What are vibrating bets? The easiest bet to win guide

What are vibrating bets? A vibrating bet is a type of bet that appears when a football match is in progress. This type of bet tends to change constantly according to certain timelines. Players need to be really sharp to not be disqualified when placing bets. However, this is the weakness of first-time players. To conquer the vibration, it is necessary to know the definition of it. So, what is a vibrating truss? With bet win tips guide to playing the easiest vibrating bet through the article below.

What is the definition of a vibrator?

What is a vibrating truss? A vibrating truss is a type of truss that appears when the match is in progress. The vibrating will last for a certain time. Players have to choose a bet and place a bet at that moment.

What are vibrating bets?
What are vibrating bets?

Shaking bets are not as popular as Handicap or O / U. However, this type of bet still has a certain attraction for football bettors. The main reason is that the payout rate of the bet is very high.

In Vietnam, shaky bets are considered full-time bets – less bets can be eaten. In addition, the vibrating truss also has a few advantages such as:

  • Players are allowed to place bets while the match is in progress. Regardless of the time of the match, players can freely reduce the bet at will.
  • It includes injury time. It was only when the referee blew the whistle that the shaking stopped. The suspense, the tension until the last minute is the most interesting thing when playing the vibrating rafters.
  • The vibrating rafters do not need to be placed much, sometimes just 1 time the ball vibrates is enough. The mentality of the game will change after 1 goal, the game will become more predictable.

The easiest way to win a vibrating rafter

How to beat the odd 300

Odds are the most prominent odds when it comes to vibrating. Many people all the time the game just waited for the odd 300 to appear and bet as soon as they saw it. The odd 300 appears in almost every game big and small every day. Many teams with a .300 odds only win in extra time.

Players need to pay attention to distinguish the ratio of virtual odd 300 and odd 300 standing. With a virtual 300, players should place bets when the match takes place for 1 to 2 minutes. If the odd 300 stands, wait another 7 to 10 minutes. The Odd 300 has a very high eating rate but is also very dangerous. If you are not sure, you can ignore this way of hitting.

Choose the right match to Run Over

With Run Over gameplay, pay attention to choosing matches with an average total number of goals or higher. For matches with few goals, the odds are very low, not safe. Players can choose from major tournaments such as Premier League, Laliga, Bundesliga, Champions League, World Cup, Euro to bet Run Over.

In addition, it is also possible to choose a match with a pronounced power difference. It is recommended to choose to hit many different types of vibrating bets instead of 1 single one. This helps you limit the risk of losing bets. Finally, choose to bet on matches that are far apart, convenient for watching and enhanced concentration.

The easiest way to win a vibrating rafter
The easiest way to win a vibrating rafter

Vibration Half Time (HT)

When playing Half Time (HT) vibrations, there will be 2 cases as follows:

If the match is a 0-0 draw, the Handicap does not fall immediately, but gradually drops in about 10 minutes. Wait patiently because then the European game hasn’t even changed. Players need to avoid much-changed HT Tai Sic matches, which will not be safe.

If the game has blown up the goal and the team is leading, then choose the upper door. Similarly, if the lower bet is explosive, do not be foolish to bet on this door. Volatility is complicated and will be dangerous for you.

The most effective vibrating catch skill

Some easy-to-win vibrating betting tips in football from the players are as follows:

  • Should be confident, boldly bet at the end of the match. At this time, the vibration rate changes very strongly and the chances of winning are very high.
  • During the betting process, pay attention to the progress of the match. Just 1 small impact such as a penalty card, injury will also affect the final result.
  • First-time players should bet at the beginning of each round. At this time, the stakes are very small, it is easy to bet. The downside is that the odds are not high.
  • The 1st half wasn’t as popular as the 2nd half. In the beginning, 2 teams will usually play focused and reveal few loopholes. The match was only exciting in the second half.
    2. Take a close look and make the best choice to win.
  • It is recommended to limit your selection to 2-3 matches per day. This approach allows for better focus and enables players to thoroughly analyze and evaluate the most favorable betting opportunities. By working with a reliable betting site, you can access valuable insights and information to aid in your decision-making process.
The most effective vibrating catch skill
The most effective vibrating catch skill

How to calculate money in a vibrating bet

Vibration means continuous jumping, odds are only valid the moment the bet is successfully confirmed. Depending on the case, the winnings will apply a different formula. Concrete:

  • Win all the money: Winnings = Stakes x odds won.
  • Win 1/2 money: Winnings = 0.5 x (Stakes x odds won).
  • Lost enough money: Lost money = Amount bet.
  • Lose 1/2 money: Money lost = 0.5 x (Bet x odds lost).

Some notes when betting vibrating

  • Playing shakers requires a certain amount of capital, not much but must ensure long-term.
  • Divide the capital into small amounts, bet according to the understanding of the individual.
  • Patiently waiting for the bet to eat enough money, do not eat 1 lose 1 will make very little profit.
  • Do not lose your temper, control the impatience.
  • No constant cramming affects capital.
  • If you play, you must pay attention to the total number of goals in the series. The first string of matches will explode with many goals, the next series will explode very little. There were even games where there were no goals.


Above is all the information about the “vibrator” that we send to the reader. What is lying defined by vibration? Effective shaking will help you get closer to victory. Practice every day to improve your “vibrating catch”. Don’t miss the chance to get rich with Running Ball. Good luck!

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