What is a penalty bet? How to calculate penalty bets and popular types of penalty bets

What is a penalty bet? In online football betting there are countless different bets and Penalty is currently one of the most attractive types of bets chosen by players. Mentioning Penalty must not be far away for many people. However, not everyone understands how to play as well as the rules of this type of bet. So before explaining specifically what a Penalty Game is, let’s briefly learn about Penalty as well as the conditions for the match to have a Penalty with win betting tips.

What is a penalty?

Penalty, penalty shootout also known as penalty or 11-meter free kick is a form of free kick in football, the penalty position is counted as 11 meters from goal and the goalkeeper is on the side of the team being penalized. This is a free kick taken by only one player on the attacking side (who takes the penalty) and the goalkeeper on the defensive side.

What is a penalty bet?
What is a penalty bet?

Most penalties produce goals even if the goalkeeper is at international level. This means that penalties are highly decisive, especially in matches that are limited in terms of scores. Penalty failures also have a lot of impact on player psychology because missing scoring opportunities is too easy.

Conditions for the appearance of Penalty, there are 2 cases:

  • Penalty or 11m Free Kick: During the official match period, the referee will blow the penalty when the player of the defending team has a foul situation with the attacking team player or actively lets the ball touch his hand in the 16-meter 50-meter penalty area. The penalty position is calculated at the position where the player commits the foul, not the position where the ball stops.
  • Penalty shootout: This is the method of deciding to win and lose in a football match that cannot end in a Draw. The penalty shootout was implemented when the two teams had a draw after 90 minutes of official time with extra time. The players of each team take turns shooting to score from the penalty kick position and the opposing side will have a goalkeeper to block.

What is a penalty bet?

This is a kind of bet based on the outcome of a penalty shootout in a football match. The calculation of penalty bets is similar to other popular betting bets. Each team will have 5 turns to make a penalty shootout. Participating players will predict the score, the talent,… of the Penalty bet provided by the bookmaker.

Penalty bet is a fairly attractive bet and carries many factors of bad luck. In this category, players get a wide selection of different forms of betting. Here are the common types of bets in penalty bets.

Types of Penalty bets and how to calculate wins and losses

The penalty only applies to the first 10. In case after 10 balls (5 for each team) but still do not determine the winners and losers, the next pens will not be counted in the bet. This is the international penalty betting law, so you need to grasp to understand how to play this bet.

Penalty shootouts

The correct prediction of penalty shootout is one of the highest paying bets of any type of penalty bet. With this type of bet, players will predict the exact result in the penalty shootout. There will be many results for players to choose from, each result will correspond to a different payout rate from high to low.

For example, Vietnam vs UAE match, you bet for Vietnam to win the UAE with a total penalty score of 5 – 4. The odds are 8.50. Now, you will bet $10 on this bet. There are 2 cases as follows.

  • If the result of the Pen shootout is 5-4 in favor of the Vietnamese team, the player wins the bet and the bonus received is 100*8.5 = 85 dollars.
  • Conversely, if the Pen shot result is not the same as above (5-4) then you will lose all the money bet.

Over Under total penalty goals scored

This is the most popular form of betting in football betting and also the bet chosen by many players. Over Under Penalty matches will often appear in cup matches in a knockout format.

With this form of betting, players will predict the total number of penalty shots successfully taken by 2 teams above or below the bet given by the bookmaker.

For example, Vietnam vs UAE match and the total penalty score is 5 – 4 in favor of Vietnam. Over Under the bookmaker’s total penalty goal is 7.5. We will have 2 cases:

Select Over winning: The player chooses a total number of successful penalty kicks (5+4=9) that are greater than the bookmaker’s bet (7.5).

Choose Under to lose: The player chooses a bet the total number of successful penalty kicks (5+4=9) is less than the bookmaker’s bet (7.5).

Predict whether the match will have a penalty or not

This is the type of bet that appears in almost all matches. Players will easily find this bet in the bookmaker’s betting extension. However, there are also some bookmakers that will not offer this type of betting.

With this type of bet, players will predict within 90 minutes of the official match whether a penalty will appear. You will have 2 options: “Yes” or “No”. You will win if the match is over and the result is the same as your prediction.

Predict whether the match will have a penalty or not
Predict whether the match will have a penalty or not

Predict the team will be entitled to Penalty

This type of penalty bet is quite popular and has attractive odds. You bet on the possibility that the team will be entitled to a penalty when the players violate the rules, play badly in the 16m50 penalty area on the opposing side of the field and are blown by the referee.

Example: The match between team A and B. Now you bet team A will be entitled to a penalty. Within 90 minutes, if team A is entitled to a penalty, you win the bet, whether team A shoots or not, the player wins.

Predict the first or last team to take a penalty kick

This type of penalty bet only applies in matches leading up to a penalty shootout to determine victory or loss. Accordingly, you will predict which team gets the first penalty.

As you probably already know, the outcome of this type of bet usually depends on the 2nd coin toss by the referees (the first toss determines the goal). Therefore, this is a kind of bad bet.

Predict the winner of the Penalty Kick series

This type of penalty bet is only applied in matches that have to go to a penalty shootout to determine victory and loss. Accordingly, you will predict the team to get the overall victory in the decisive penalty shootout.

Example: The house has team A odds = 1.10, team B odds = 0.95. At this point, if you bet to predict team A winning the penalty and the result is correct, you win the bet with a score of 1.1.

However, if team A loses the Pen shootout then you will lose all bets placed. The opposite is the same with team B.

Penalty Handicap

This is the same bet as the Handicap (Asia). The bookmaker will arrange 2 sides into the upper door team and the bottom door team.

For example: The match between Vietnam and UAE, the bookmaker gives Vietnam a UAE handicap of 0.25 penalties. At this time, players bet for Vietnam as the winner with a ratio of 0.85. The bet is $10. There will be 3 cases.

  • If Vietnam wins the penalty shootout in any score. Now the player will win the bet and the amount you receive is $10×0.85=8.5 (earning $18.5 both bets and winnings).
  • In case Vietnam loses this penalty shootout with any score, you will lose the bet and lose all $ 10 of the bet placed.
  • If you go through the first 10 penalty shootouts, both Vietnam and UAE have a draw, then you will lose half the bet (losing 1/2 of the bet is $ 5).

As long as you understand handicap in football, you will easily grasp the Penalty Handicap easily because the essence is very similar.

Total number of shots taken

This is a simple penalty bet, which calculates the total number of turns that 2 teams have made to get the final result. If the prediction is correct, the player will win the bet.

For example, the bookmaker will offer a lot of total penalty shots for players to choose from (7, 9, 10, 12,…). At this point, the player will choose a specific number. If the result is correct then you win the bet, or incorrectly then you lose the bet.

Betting on successful free kicks by both teams

This is the form of bet where you will predict the total number of penalties successfully taken by both teams in the match.

For example, the bookmaker has a total number of successful Pen shots between teams A and B that are (6, 7, 8, 9) goals. At this time, the match between teams A and B ended with a total penalty score of 7 goals combined. There will be 2 cases:

  • If the player bets 7 goals, then the bet wins.
  • Conversely, if you bet 6 or 8 or 9 tables, you lose the bet.
Betting on successful free kicks by both teams
Betting on successful free kicks by both teams

Effective Penalty Betting Experience

Penalty betting is a form of betting of a risky nature. For that reason, it will be difficult for players to accurately predict the outcome of the match, betting on teams with a higher win rate does not help you have a high winning rate. However, there are also some people who like this type of bet to show their predictability and dignity.

Analysis of penalty shootout ability of 2 teams

If you are a football enthusiast, you will definitely pay attention to the accuracy of the players’ feet. In addition, it is also very important to capture the psychology of the teams in the process of starting to take penalties. The team that has a strong mentality, not weighed down in terms of pressure will have a higher percentage of scoring goals in the penalty shootout.

Bet when 2 teams shoot the first penalty

To further increase the odds of winning, you should start betting after the two teams shoot the first pen. The first shot is the right time to analyze and grasp the pros and cons of each player in both teams.

Choose the most reasonable type of penalty bet

Reputable bookmakers will provide a variety of different types of bets for players to choose from. Before taking a penalty shootout, you need to distinguish the exact types of bets to make the correct choice, avoid misinterpreting the rules of the game and leading to wrong decisions.

In addition, placing penalty bets on teams with players who perform free kicks well will help you significantly increase your chances of winning.


The above has explained the meaning in detail with specific examples of penalty bets. To bet on penalties effectively, what you need to pay the most attention to is the player’s ability to shoot pen, besides you also have to consider the ability of the goalkeepers to catch Pen. To grasp these aspects, you must be knowledgeable in-depth about football or you can visit specialized websites on soccer tips and predictions, conducting thorough analyses on team statistics as well as players to gain further insights. Good luck playing the Penalty Match!

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