What is Money line bet? Definition, how it work

19/02/2024 Betting News

In the world of sports betting, there will be many different types of bets for you to choose from, in which Money line bets are a very popular type of bet in many sports betting games today. It is loved by many players because this type of bet is very easy to play and the possibility of winning is also very high. So let’s analyze more closely with wintips experts about what is money line bet and what does money line mean in betting to help you participate in betting better.

What is money line bet?

Money line bets are bets on the person or team you believe will win, or have a higher rating after the match ends. Money line bets are also known as money line bets. Money flow here means money flowing into the betting windows of the match. This is the most basic form of betting, players will only need to predict the winning team, without worrying about the exact score.

what is the money line in betting?
what is the money line in betting?

Theoretically, the odds of winning in this bet are 50/50, however, this ratio also depends on many other factors. Because the nature of Money line bets is based on the winning team, this bet will only apply in sports where the winning team must be determined during the match. Therefore, the sports with this bet are tennis, swimming, racing, tennis, badminton, boxing, volleyball, and League of Legends.

So the question is what does the money line mean in football? Unfortunately, Money line bets are not available in football. Because a football match has up to 2 possible outcomes. Draw and win. Money line cannot be applied to draw results. However, some places still apply Money line bets in soccer, and then the house will have one more option: Draw.

What does money line mean in betting?

Whenever you visit a retail betting sites or launch a betting app, what’s the first thing that catches your eye? Yep, numbers — lots and lots of numbers. Within this vast numeric sea lies the money line, usually three-digit figures always preceded by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.

From a wagering perspective, let’s look at what these numbers and symbols mean.


The “favorite” in a game, tournament or event is the side viewed by the betting market as most likely to win.

Money line favorites are almost always denoted with a minus sign. Money lines are typically shown in American odds and are based on a $100 wager. The odds listed next to a favorite show how much you’d need to wager to win $100.

For instance, let’s say a money line favorite appears as -180 on the betting board.

So, a bettor looking to win $100 will risk $180, while a bettor looking to win $50 would wager $90.

Remember the amount you wager remains with the sportsbook if your side loses, while a winning bet returns your winnings and initial investment. In the case of the $180 wager to win $100, a winning bet would pay out $280, while an $18 bet at -180 money line odds would pay out $28 — $8 for winning the bet and $10 back for your initial investment.

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The underdog in a game, tournament or event is any side that is not the favorite and is viewed by the betting market as likely to lose. Underdogs are always listed with a plus sign next to their odds, which indicates how much money you’d win on a $100 wager.

What does money line mean in betting?
What does money line mean in betting?

For example, let’s say an underdog in a baseball game is listed at +140. If you bet $100 on that team to win, you’d get back $240 if that team wins outright. While an underdog with higher odds is typically more risky to win, it can also return a greater potential payout.

For instance, let’s say an athlete in boxing is listed as a +600 underdog. If you wager $100 on that underdog boxer and they pull off the upset, you’d collect $700 (your initial $100 bet, plus $600 in winnings).

What if you want to bet on that boxer at those same +600 odds and hope to win $100? You would wager $16.67, which has an actual payout of $100.02.

Pick‘Em (Even Money)

When a money line is priced as a pick‘em, also called “even money,” this is the same as a money line bet at +100 odds.

In these instances, oddsmakers are pricing that side as a 50-50 bet to win outright. Whatever you wager at +100 odds is the same amount you stand to win: $50 to win $50, $2,000 to win $2,000, and so on.

You’ll also see pick‘ems (sometimes listed as PK) in point spread betting, as well, when bookmakers see a matchup as even on both sides. You’ll rarely see both sides of the same matchup listed as a pick‘em on the money line because sportsbooks will almost always apply added “juice” (vigorish) to make a profit.

So when one side of a contest is listed at +100 money line odds, they are likely the underdog in the matchup.

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3-Way Lines / Draws

In contests with more than two fixed options, money line bets can include a third option in addition to an outright win or loss. This is called a “three-way line” and is common in sports like soccer and boxing, where a “draw” can frequently occur.

In markets with a three-way line, it’s not uncommon to see both the favorite and the underdog dealing at plus-odds, and both sides can lose if the game results in a draw. Three-way lines are also popular in sports where overtime is common, such as hockey, with the money line bet cashing based on the result at the end of regulation.

For example, let’s say two soccer teams are playing in a match where Team A is a heavy favorite over Team B.

Money line bet meaning is huge
Money line bet meaning is huge

Instead of Team A being listed as a -200 favorite, you may see Team A priced at -130, Team B dealing at +130 and “draw” listed at +300. If the game ends in a draw, bettors of Team A and Team B would both lose, while those who bet “draw” would receive a 3-to-1 payday.

In sports that can’t end in a tie, such as the NBA or MLB, all money line bets are listed as two-way action.

Tips for betting the money line help you increase your chances of winning

At this point, perhaps many readers will ask an important question: “So should I bet on the higher rated team or the lower rated team?”. Usually, players will prioritize placing bets on the higher rated team, because that is usually the team with a higher chance of winning. However, as mentioned before, the stronger team does not always win. To optimize your chances of winning when sports betting money line, it is most important to take the time to research and gather the following detailed information:

  • Past history of the two teams: Understanding how the two teams have faced each other in previous matches can provide insight into how they interact and how often the results are .
  • Correlation of the strength of the two teams: Not only consider actual achievements, but also consider the specific abilities and skills of each team to evaluate relative strength.
  • Official lineup for the upcoming match: Information about the official lineup can greatly affect the final result, as the presence or absence of an important player can change the lineup and tactics.
  • Player performance: Looking at the recent performance of players on the field can provide important information about the physical and psychological state of the team.

Once you have gained knowledge from the above points, it will be easier for you to determine which team to bet on, optimizing your chances of winning.


Money line bets are really an option that you should try. With its simplicity and popularity, you only need to know the betting skills and pre-match information of the athletes or teams you want to bet on, then you can consider 70% of your chances. ability to win. We hope the information about “what is money line bet and when betting what does money line mean” in this article will help you win. Wishing you happy hours of betting!

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