What is an example bets? The most accurate way to identify the game in football

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What is an example bets? The bet, also known as the trap bet, is a trap bet or a non-fragrant bet. This is a trick that some unreliable bookmakers offer for the purpose of directing players to bet on the losing door. Thus, when players participating in betting choose to win the bookmaker’s bet, they will definitely lose the bet and lose money. To help people better understand what type of bet is and how to identify the most accurate bet, in the following article bet win tips will provide detailed information about it.

What are example bets?

For professional gamers, the example in football is understood as a dangerous trap offered by the dealer to direct players to bet on the losing door. Therefore, understanding the concept of what an example bet is and how to recognize an example bet will help the player avoid unfortunate losses.

What are example bets?
What are example bets?

In fact, an online bookmaker is a big profit organization. They are constantly expanding their scale and influence to bring in huge profits for themselves. Therefore, at these bookmakers, there are often many experienced experts, including those specializing in providing football tips win to increase their chances of winning. From there, they easily make traps and play strong psychological games for players to trust and put them in the game easily.

If the player before placing the bet is not awake, betting in a hurry, it is easy to lose heavily. To avoid this, it is best to clearly understand what the example is and choose a reputable bookmaker, operating transparently to limit unfortunate risks.

Share how to identify standard examples that don’t need to be adjusted

With that said, online bookmakers now offer a matrix of different odds. If you want to limit risks, avoid losing money for yourself, please refer to the most accurate ways to identify the example below:

Try to understand the bookmaker’s odds

Knowing the odds in the match is a top important factor. Thanks to the knowledge of odds, players will easily discover the odds.

Once you know the information about the bookmaker’s odds, you compare them with the selected bets and analyze whether they are true to the actual situation or not. If something unusual is detected, it is best not to bet.

Study the actual information of each match

It is very important to learn and study the details of each match. Accordingly, you must know the data such as: Strength, performance, previous competition history, goal / loss performance … Thereby it is possible to make accurate judgments about which team is strong or weak.

On the other hand, it also helps you make objective decisions, avoiding falling into the lure that the bookmaker has prepared.

Study the actual information of each match
Study the actual information of each match

Observe the volatility of football bets

Usually before the match is played, the dealer will constantly change the odds. This is intended to attract attention and this trick also disperses the player’s psyche. Therefore, you need to pay great attention when participating in betting to monitor the changing odds during the match. This is when the bookmaker organizes the easiest bet that you can hardly detect.

Comparative assessment of whether the bookmaker’s bet is reasonable

If you want to know exactly whether the house bet has given is a trap or not, you need to know the forms of betting. The betting shop must ensure that the data information has been scientifically calculated. In particular, all data about the match is coincidental and there is no sign of being arranged by others.

Keep a close eye on the odds to identify the bet

Bookmakers usually will not easily apply odds with high bonuses. So if it is, it’s highly likely to be an example. In order not to fall into the trap of the bookmaker, you should bet on matches that are about to take place or are taking place after a few minutes. Because the example is mainly given during the process of 2 teams conducting competitions.

How to identify an example based on the truss parameter

The parameters of the types of bets are often vague, unclear and will have a fairly high re-bonus rate, causing players to blur and fall into the bookmaker’s pre-set trap.

Therefore, before making a bet, you should monitor to capture important parameters about the bet. For example, the results of club and provincial tournaments, retirements, group stage matches… Then compare which one has the higher rate.

How to identify an example bet through bonus rates

Offering a very low bet is one of the tricks of the bookmaker to deceive players. At this point, players will think that they receive a high reward for predicting the right outcome. However, if you do not learn how to identify the most accurate example and can’t wait to recover your capital, you will fall into a trap right away.

How to identify an example bet through bonus rates
How to identify an example bet through bonus rates

Identify bets based on introductions and analysis

In unreliable and low-professional bookmakers, they often find ways to lure players into traps. The way they do it is to give information related to incorrect match judgment and analysis. At the same time, it is tempting to refer to and comment on the bewildering psychology of new participants. If you do not thoroughly research information from many sources, the chances of being lured are very high.

Good experience to avoid the bookmaker’s lure

In order to survive in the market, poor quality bookmakers will have unhealthy tricks. They want the player to lose to bring the highest profit for themselves, which has made a lot of friends bitter. So if you want to avoid betting on football, you need to learn the following experiences:

  • Choose for yourself a professional, highly reliable bookmaker. They give clear and transparent bets, bonus levels, rules of the game, not misleading ambiguities.
  • Even if the odds change dramatically, you must always maintain the mentality. Only when the mentality is stable can you make an informed decision when placing bets.
  • In case you see the odds change too much, the number of bettors in favor of a team then you should also consider. Do not bet according to the majority or rely on your feelings, but hit the psychology of the bookmaker.
  • The last experience is that you should constantly learn and gain experience from experts and long-time masters.


Thus, we can see that the lure is an extremely harmful type of bet that bookmakers often offer to trap players to choose the door they want. Therefore, if you do not want to become empty-handed after a bet, you need to stay away from this type of bet. Hopefully, with the information that we have provided, you will be able to master how to identify what an example is. Especially for new players entering the betting playground, it is recommended to carefully learn how to identify the most accurate bet to limit some risks when playing betting.

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