March 1, 2010, following a powerful collision from Ryan Shawcross, the right leg of Aaron Ramsey (who was just 19 years old at the time) was severely deformed, broken in two places. Immediately after, the defender from The Potters received a red card and had to leave the field.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
Former Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey had intended to retire early

He walked off the sidelines with a fearful, distraught expression, tears of remorse rolling down his face. The former Arsenal midfielder had to undergo 9 months of treatment before being able to return to the field. However, it took a long time before he truly regained his sense and wore the jersey of a top-class midfielder in the midfield area.

2. Luke Shaw – The worst injury in soccer

Manchester United fans surely haven’t forgotten the haunting injury suffered by Luke Shaw in the 2015/16 Champions League. In a match against PSV Eindhoven, during an attacking move, the rising English football talent at the time (just 20 years old) encountered fierce opposition from Hector Moreno of the opposing team.

Shaw's talent was halted when he was injured
Shaw’s talent was halted when he was injured

The PSV Eindhoven player tackled aggressively, resulting in Luke Shaw’s leg being broken on the pitch. Subsequently, Luke Shaw took a very long time to make his comeback to the field. Many feared that he might even lose his career. In fact, there were times when it seemed like Luke Shaw couldn’t return to his peak form before the injury.

3. Andre Gomes – The worst injury in soccer

Sometimes, reckless challenges don’t just come from “lesser-known” players in the football world. Even top global stars have moments where they become culprits for a fierce tackle of their own. This was the story of Son Heung-min in the match between Arsenal and Tottenham in the 2019/20 season.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
Son Hueng Min made Andre Gomes almost break his legs

In a contested situation, Tottenham’s main striker made a tackle that resulted in Arsenal player Andres Gomes suffering a severe ankle injury. Gomes’ injury was so serious that he lay on the ground in panic while Son Heung-min hugged his head and cried bitterly.

4. Djibril Cisse

Djibril Cisse is one of the unluckiest football stars, having suffered horrific injuries twice in his career, and on both legs. The first instance occurred in a match between Liverpool and Blackburn in 2004. The Kop’s forward fractured both his shin and left ankle after a collision with an opponent.

A mighty player like Djibril Cisse has also had to be treated for injuries
A mighty player like Djibril Cisse has also had to be treated for injuries

Not stopping there, two years later, Cisse encountered a similar injury during an international match between France and China. This time, the injury was even more severe. The fact that both legs were fractured raised concerns among fans about the French star’s ability to return to the field. However, he once again made a strong comeback after just 7 months of rehabilitation.

5. Eduardo da Silva – The worst injury in soccer

Eduardo is known as a talented footballer hailing from Brazil. However, luck wasn’t on his side when he participated in a match between Birmingham and Arsenal in 2006.

Da Silva was fouled rough by an opposing defender
Da Silva was fouled rough by an opposing defender

Following a tackle from Martin Taylor, Eduardo suffered a severe leg break. It was regarded as one of the most serious injuries in football history. After the incident, the player underwent nearly a year of treatment before stepping back onto the field to pursue his passion.

6. Alan Smith – The worst injury in soccer

In a rare midfield appearance orchestrated by manager Alex Ferguson, during a clash with arch-rivals Liverpool in 2005, Alan Smith’s effort to block a free-kick from John Arne led to him paying the price with a severely broken leg. The incident unfolded so quickly that players initially didn’t realize the severity of Smith’s injury.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
A. Smith’s serious injury against Stoke City

It wasn’t until nearly a minute later when the ball was finally cleared from the pitch that people began to panic about his injury. Unfortunately, unlike many other players, this injury nearly destroyed Alan Smith’s career. Leaving Man Utd, he moved on to play for several other clubs but never quite managed to shine brightly again.

7. Petr Cech

In addition to the horrific leg-related injuries in football, Petr Cech’s traumatic brain injury also remains haunting for spectators to this day. In a match in 2006 between Reading and Chelsea, goalkeeper Petr Cech took a full-force kick to the head from Stephen Hunt’s knee.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
Cech’s wearing a hat while playing is from a serious injury in the past

The impact was immediate, causing pain, collapse, and clutching of the head. The skull injury left a lasting impression on Petr Cech. Subsequently, in any match he participated in, you would often see him wearing a fully protective headgear, aiming to ensure his safety.

8. Patrick Battiston – The worst injury in soccer

In the history of world football, have you forgotten about the horrifying match of the 1982 World Cup between France and West Germany? While thousands of fans around the world were waving flags to cheer for both teams, the risks of the match also unfolded. A through ball into the gap between two German defenders by Patrick Battiston took everyone by surprise.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
P. Battiston suffered such a serious injury that he had to miss a long time

At that moment, goalkeeper Harald “Toni” Schumacher rushed out to intercept, his entire body colliding with Battiston, and Battiston’s face absorbing the full weight of Schumacher’s body. The impact was so strong that Battiston collapsed on the field, unconscious, with his left arm dangling weakly. This injury became one of the media sensations of this extended World Cup. Patrick Battiston had to be hospitalized for treatment for a long time.

9. Christian Eriksen – The worst injury in soccer

Serious injuries in football often result from direct collisions. However, truly serious football injuries from direct collisions usually do not affect life and can be treated.

The worst injury in soccer all of time
The moment Eriksen collapsed left fans dumbfounded

However, at Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen suffered an injury that caused him to collapse on the field and endangered his life. This injury to Christian Eriksen was due to the player having a congenital heart issue. Fortunately, after receiving treatment and using supportive devices, Christian Eriksen was able to return to professional football play normally.

10. Antonio Valencia

Antonio Valencia, a football player from Ecuador who played as a winger and full-back, shone brightly in the colors of Manchester United as well as the Ecuador national team. He was known as one of the fastest players in the world.

Few people know that former Man Utd star Antonio Valencia has suffered a serious injury
Few people know that former Man Utd star Antonio Valencia has suffered a serious injury

However, his fast-paced style of play often led to fierce challenges from opponents. Valencia suffered a serious injury while playing for Manchester United in a UEFA Champions League match. This severe injury significantly affected his performance, and he eventually retired in 2021.


Here is a compiled list of the Top 10 the worst injury in soccer history. To minimize the risk of injuries while playing soccer, we must always keep a cool head. Additionally, equipping oneself with proper gear such as soccer shoes, shin guards, etc… will help protect you better when engaging in this sport. Thank you for your interest in today’s sports content from the betting bookmaker legit website. We hope to continue receiving your support in the upcoming articles.

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