What is Boxing Betting? Boxing Betting Rules for Newbies

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Boxing is a well-known fighting sport. Boxing matches always attract viewers with drama and tension. Recently, Boxing betting games are chosen by many fans of this sport for entertainment and profit. If you are passionate about boxing betting and want to try your luck with the game, follow the following article of wintips.com to understand the definition of what is Boxing Betting and what are the rules of Boxing Betting.

Playing boxing betting is not as difficult as you think
Playing boxing betting is not as difficult as you think

What is boxing betting?

Boxing, also known as the “noble art of self-defense,” is a combat sport where two fighters compete directly against each other in a ring. This discipline has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome, estimated to have emerged around 900 to 500 BCE. Based on the popularity of boxing, boxing betting is a form of gambling where fans of the sport place bets on the fighters in a match or tournament, with odds set by bookmakers based on an official schedule. After researching the fighters in the ring, players choose a betting ratio offered by the bookmaker.

The variety of betting odds in boxing betting is increasing, allowing players to choose according to their own abilities. By utilizing hot betting tips, players can make informed decisions about their bets. In each match, the results of the bets are determined based on the announced results of the tournament, and rewards are given to those who win their bets.

Due to the popularity of boxing betting, there are now many bookmakers offering this game. Players only need to choose a reliable bookmaker to register an account and start placing bets.

In professional boxing matches, there are two fighters who compete in a maximum of 12 rounds. The outcome of the match is determined when a fighter is knocked out or when judges score the fight at the end. Boxing betting is a popular choice for many fans due to its excitement and intensity. The beautiful and skillful punches are also a form of entertainment that excites and entertains viewers.

Boxing is a fairly new betting topic
Boxing is a fairly new betting topic

Rules of Boxing Betting

If you want to bet on boxing and win, first of all, you must fully understand the basic rules of betting below.

Game rules

Normally, if a boxing match is scheduled but is suddenly postponed, within 2 weeks, if the match is restarted, the previous bets will still be counted; after 2 weeks, if the match is not resumed, all bets placed on that match will be canceled. If a match ends in a draw, all bets placed will be voided and players will receive a refund from the bookmaker. This is because in boxing, only the results of winning or losing are counted, and draw results are not considered.

Bets will be in effect from the moment the bell rings, but if 1 or both fighters make a mistake right from the start of the match then all bets placed by the player will be refunded. When 1 of the 2 fighters fell and the bell of the next round rang, the other was automatically counted as winning.

When the round goes through 1 half (corresponding to 1 minute and 30 seconds), the match result up to that time is used as the basis for determining the loss of the Sic game. In women’s boxing, half corresponds to 1 minute of competition of a 2 – minute round. If the number of rounds changes, the bets placed in the match are still valid.

Bets will be paid out to players as soon as the end of the match bell rings and the match results are announced by the organizers.

Here is how to determine the results of a Boxing Betting match

  • Technical Draw: This is when the referee stops the boxing match before the start of the fifth round.
  • Knockout Win: This is when a boxer falls down and cannot stand up again after a 10-count by the referee; or when one of the boxers accepts defeat in a corner of the ring.
    Technical Win: The result is determined by the referee’s scorecard after the match ends.
  • If one of the boxers wins by a margin of 15 points according to the electronic scorecard, the supervisor has the right to consult with the referee to make a decision and announce the winner.
  • If a boxer is disqualified, the remaining boxer will be declared the winner.
There are many ways to determine the outcome of winning and losing when betting on boxing
There are many ways to determine the outcome of winning and losing when betting on boxing

How to score points in a boxing match

Players need to know how to score points to determine their score in a match. Here’s how to score points:

  • Each valid punch of a boxer is counted as 1 point. The condition for counting points is that the punch must be in one of three positions: hit the target, hit the opponent’s head, or hit the opponent’s body from the waist up with the correct contact area of the boxing glove. The contact area of the boxing glove is calculated as the area covered by the glove that covers the knuckles of the boxer’s five fingers.
  • Punches that do not score points include: punches below the waist and hitting the back of the head; hitting with the edge or back of the boxing glove; punching the opponent’s body with the arm, without the force of the shoulder or body.
  • Each point scored by a boxer will be counted as valid if three out of five judges press the button for that punch.

Types of Boxing Betting

Depending on the development policies and conditions, the types of bets in boxing matches at each online bookmaker will have some differences. But in general, there are still some typical types of bets such as over/under betting, moneyline betting, line betting, and draw betting.

In addition to the types of bets, the betting odds are also set by different ratios by bookmakers. For matches that do not have a large difference in performance and strength between the two boxers, bookmakers usually follow specific win/lose odds. However, for matches involving knockout specialists such as Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson, bookmakers often set KO odds after a certain number of rounds. This is to ensure the highest profit for the bookmakers.


Overall, boxing betting is quite similar to other sports betting games. To be able to approach how to play boxing betting, you should start by understanding the definition and rules of the game, so that it is easier to understand the betting types and make decisions for yourself. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you in conquering boxing betting and reaping profits with this game!

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