What are skewer bets? How to calculate obliquely in online football betting

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What are skewer bets? Oblique betting is a form of betting that allows players to bet multiple odds at the same time. The term oblique betting is very familiar in professional football betting. Know what the definition of an oblique bet is? is very important. Misunderstanding or not understanding the definition will cause you to fail. Therefore, do not ignore today’s article. Win betting tips will clearly explain the concept of oblique bets and how to calculate oblique in football betting most accurately.

What is oblique betting?

Skewered bets have many different names such as interchangeable, string or pooled bets. In English, oblique bets mean Mix Parlay, Coupons, Accumulators, Multiple Bets.

What are skewer bets?
What are skewer bets?

An oblique bet is a form of betting that combines 2 or more different odds into the same table. There are many different oblique betting options such as:

  • 2-legged oblique (Double).
  • 3-legged oblique (Treble).
  • 4-pin oblique (4 Fold).
  • 5 Fold skewers….

The oblique form of betting is loved for its variety and extremely high payout rates. Players invest too much capital and still earn huge profits.

The most accurate oblique calculation in football betting

For Asian and Sic bets

Calculation formula:

Odd oblique = winning odds coefficient x [(odds ratio 1/2 – 1)/2] x 1/2 (if the bet loses half) x 1 (if the tie is tied) x … truss coefficient n


  • A winning bet is a profit you get exponentially.
  • Tie = Profit x 1.
  • Odds 1/2 = [(odds – 1) / 2] + 1.
  • Losing 1/2 = Oblique coefficient / 2.

Example: Players bet skewer 4 with an amount of 500 USD, where: Arsenal 1.70 – Chelsea 1.50 – MU 1.30 – Liver 1.80. Based on the above formula, it will be calculated as follows:

  • 4 clubs won, prize money = 500 x (1.70 x 1.50 x 1.30 x 1.80) = 2983.5 USD.
  • 3 winners and 1 loser (assuming MU loses), bonus = 500 x [1.70 x 1.50 x (1.30/2) x 1.80] = $1491.75
  • 3 teams won and 1 team lost half the money (assuming MU lost), bonus = 500 x [1.70 x 1.50 x 0.5 x 1.80 = 1147.5 USD. If there are 2 or 3 losing teams, the calculation is similar.
For Asian and Sic bets
For Asian and Sic bets

For European bets

The calculation of skewered bets with European bets is much simpler than Asian and Sic bets. Apply according to the following formula:

Odd oblique = odds factor 1 x odds factor 2 x odds factor 3 x … Odds coefficient n

Example: You bet obliquely on 3 bets with an amount of 500 USD. The odds are as follows: Arsenal 1.50 – Chelsea 1.80 – MU 1.70. The formula for calculating oblique bets would be: 1.50 x 1.80 x 1.70 = 4.59.

  • If all 3 clubs win, the bonus = 500 x 4.59 = 2,295 USD.
  • If 1 of the 3 clubs loses, the player loses all bets.

Experience the easiest oblique bet to win

Master the rules of the oblique game

This experience applies to all betting games, not just oblique bets. Each bookmaker will have different rules, so players must pay special attention. Knowing the rules helps players be more confident when placing bets.

Experience the easiest oblique bet to win
Experience the easiest oblique bet to win

1-match skewer bet

The prerequisite of oblique bets is to win all matches. Put 2 wins 2, put 3 wins 3, put n wins n… This is not easy. If it is not safe, bet 1 match only. This will limit your risk and greed.

Oblique bets with high win odds

The skewered odds are very high but also not less different. This makes it difficult for players to judge the outcome of matches. When participating, do not hug too much, the more matches, the greater the challenge will be.

Analysis of the general situation of the teams

The strength of the teams will not be uniform at all times. Sometimes strong, sometimes weak, so the probability of winning will be different. Let’s evaluate and analyze the current strength of the teams very specifically to make the most appropriate decision.


Above is all the information about the concept of oblique bets as well as the oblique calculation in football betting. Playing oblique bets is fun but no less risky. If you are not careful, you can lose your bets at any time. Make sure to research and consider soccer tips bet from reputable sources to increase your chances of success. Choose to bet at reputable bookmakers to access the best skewed odds. Good luck!

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