List of top La Liga scorers all time

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Top La Liga scorers all time – Who the best? The Spanish National Championship (La Liga) is home to a variety of famous football stars as well as famous clubs. It can be mentioned as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atl Madrid or it is C. Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Neymar… With such high-class strikers playing in the same tournament, surely the title of top scorer will be very attractive. Do you wonder what is the top scorer in La Liga history? Admin Wintips will reveal shortly.

List of top La Liga scorers all time
List of top La Liga scorers all time

Top La Liga scorers all time – 10 scorers

1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona, 474 goals, 2004 – 2021)

It should come as no surprise that the name at the top of the top La Liga scorers all time list is Lionel Messi. He is a one-time icon of Barcelona and is currently the greatest striker in the history of the No. 1 league in the country of bullfighting. Messi soon proved his talent from 2004 then became a mainstay of the Catalan team until 2021.

Messi's talent has far exceeded that of ordinary players
Messi’s talent has far exceeded that of ordinary players

8 Ballon d’Or in 14 years, spanning 3 decades, world football, even club level, has probably rarely seen such a continuous and sustained dominance. Not to mention that the owner of that record chain is a player who, despite being hailed as a genius, is full of worldly difficulties. At one point he fell into the depths of despair, still shaking off the mud and rising up.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, 311 goals, 2009 – 2018)

Number 2 on the list of top La Liga scorers all time is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo had a period of 9 years at Real Madrid, he became the greatest striker in the history of the team before moving to Juventus in the summer of 2018. CR7 and Real Madrid won 15 titles, notably 4 Champions League titles. Ronaldo is currently the greatest goalscorer in the national team with 109 goals, equal to senior Ali Daei (Iran).

Cristiano R. is still working hard despite turning 39
Cristiano R. is still working hard despite turning 39

Despite leaving Los Blancos, Ronaldo is in regular contact with Kroos as well as his former teammates. In the EURO 2021 finals, after Germany’s match against Portugal ended, Ronaldo along with Pepe and Kroos talked for a long time, giving each other warm hugs.

3. Telmo Zarra (Ath Bilbao, 251 goals, 1940 – 1955)

Zarra joined Athletic Bilbao in 1940. His training regimen was known to be intense, and he thrived on challenging situations on the field. Zarra became adept at evading defenders and positioning himself perfectly to score goals. Alongside Venancio, Jose Luis Panizo, Agustin Gainza and Rafael Iriondo, Zarra formed a formidable attacking line for Bilbao, leading them to a double in 1943 and several more titles thereafter.

Telmo Zarra is considered the embodiment of "La Furia Roja"
Telmo Zarra is considered the embodiment of “La Furia Roja”

Zarra’s exceptional goal-scoring ability attracted numerous enticing offers, but he ultimately remained loyal to Bilbao until 1955, when he was 34 years old. “I never counted my goals,” Zarra revealed. “But others did it for me.”

4. Hugo Sanchez (Atletico, Real Madrid, Vallecano, 234 goals, 1981 – 1994)

Hugo Sanchez is widely regarded as the greatest footballer from Mexico and the CONCACAF region. While he was an outstanding forward for the Mexican national team and is currently the head coach of the national team, Hugo is primarily known for his illustrious tenure as a key player for the legendary Real Madrid.

H. Sanchez - The pride of football in the land of cacti
H. Sanchez – The pride of football in the land of cacti

Famous for his nicknames “Pentapichichi” and “Hugol” due to his countless goals throughout his career, he remains a source of pride for Mexican football. During those five years, Hugo won the Pichichi Trophy four times in a row, scoring 207 goals in 283 matches. He scored at least 27 goals in each season from 1986 to 1990, showcasing his remarkable consistency and prowess in front of goal.

5. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid, 228 goals, 2009 – 2022)

Not only is he top La Liga scorers all time but Karim Benzema is also the best striker in the French team. At the age of 35, Karim Benzema became the 5th French player in history to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or title after Raymond Kopa, Michel Platini, Jean-Pierre Papin, Zinedine Zidane. The last French player to win this title was Zinedine Zidane in 1998. It was also the 12th Ballon d’Or awarded to a Real Madrid player.

The proof of the effort not to give up is Karim Benzema
The proof of the effort not to give up is Karim Benzema

Benzema scored 44 goals and assisted 15 goals in 46 matches in all competitions, making the biggest contribution to helping Real win La Liga and the Champions League last season. When the results were announced, Ronaldo was only ranked 20th. Messi has even been eliminated before (not on the list of 30 nominees).

6. Raul Gonzalez (Real Madrid, 228 goals, 1994 – 2010)

Raul Gonzalez, known as “The Lord of the Rings,” is one of the greatest footballers in the history of Spain and the world. Over a career spanning more than 20 years, Raul scored over 400 goals and achieved numerous major honors with both his clubs and the national team. Although he retired in 2015, Raul is still remembered as one of the most influential players in the history of Spanish football.

Before Ronaldo, Real saw an explosive Raul Gonzalez
Before Ronaldo, Real saw an explosive Raul Gonzalez

Raúl González’s club career has been impressive, with a string of trophies and significant achievements, especially with the Real Madrid side. He is the player with the 2nd most goals in Real Madrid history, only after Cristiano Ronaldo.

7. Alfredo Di Stefano (Real Madrid, Espanyol, 227 goals, 1953 – 1966)

Not only an outstanding striker with endurance physicality, superhuman technique, tactical vision and a very high will to play, Di Stefano can also play in many other positions on the pitch. Best known as a central striker, he is also a good defensive player and can play well as a middle midfielder or winger.

Di Stefano – A non-World Cup legend
Di Stefano – A non-World Cup legend

In his 11 years with the Bernabeu, Di Stefano played a total of 396 matches, scoring 308 goals in Real Madrid’s history. He helped the Royal Spanish team win five consecutive C1 Cups between 1956 and 1960, eight La Liga titles. In addition, “Silver Arrow” also won many other individual titles such as La Liga top scorer and European Golden Ball in 1957 and 1959.

8. Cesar Rodriguez (Barcelona, Granada, 223 goals, 1939 – 1955)

1 of the Cesar Rodriguez and Barcelona is legendary striker Cesar Rodriguez. César Rodríguez whose full name is César Rodríguez Álvarez. He was born on June 29, 1920 in León, Spain. Before becoming a coach of one of the top clubs in the world, Barca. César Rodríguez has been very successful as a traditional footballer.

C. Rodríguez is considered to be bloody, enthusiastic, talented
C. Rodríguez is considered to be bloody, enthusiastic, talented

During his career at FC Barcelona, he made a total of 351 appearances and scored 235 goals against opponents. In particular, he is the top scorer in the club’s history in La Liga. There he won five La Liga titles and was the owner of the Pichichi title in 1949.

9. Quini (Sporting Gijon, Barcelona, 219 goals, 1970 – 1987)

If you are an early Barcelona fan, you probably know the former Barca player – Quini. Although he retired, he still won the hearts of most lovers of the king sport. He previously played as a striker and was fully associated with Barcelona and Sporting de Gijón. He is considered one of Spain’s best strikers.

1987 was Quini last season with Barca
1987 was Quini last season with Barca

In 1981, Quini was kidnapped at gunpoint by two men and forced into a truck after scoring 2 goals for Barca against rivals Hercules CF. After 25 days, Quini was rescued unharmed. He also did not charge his kidnappers with Stockholm syndrome.

10. Pahino (Celta, Real, Deportivo, Granada, 210 goals, 1943 – 1956)

Pahino, whose real name is Manuel Fernandez, was born on January 21, 1923. During his career, he played for La Liga teams such as Celta Vigo, Real Madrid, Deportivo and Granada. At national level, he only played for Spain in 3 matches. In 1957, Pahino announced his retirement from playing.

Pahino has won the title of La Liga's top scorer 2 times
Pahino has won the title of La Liga’s top scorer 2 times

During his time with Real between 1948 and 1953, Pahino had a total of 124 goals in 144 matches, an incredible goalscoring performance. He is currently ranked 13th on the list of the greatest strikers in the history of the Royals. Despite only being with Real Madrid for 5 years, Pahino has always been considered one of the greatest players in the 110-year history of the Bernabeu team.


Thus, through this article, we have given a few interesting sports information on the topic “Top La Liga scorers all time”. There will be names that you are familiar with, but there will also be many faces you have only just heard for the first time. La Liga is also a tournament that many bookmaker world cup organize bets with extremely quality odds. So don’t pass up the opportunity to make money and win a lot for yourself.

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