What is a corner bet? How to look at corner bets that are 100% sure to win

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What is a corner bet? Is a type of betting that determines wins and losses based on the number of corner kicks that appear in a match. This is one of the side decks that is loved by a large number of players today. To be successful with a corner bet, players must understand what a corner bet is. Knowing how to look at corners is 100% sure to win. And to get the most accurate information about this type of football game, you can learn in more detail through the following article shared of win betting tips.

What is a corner kick?

Corner bets are a form of betting on online football. With this type of bet, players do not need to care about the score of the match, but only pay attention to the number of corner kicks appearing in that whole match. Thanks to the very simple form of betting, so it is always chosen by many players to bet every time there is a match. Especially the ability to eat higher bets will also help players get to the shore quickly and safely.

What is a corner kick?
What is a corner kick?

In this corner bet, there will be a number of small bets for players to choose from such as: Conner handicap, 1×2 corner, top and bottom corner bet, parity corner bet, first corner kick team bet, next corner kick team bet in the match and final corner kick team bet. The odds of winning this bet will depend on the probability of corner kicks occurring at a particular match.

Many players now play corners emotionally, there are very few who know how to learn the game before each corner bet. That is why the number of winners is small and the number of losers is countless.

Although, it is not the main bet, but if you have good betting skills, accompanied by the skill of observing the match and a little luck, the chances of earning a lot of money are very high.

4 ways to look at corners that are 100% sure to win from the master

With that said, there are plenty of ways to play cornerbacks. So if the player does not know what they are, there is no way to look at the standard corner, you will almost lose. So, let’s quickly learn the ways to win 100% corner bets below to beat bookmakers.

Total number of corners in the match

No matter what, the easiest and best type of corner poker you can play is the sum of the corner kicks in the game. With this bet, you only need to bet on the number of corners that will be in a match correctly in the form of Over/Under or choose the total number of corners.

In fact, it is much easier to place an Over/Under bet on the total number of corners than it is to bet on the correct total number of corners. Because it is difficult to guess the total when the match has not taken place.

Total number of corners in the match
Total number of corners in the match

Handicap in corner bets

The corner handicap is one of the best corner bets if you want your game to win big. Because, handicap can increase the odds a lot, so corner handicap can be a really effective play.

For corner handicaps, it is common to choose one of the two teams, the preferred team will start with a corner disadvantage, for example -5, which means that the selected team must create more than 6 corner kicks to ensure the player wins this handicap.

For example, if Bayern Munich are facing Hannover 96, this is a match where we can guess the winner when the match has not started, so the odds in this match will be quite low. Therefore, if you apply a corner handicap, you can give players a more perfect bet with very high odds.

How to draw corners for selected football matches

In this bet, only ask the player to predict which team will end up with more corners. Therefore, it is considered an easy-to-play game that is easy to join, suitable for new players.

The biggest advantage of this bet is that you only need to find teams that are very strong in attack and follow the strategy of shooting angles, with this tactic can lead to many corners.

For example, if Real Madrid are facing Chelsea. Real Madrid are playing a strong attacking style, while Chelsea are following defensive tactics. From this it can be inferred that Real Madrid will take more corners than the other team.

Corner kick for 1/2nd half

One of the best corner bets that many people are interested in is the one for the 1st or 2nd half. In fact, all of the above types of corner bets can only be booked for one round in a football match.

For example, a player can only place an Over/Under corner in the first or second half, or can only place a corner handicap for one round that cannot be placed for the whole game.

One of the outstanding advantages of the 1st/2nd half corner game is that players are free to watch the 1st half and then make predictions for the corner kicks in the 2nd half.

Corner kick for 1/2nd half
Corner kick for 1/2nd half

Experience in cornerbacks

To achieve the highest winning rate when participating in corner games, you need to gain your own good football tips. Here are some experiences that will help you win cornerbacks:

  • If the match you choose to play, both teams are strong and play with a strong attack. At this point, it is necessary to analyze which team’s attack is better. From there, it is determined which team will have a slightly higher number of corner kicks.
  • If that match has 1 of the 2 stronger teams, the number of corners of the match will also be more than other balanced matches.
  • If from the very beginning of the game there were a lot of corners appearing. Thus, it is likely that when the game is over, the total number of corner kicks will be higher and vice versa.
  • It is advisable to participate in betting when the match is in progress and it is not recommended to participate in betting this type of bet before the match. Because now you have a basis to judge the match more accurately.


Above are detailed information about what a corner bet is and how this is 100% sure. Hopefully, it has helped many of you answer your concerns about this type of bet and have more useful knowledge. The corner bet is an attractive bet and is also full of potential. However, to win, you will need to pay attention to the knowledge we have shared. Learn to master your bets. Good luck!

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