What is fantasy basketball? Virtual basketball betting rules

What is fantasy basketball? is the type of bet that many people are interested in. It’s fascinating just after the day the king of football bets. However, not everyone knows and knows what virtual basketball betting is as well as the rules and how to bet on this sport. Let’s Wintips.com learn about this interesting bet right in the article below.

What's so special about virtual basketball betting?
What’s so special about virtual basketball betting?

What is virtual basketball betting?

Virtual basketball betting is a type of sports betting based on virtual reality (V. A) developed in recent years with many outstanding features. Basketball is a sport that is loved by many people, especially in the US. Basketball matches are extremely competitive and antagonistic, bringing an explosive atmosphere and attracting a large number of followers. Therefore, this type of sports betting also attracts a large number of interested fans.

Since its launch, the virtual basketball betting market has never cooled down and is attracting more and more plays. This comes from a number of reasons:

  • Time to access matches is fast and simple.
  • During the match, there is no freeze or lag, although the head-to-head matches have thousands of followers and bets.
  • Vivid and intuitive game interface; quality, sharp images.
  • The sound simulation system is 100% like real matches.
  • Many different types of bets with betting tips just like other betting sports, so it does not take much time to learn and apply.
Virtual basketball betting happens at a fast pace
Virtual basketball betting happens at a fast pace

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The most detailed, complete virtual basketball betting rules

Like reality, each basketball game will have the participation of 2 teams facing each other. Players will watch a total of 4 consecutive matches and be combined into 2 rounds. In each round, players will enjoy 2 turns and the time for each turn is 10 – 12 minutes. In case the two teams draw, both will enter extra time with a total time of 5 minutes. If the two teams continue to draw, extra time continues. At this time, the bookmaker will put different bets for extra time to make the game more attractive and attractive.

Here are some things that players should keep in mind when participating in virtual basketball betting:

  • In each match, players are allowed to participate in betting in official match minutes, injury time and extra time.
  • In 2 rounds, the result of the 1st round is equal to the total play of the 1st and 2nd rounds. The result of the 2nd half is equal to the total play of turn 3 and turn 4.
  • Virtual basketball betting has no draw door, only accepting win or loss doors.
  • All kinds of bets like how many 3-pointers the team has, how many free throws the team has… then the betting will begin when the official competition period begins. In case the team does not have a member to complete the task of playing, causing the match to be caught, the bet will be canceled and the player will not lose anything.
  • If the match the player places bets on is postponed or does not take place then all bets will be disabled and the player will receive back the amount bet.
  • For the NBA, the game takes place more than 43 minutes and more than 35 minutes for other basketball tournaments but is abruptly stopped, the decision belongs to the organizers.
  • A fantasy basketball game can have extra time outside of halftime and injury time. All bets that take place after the official playing time will not be counted towards the results of the 4th round.
  • Virtual basketball bets and handicap bets are calculated as soon as the match is over. Particularly for the first scoring team bet, if you win, you will receive money as soon as the team you bet on wins the first score.
Variety of virtual basketball betting genres
Variety of virtual basketball betting genres

Some notes to know when participating in virtual basketball betting

  • The extra time of virtual basketball only takes place when the two teams draw, called overtime. The final score used to determine wins and losses will be calculated by the number of results scored in extra time combined with 2 main rounds of the whole match.
  • If the player chooses to bet for each separate round or if you choose to bet for only 2 rounds or in the 4th round, the extra time result will not be valid.
  • Each online basketball game, each team will have 24 seconds to deploy tactics and reach points. If it is more than 24 seconds, the team has not passed the ball, the game will stop. Possession of the ball will transfer itself to the opponent. This rule will greatly affect the types of handicaps or slag bets, so bettors need to be aware.
  • During the course of the match, the referee will monitor and delineate errors. If any team shows signs of stopping the ball or throwing a free throw, the game time also stops.


Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will have more useful knowledge about What is fantasy basketball is and how to bet on this game. Stay tuned Wintips.com now to experience quality, engaging virtual basketball betting with dramatic matches and great winning opportunities right away.

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