What is F1 racing betting? Information related to F1 racing betting

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Racing betting is a fascinating and exciting online betting game. To experience as well as help yourself have a chance to win. However, not every player knows what F1 racing betting is? In this article, bet win tips will help you answer that question, providing information related to F1 racing betting. We invite you to follow along.

What is F1 racing betting?
What is F1 racing betting?

Find out What is F1 Racing Betting?

F1 racing is a tournament started in 1950, after nearly 70 years of development, the tournament is loved and supported by all countries around the world. Therefore, F1 has become the most advanced racing tournament, held regularly every year on a very large scale. Each F1 race will have 12 participating teams, 12 different brands, and hundreds of sponsors from all over the world. Each team will have 2 two racing cars. Thus, there will be a total of 24 cars competing in a race.

Drivers will design their own cars to participate in F1 competition. However, well-known brands in the world will sponsor their main engines. According to available information, each F1 racing tournament will have a very high reward of up to 21000 USD. Therefore, it is considered the most expensive sports tournament in the world.

Each match that occurs, participants in F1 racing betting games will begin to predict which team will win first. If you predict correctly, you will be the winner and get the bet.

Some information related to F1 racing betting

There are some things about F1 you don't know
There are some things about F1 you don’t know

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About the rules of F1 racing

2 hours is the limited time for an F1 racing match. In case of encountering unfortunate incidents such as accidents and collisions, the time will be calculated more. The betting time will be within the time period specified by the bookmaker.

On how to calculate points in F1 racing bets

The first place car will be added 25 points, the second place car will add 18 points, the third place car will add 15 points, the fourth place car will add 12 points, the fifth car will add 10 points, the 6th car will add 8 points,… cars about 10 are added 1 point only. The rest of the cars will not be scored.

If the car does not reach the finish line but completes 90% of the road and is in the first 10 cars, even if the damaged cars can no longer run, points will still be awarded.

Deciphering common terminology in F1 racing

Any betting playground has its own terminology that makes newcomers confused. And of course those signature words are indispensable in F1 racing. If you are new to F1 racing betting, it is necessary to clearly remember the meaning of each term to avoid confusion.

F1 racing terminology is quite familiar
F1 racing terminology is quite familiar

Those terms are:

  • Formula 1: The name of the F1 race with the regulations of the International Automobile Federation.
  • Ballast: Ballast stones are added to racing cars to give enough weight to the car.
  • Pit-stop: A technical stop to help race cars change tires, there are about 20 people.
  • Practice: Private practice day, which is not required to take place during the race.
  • Qualifying: The race date is graded to decide on the starting position of each driver.
  • Race: The official race day.
  • Marshal: The parts that have a role to play in the race.
  • Flag: The flag system in F1 racing.


Hopefully, through the above article, you have grasped What is F1 racing betting is and information revolving around f1 racing. Wish you will find your own secrets to win each F1 racing game. Quickly register a reputable bookmaker to participate in extremely attractive F1 racing betting and have the opportunity to immediately receive attractive rewards from this bookmaker.

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