What is a bookmaker? Understanding the definition of bookmakers in betting and how they operate.

17/05/2023 Betting News

Online entertainment is no longer unfamiliar to anyone, and bookmakers have emerged to meet the entertainment needs of many people. However, many people still wonder what is a bookmaker? bookmaker meaning, and how these bookmakers make money. To get the most comprehensive answer, let’s join Win Tips expert to find out in the following article.

What is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is simply understood as an organization, a business, or even an individual specializing in betting, especially in sports. In addition, there are also bookmakers for lottery, online casinos, and other games.

What is a bookmaker?
What is a bookmaker?

For games, many people often mistakenly think that bookmakers are the unit that calculates the odds of the bet. However, in reality, they are only intermediaries that integrate the online betting tips products of game providers on their website platforms.

This means that the odds of the game will be calculated by the providers of that game and continuously updated on the betting boards of bookmakers. As for sports bookmakers, for example in football, bookmakers set the odds for all betting ratios, collect and pay money for placing bets and winning bets for players.

Bookmaker classification

Currently, there are two types of bookmakers in the market: legal and illegal bookmakers.

  • Legal bookmakers are those that are government-backed, with a certificate of establishment and permission from international betting organizations to operate. They must always disclose a clear address and ensure safety, credibility, and transparency in all transactions, and all odds offered by legal bookmakers must be standard.

Some popular legal bookmakers today include Fun88 (based in the Philippines), BK8 (based in Curacao), VN88 (based in the Philippines)…

  • On the other hand, illegal bookmakers, also known as black market bookmakers, are not recognized or licensed to operate. These bookmakers may have low transparency in their operations, which could lead to players losing money or being scammed. All odds offered by bookmakers are sourced from reputable legal bookmakers.

The meaning of online bookmakers

Perhaps many of us think that bookmaker are just intermediaries in the betting process. However, their real significance is much more than that. Nowadays, especially for the leading bookmakers, they have a significant influence on the global betting industry.

  • Creating a playground and a bridge:

If betting is a football match, bookmakers are the organizers. They create a common ground for all participants regardless of gender or background, as long as they meet age and identity requirements and have a desire to try their luck, they can register to play.

From another perspective, bookmakers allow you to “borrow money” if your betting budget is not enough, with corresponding interest rates.

  • Role of an important referee:

Bookmakers are not only the organizers but also very special “referees”. They provide odds based on factors such as weather, player fitness, substitutions, and complex calculations that not everyone can understand. Nevertheless, as long as you accept those odds, the whistle will blow.

  • Investment and Accumulation role:

Bookmakers are truly economic giants. In addition to running betting businesses, they also invest in many projects, construction works, and especially many big football clubs. Behind clubs like Man City and Liverpool, we still see the support of bookmakers like W88 and FB88.com,…

The meaning of online bookmakers
The meaning of online bookmakers

What does a bookmaker do? How does it work?

The operating model of the bookmaker

In terms of operating model, a bookmaker is quite similar to a company with the following departments:

  • Finance department: responsible for receiving and paying money to players.
  • Marketing department: responsible for promoting the bookmaker to the community and building brand awareness.
  • Customer service department: often referred to as CS (Customer Service), responsible for resolving customer betting issues.

In addition, larger bookmakers will have more specialized departments, such as:

  • Telesales department: specializes in calling customers directly and introducing products.
  • Technical department: responsible for checking customer data, equipment, and IP addresses.

How the bookmaker works

Sportsbooks usually offer betting odds and then collect bets from players. After that, correct bets will be paid to the players. And players who bet the wrong amount will lose their initial bet amount.

In addition, sportsbooks make a profit not only by collecting bets from customers, but also by providing loans to players who have run out of money to place bets. This not only allows the sportsbook to earn interest on the debt, but also to generate additional profits from transaction fees on subsequent bets.

Strategies to attract players?

Tricks to attract bettors will depend on many factors that affect the outcome of the match. For example, factors such as player injuries, weather, etc. Football bookmakers usually rely on this information to offer attractive odds.

Whenever this happens, they will continuously offer odds in many different matches, to maintain a fixed amount of bets and also to make a profit. Because if you only offer one betting level for a particular match or team, the bookmaker risks losing.

Bookmaker’s legitimacy

  • Legal and reputable bookmakers:

Legal bookmakers have clear headquarters in countries such as Cambodia or the Philippines and are licensed to operate in these countries. Therefore, to some extent, they are still reputable bookmakers and operate in accordance with international betting laws. These bookmakers usually have a high and stable number of members.

  • Illegal and unreliable bookmakers:

These bookmakers operate without a license and often hide under a “unrelated” industry to betting. The betting odds of these bookmakers are relatively higher than legal ones.

However, whether they pay you when you win a bet is another matter. These bookmakers often operate for a short period of time and then disappear, taking with them a large amount of members’ betting money. Of course, you will lose your money because there is nothing you can do since you have put your trust in the wrong place.

Bookmaker's legitimacy
Bookmaker’s legitimacy

Profits earned back

On betting websites, signing up as a member is completely free of charge, without any initial costs required. On the contrary, many bookmakers offer bonuses to new players who try placing bets. If you have the chance to win with this bonus amount, you will still be counted as usual.

However, this amount is usually not much. On the other hand, for inexperienced new players, winning a bet while playing is extremely difficult. Therefore, you will quickly spend this amount.

No one creates an account just to play with the initial bonus. Therefore, bookmakers have established their own currency system for each website, where players can deposit real money to exchange for accumulated points and start playing. The operation of depositing money by these players is a big win for bookmakers.

In addition to how much money members deposit, how they use that money also greatly affects the bookmaker’s income. Ignoring the ability to control the match results, bookmakers can win bets from members in the following ways:

  • Odds: The more members place bets, the higher the odds and the greater the chance of losing. Bookmakers directly benefit from this.
  • Bet amount: Obviously, for many new players, their bet amount is entirely the bookmaker’s profit for those who have no experience. Experience usually wins less or loses more.
  • Changing odds: During a match, you will see your chances of winning change. At the same time, the probabilities also have to be changed. This is another important source of income for the bookmaker.

The most reputable bookmaker today – Top 5 picks

The Bookmaker W88

The Bookmaker W88
The Bookmaker W88

W88 is a well-known name among bettors and is ranked among the most reputable bookmakers in the world. Even those who don’t gamble are familiar with the brand. W88 is an online casino with decades of experience in the industry. The company is licensed by the reputable First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA) and operates its main headquarters in the Philippines.

Since its establishment, W88’s goal has been to become the number one trusted bookmaker in the industry and maintain its position for many years. To achieve this goal, W88 has continuously improved the quality of its services, providing attractive and easy-to-play betting games that offer customers the most enjoyable entertainment experiences.

Bookmaker BK8

Bookmaker BK8
Bookmaker BK8

BK8 was established in Curacao and is licensed by the Gaming Curacao Association in the Philippines. The company entered the betting market in 2015 and quickly established its reputation by providing reliable and high-quality services. BK8 has successfully gained a foothold in major countries such as China, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Bookmaker FB88

Bookmaker FB88
Bookmaker FB88

FB88 is one of the most trusted bookmakers by the betting community, operated by YRB Cooperation. As of now, FB88 has more than 10 years of experience in the betting industry. Launched in 2011, FB88 has been continuously striving to become a famous bookmaker worldwide.

According to the official information provided by the company, FB88 has a wide range of operations and is recognized by many gambling organizations, such as PAGCOR (Philippines), GamCare (UK), and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

Bookmaker M88

Bookmaker M88
Bookmaker M88

Next up, M88 bookmaker is also considered one of the hot names, attracting a lot of bettors to participate. Established since 2004 and gained its reputation many years ago, M88 is one of the leading reputable bookmakers in Asia licensed by the Economic Zone Authority.

M88 has its headquarters in the Philippines with a large staff of employees in countries all over the world. It can be said that M88 is a pioneering bookmaker in the field of online betting. Operating in Vietnam for more than 10 years, M88 has received much praise and trust from the betting community. Until now, M88 is still a beloved and preferred name for many players.

Bookmaker FUN88

Bookmaker FUN88
Bookmaker FUN88

Dubbed as the “Paradise” of betting, achieving such recognition is an ongoing effort by Fun88. Despite numerous rumors of Fun88 being a scam, the truth of the matter stems from rival bookmakers who are envious and resentful of Fun88’s development.

Fun88 has been granted certification to ensure compliance with the standards set by the online gaming management agency and has been recognized as a safe and stable platform for bettors. Therefore, you can trust and choose Fun88 as a place to satisfy your betting needs and earn money through online gambling.


Hopefully through our article, you have also understood what bookmakers are. In summary, whether a bookmaker is good or bad, legitimate or fraudulent, depends on the perception of the players. Major bookmakers are licensed and regulated by reputable inspection organizations, so they cannot be fraudulent. The main thing is that players have not yet realized their rights in football bookmakers, and each person has their own feelings. We wish you a fun and lucky experience while participating in betting!

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