What is grass shaving? How to bet on football to make money from the bookmaker

19/05/2023 Sports betting

What is grass shaving? Lawn is a form of making money through catching bets with a difference between 2 teams in 2 different bookmakers, even the same at 1 bookmaker. This is a form of quick money when playing football betting that is loved by many people. To help players better understand how to make this money. In today’s article, win tips bet will introduce to you the concept of grass planing? The ways to make money from reputable bookmakers are the most profitable.

Find out what a lawn shavings are?

Perhaps many of you today when hearing the phrase grass shavings will feel very strange, but this is a fairly common term in the early betting world in our country. As its name says it all, planing means shaving all bets if any. Or you can understand how many choices a bet has, the player will bet all those choices at two different bookmakers.

Find out what a lawn shavings are?
Find out what a lawn shavings are?

Despite participating in the same match, at the same time, the odds at each bookmaker are always different. This is a loophole for long-time bettors to make money. To do this, they will often use lawn planing software or do it manually by hand. After that, you will create two betting accounts at two different bookmakers and then proceed to plan.

For example: Today the Under/Over match MU vs Arsenal is 2.5, now:

  • Bookmaker X has a U/O ratio of 1.85-2.00
  • Bookmaker Y has a U/O ratio of 2.00-1.85

When a discrepancy is detected, the house account X will hit Over and the house account Y will hit Under or reverse. By placing these two bets, players will ensure that they will have 100% winning 1 of the two accounts and no capital losses.

Note: This method is only applied to bets with enough food, enough losses, and the odds difference between the two bookmakers must be less than or equal to 2 to be effective.

Currently, the way of playing grass has changed a lot, but in general, there will be 3 main forms:

  • Form of hand-planing grass: This is the way grass shaving is often used by plowmen. Its disadvantage is that the participant has to perform manual lawn shaving, which takes quite a long time. At the same time requires people with a lot of playing experience.
  • Form of grass planing by software: Players will use the grass planing software available today. In this way, there is the advantage of quite high accuracy and saving time on planing the grass.
  • Form of weeding Forum, forum: This is a way to shave grass from large, reputable forums, high probability of accuracy because it is evaluated by many people.

To understand in more detail, let’s analyze the most effective ways of shading grass that are always used by experts and masters.

Effective ways to make money from online bookmakers

In order for grass shaving to achieve the most optimal efficiency, in addition to understanding the concept and choosing the form, participants must also know the most standard grass planing methods to increase the success rate. Below we will share some ways commonly used by masters, you can refer to more if you want to play this type.

Effective ways to make money from online bookmakers
Effective ways to make money from online bookmakers

Use lawn planing software to make money from network bookmakers

This is the easiest weeding for beginner players. To participate you will use the pre-set software dedicated to finding matches with the required odds difference between 2 different bookmakers.

In addition, you also need to carefully research the reputable and quality lawn planing software providers so as not to encounter inefficient software. Thanks to this way of shading grass, you do not need to have a headache to participate in betting like other players, making it easier to make more profit.

How to weed from the online bookmaker’s differential matches

This way of planing the grass is quite manual and takes a lot of the player’s time. At this point, players must be extremely subtle to be able to recognize this difference in odds. Therefore, this is a difficult way of playing, requiring players to be experienced and practice a lot to take advantage of this loophole. However, grass shavings will be difficult to detect and players can win delicious bets with a little extra luck.

This is also the perfect remedy for the disadvantages of the method of using lawn planing software. The betting loopholes at the bookmaker are almost everyone knows, but the strange thing is that although they know there is such a loophole in their betting system, the bookmaker still deliberately ignores it. This is also a tricky to attract players to register and participate in betting at their bookmakers.

Besides, bookmaker websites are constantly updating and innovating. Usually on weekends there is a maintenance session to fix some errors to make the website work better. Therefore, the lawn planing software will be easy to err because it cannot keep up with the update speed of the bookmaker. At this time, the way to weed from the difference matches of the online bookmaker will work best.

How to make money from bookmaker promotions

This is considered the safest way to play grass. Players just need to be interested in finding reputable bookmakers to deposit their bets into it. And especially those must be bookmakers with high reimbursement. The reason is because the bookmaker will refund based on the player’s bet revenue and the more players the greater the amount to be refunded.

How to make money from bookmaker promotions
How to make money from bookmaker promotions

You can take a look at 1 number of quite high refund promotions of reputable bookmakers below:

  • 0.38% cashback on bets per day.
  • 100% cashback on losing bets.
  • 0.2% weekly cashback on M sports bets.
  • 0.3% cashback on virtual sports bets.
  • Weekly sports match betting returns of 0.2% & 0.38%
  • 100% cashback on lost oblique bets at E sports on weekdays.


Above is the concept of what grass planing is and the easiest ways to make money from the network bookmaker revealed by experts. Hopefully, it will help you have more ways to earn more profits for yourself every time you participate in football betting. Instead of satisfying the passion of betting on chance, each player should also equip themselves with football tips expert to achieve greater efficiency with this attractive form of betting. Good luck!

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