What is a penalty bet? Experience choosing the most accurate penalty bet

What is a penalty bet? In football bets, a penalty shootout is one where the player will make a judgment and bet on the possibilities in the penalty shootout. The penalty shootout always brings surprises and novelties to players because it is only played according to the chances of the two teams. Today win betting tips will help you learn the details of what is a penalty shootout? Experience choosing the correct penalty shootout. Please follow along for more useful knowledge in online betting.

What is a penalty shootout?

According to football rules, when a match ends, if two teams have a draw, a penalty shootout will be taken to win. The penalty shootout will consist of representatives of each team taking turns participating in alternating shots according to the list of previously registered players.

What is a penalty shootout?
What is a penalty shootout?

Usually will determine wins and losses in 5 penalty kicks of each team. However, in the case of 5 matches, 2 teams still draw. It will continue to play but will be counted on a turn-by-turn basis. Until there is a team with a 1-goal lead, now the match will determine the winners and losers.

To meet the playing needs of the players, the bookmakers also issue penalty shootouts for players to continue to predict for the match. Players only need to participate in the bet first, and the result of winning or losing must wait for the penalty result to be calculated.

Each bookmaker will set rules and produce different types of football betting to increase diversity such as: the number of balls that can be blocked, the left off the goal, the left that touches the goal, the number of left conceded, the bet for the winning / losing team,… Therefore, when playing betting, you also need to read carefully and follow the requirements of the bookmaker to avoid winning the bet but cannot receive the bonus due to violating the rules.

Popular types of penalty bets today

Below, we would like to share with you some popular penalty shootout bets that bettors often participate in, specifically:

Odds for winners/losers

This is the simplest bet, players only need to bet on which team they predict will win. This bet only counts when the penalty shootout is completely over and the wins and losses are clear.

Final score

This bet is quite difficult to catch and has a very low win rate, but in return, the winnings are very large, so they are still popular with many people.

To place this bet, players need to have a lot of experience in effective football betting. From there, it is possible to analyze the true strength of the players participating in the penalty shootout and especially the real power of the 2-team goalkeeper.

Successful shot betting

This is a very dramatic odd bet, i.e. players can bet on each player’s shot. If the shot is successful then the bettor wins and vice versa.

Popular types of penalty bets today
Popular types of penalty bets today

Over/Under for total penalty shootouts taken

Just like the goal we mentioned. But instead of the total number of goals, the bookmaker’s figure is the total number of penalty shootouts that will be taken.

Because not all penalty shootouts shoot 10 times as prescribed, this bet is also often chosen by players.

5 experiences in choosing the correct penalty shootout

Below, our expert football tips will share with you 5 experiences of choosing the correct penalty shootout to help you have a chance to win boldly. These experiences are all summed up by players who go through countless bets, so do not ignore them.

Choose the right bet for yourself

Each bookmaker will have many penalty bets for players to choose from. With each type of bet, there are different odds of winning. Therefore, you should pay attention to choosing the right bet for the game and for your pocket. This is also one of the penalty shootout experiences that help you play hard to lose.

Bet after the first penalty shootout

Why bet after the first shot? Because an advantage in the first shot will also change the course of the game. We recommend participating in penalty shootouts after the first round to earn more prizes for yourself.

Review head-to-head history before betting

To be more sure in choosing the team to place. You should learn about the history of the results of previous matches of both teams.

The previous score will reveal a lot of useful information about the gameplay as well as the possibility of winning the penalty shootout. In addition, you can review previous matches to know the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

5 experiences in choosing the correct penalty shootout
5 experiences in choosing the correct penalty shootout

Analysis of skills and styles of players in two teams

Each team will have its own characteristics. Some teams will specialize in offense but some teams will specialize in defense. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the players who will perform the penalty shootout. This is an important basis for turning the winning percentage of those penalty shootouts.

Believe in yourself when choosing a bet

This is an extremely basic and necessary thing in football betting games. Instead of you listening to one person listening to the other, it makes choosing a bet confusing. You should analyze it yourself and make your own judgment. Maybe you made the wrong choice that time, but it will be an unforgettable experience.


Thus, through this article, we have helped you understand the penalty shootout and the experience of choosing the correct penalty shootout. However, for those who are new to betting or new to learning about penalty bets, this is still a difficult and difficult to win bet. In addition, no matter what bet you play, it is important for you to pay attention to it is to choose the most reputable bookmakers to help yourself quickly develop your fortune.

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