What are European bets? The most effective 1X2 bet

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What are European bets? The European bet (1×2) is the odds used by the bookmaker to determine which team is stronger and weaker. This type of bet is very popular at reputable bookmakers. Players need to have skill and a thorough understanding of this type of bet to predict the match accurately. So what is a European bet and how is the 1×2 bet most effective? This is the knowledge that you can learn through bet win tips if you want to win when playing European games.

Find out what a European bet is?

The European bet, also known as the 1X2 bet, is also known as the 1X2 bet. This type of bet is loved by many football bettors. Before the match, each different bookmaker will have different odds of winnings at each door. For European games, players do not need to pay attention to the final score of the match. Because players only need to choose which team will win, draw or lose corresponding to 3 doors.

What are European bets?
What are European bets?

According to statistical probability calculations, the winning rate will be divided equally by 3 doors. Thus, each door will have a win rate of 33,333%. If the player places 2 doors, for example, the no. 1 column bet for the winning home team and the X column bet for the two teams drawn, the player will now have 66.666% of the victory.

Note: You should never book all 3 doors if you do not want to lose your capital.

European bet 1×2 is the type of bet that is being chosen by a large number of players when participating in football betting. With this bet, players will feel the attraction, drama along with a higher probability of winning. In fact, many players used the 1×2 European bet and brought in valuable prizes.

Symbols of bet 1×2 (Europe)

The 1×2 European bet is also very simple, when you start betting, you will have to make predictions for the match that will result in a draw, win or loss after the end. Accordingly, the bookmaker will give corresponding odds for each door. Here, the symbols will be specified as follows:

  • The odds for the home team to win are: 1.
  • The odds for two teams to tie are: X.
  • The odds for the winning away team are: 2.
  • The odds of choosing the home team win or draw are: 1X.
  • The odds of choosing a winning or drawn away team are: 2X.

How to calculate winnings 1×2

Formula: Profit = Odds x Bet Amount

For example, you bet Lyngby BK winning Midtjylland City at odds of $7.70 with a bet of $100.

There will be 2 cases:

  • If Lyngby BK wins, you will receive $770 including $100 bet. ($7.70 x $100 = $770).
  • If the match ends in a draw or Midtjylland wins, you will lose the bet and lose all the bets placed.
How to calculate winnings 1×2
How to calculate winnings 1×2

Thus, with the formula for calculating 1×2 winnings, you can calculate your profit after each game. Next, let’s compare between bookmakers to find the address with the most favorable odds suitable to join.

In fact, the gameplay and the amount of money of the European 1×2 is extremely attractive, thanks to which this bet is very popular with many players. 

The experience of placing a 1×2 bet helps you win big

Besides knowing what the 1×2 bet is, you also need to pay close attention to the following to hundred matches, hundred wins, earn a decent amount of money.

1. Bet period 1×2

You make a bet between 3-5 days before the match is played. This is a time when most online bookmaker don’t have much impact on odds. Thus, the closer to the match date, the dealer will jump the bet continuously, then it will be difficult to judge the correct bet. That is the first experience that you need to master when starting to participate in this type of bet.

2. Use bets on many different doors

For new players, you can completely rely on emotions to bet. However, we do not recommend this, because there are too many risks. Betting on only one door will make you easy to fall into the bookmaker’s bet when that match the strength of the 2 teams is not too different.

3. Do not bet according to the majority of players

Believe absolutely in your judgment, because the majority can not always win. From the information collected, you can confidently choose instead of using emotions.

Besides, many bookmakers also take advantage of this majority mentality to hit the consistency of many people. Detailed study of match information is the smart way of betting by real enthusiasts.

The experience of placing a 1×2 bet helps you win big
The experience of placing a 1×2 bet helps you win big

4. Choose your own quality bookmaker

A reputable, well-known bookmaker will never use bad tricks on its players. Usually, in many bad bookmakers, they will give a very high odds of 1×2 for the weaker team, which makes many inexperienced people attracted and fall into the trap.

The art of playing European bets without losing

For the 1×2 European bet, when playing you need to remember some of the following issues to help yourself confidently win, namely:

  • Let’s compare the current performance between the two teams.
  • Analyze and evaluate the playing style of the two teams: If both teams are more defensive, you should bet on a draw (X). Conversely, if two teams play offensively, they should not be tied (X).
  • Look closely at the history of past confrontations between the two teams and statistics of the number of wins – draws – losses to make a more accurate choice.
  • Comment on how important the match is: Is it a friendly match, playoffs, group stage, knockout, quarter-final, semi-final or final.
  • Regularly monitor and update the bookmaker’s odds table to recognize its volatility.
  • Do not bet based on bad luck and choose the best reputable bookmaker to send joy.


Hopefully, with the information shared by our experts above, you will know useful information about European betting. From there, you will have more football tips betting to always win in the upcoming betting. European games are not difficult to play, as long as you take the trouble to learn and analyze, you can make yourself the correct choices. Good luck!

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