What is cricket? Cricket Betting Guide for New Players

What is cricket? Cricket is the most popular sport in some European countries, especially in the UK community. This is a sport where players use bats to score points that have the largest number of viewers. It is estimated that the number of people who love this sport ranks second worldwide, only after the king sport – football. So Cricket betting has been heavily involved. To better understand what cricket is and how to bet on cricket, refer to the following article of bet win tips.

Find out what is Cricket?

Cricket, also known as cricket – Is a highly entertaining sport. Help players train themselves to be physically strong. Because of its popularity in many countries around the world, there are now some bookmakers that include Cricket in outstanding sports betting games.

What is cricket?
What is cricket?

Cricket is a competition that will use bats to hit the ball and be played by two different teams. In particular, each team will consist of 11 members competing on a circular field.

A match will be divided into two legs, each cricket session is divided into 11 small sessions, each small session consists of 2 people in two teams playing against each other. In a Cricket match, 2 teams will take turns delivering and hitting the ball. For every team that makes serves, the other team hits the ball and vice versa. The two teams change one after the other until all the players on the batting team are eliminated, one team will switch to a pitching role and the other team will hit the ball.

Online Cricket Betting Guide

Playing online cricket betting is the most popular today because of its high convenience and safety, so there is a large and increasing number of players. This way of betting usually follows the following steps:

Step 1: Register a betting account at a reputable bookmaker

First, you have to choose a reputable bookmaker and register that bookmaker account to be able to start betting.

So what is a quality bookmaker site? Look for units that fully converge the following elements:

  • Legal: Have a transparent operating license from betting organizations, operate openly to protect the legality of all members before the law.
  • Security: There is a separate security portal that absolutely secures customer information, does not reveal any information to 3rd parties.
  • Standard betting table: Give a standard bet table so that bettors can determine the correct bet.
  • The rules of the game are always transparent and clear.
  • There are extremely attractive payout rates: Of course, everyone who bets wants to eat big rewards.
  • Money is always fair and most importantly, when playing wins and withdrawals.
Online Cricket Betting Guide
Online Cricket Betting Guide

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Step 2: Fund your betting account

After creating an account, the next thing is to transfer funds into that house account to have “start-up capital”.

Players will have a lot of choices about the most suitable and convenient way to transfer money.

Step 3: Place a bet

The online bookmaker interface is often optimized, players can easily enter the cricket betting lobby. Enter the betting hall, you research and see which bet is sure to win.

The first is to select Sports => Select cricket => Enter tournament => Find matches to bet => Place bets.

Place a bet
Place a bet

Popular Cricket Bets

  • Match betting: This is a type that is considered quite similar to European bets in football betting with different types of options of winning – drawing – losing. The relatively simple way of betting is also the reason why punters use this type of bet the most.
  • Bet on the number of runs: Similar to the number of runs in football, in Cricket, players will predict the result according to the actual number of runs on the field more or less than the house has prescribed from the beginning.
  • Bet the draw of the match: With this type of bet, the player only needs to determine the outcome of the match whether the 2 teams will draw or not.
  • Match betting: In this form of betting, players need to predict whether the match will be completed today or not, fringe factors such as weather, player’s health… could affect the schedule and cause the match to be postponed. In practice, however, it is rare for a match to be stopped midway.
  • Even/odd run betting: Gamblers will choose an even or odd number for the players’ runs, if the prediction of the result is correct, you will win the odds corresponding to the amount of the bet given by the bookmaker. Note that if you choose a score of 0, this number will be classified in an even run.
  • Bet for the batsman: In this type of bet, you will choose the batsman that you think is capable of scoring the most goals. This type of bet requires an understanding of information such as how the player performed in previous rounds.
  • Bet the winning team: This form is simpler than the above two types of bets, here, you do not have to name a single player, but just choose the team that you believe will win this series.


Thus, we have introduced to readers the information about Cricket and how to play Cricket betting at the online bookmaker. If you find this sport really interesting, let’s join the betting. Good luck!

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