What is tennis betting? Summary of types of betting bets in tennis

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Tennis betting is a form of betting on the outcome of tennis matches offered by reputable bookmakers. This is a type of betting that is loved by many players. To help you win from these bets, this article will wintips share the knowledge of what is tennis betting is and the common types of bets in tennis betting.

Tennis betting is the preferred form of betting
Tennis betting is the preferred form of betting

What is tennis betting?

In addition to the popular football betting markets, tennis betting has become increasingly popular among players. Do you understand what tennis betting is? If you don’t know, tennis is a sport with a fair and strict set of rules. This is why tennis betting is loved by players because they do not have to worry about match-fixing or fraud.

To begin a tennis betting game, players will need to place a bet on one of the two teams participating, similar to football betting. However, what makes tennis betting unique is that it can be a one-on-one match between two tennis players or a team of four players competing against each other.

What are the popular types of tennis betting?

If you are familiar with football betting, then playing tennis betting will become easier than ever. The most important thing when playing tennis betting is that you need to understand the types of bets and the rules of those bets, including accurate betting tips. Specifically, as follows:

Open Bet

When participating in an Open Bet in tennis, players will need to research information about the match, the players or teams participating. From there, make analyzes and predictions on which team will ultimately win. Open betting is the most basic and popular form of tennis betting.

Tennis bets are very diverse
Tennis bets are very diverse

Handicap Bet

This type of bet is played similarly to the handicap bet in football. That is, a strong player or doubles team will give a weaker player or doubles team a certain handicap. The winning or losing result of the handicap bet will depend on the final result of that tennis match.

Over/Under Bet

For over/under or total bet in tennis, you will have to predict whether the total number of sets played in that match will be higher or lower than the odds set by the bookmaker. Specifically:

  • Bet Over if you predict that the total number of sets played will be higher than the bookmaker’s odds.
  • Bet Under if you predict that the total number of sets played will be lower than the bookmaker’s odds.
  • In the case of the total number of sets played in the match being equal to the bookmaker’s odds, the player who bets on the Draw will win.

Even/Odd Bet

The Even/Odd betting format in tennis betting will also be based on the total number of games played in a match. However, in the Even/Odd bet, the player must predict whether the total number of games played will be an even or odd number. This betting method is quite simple but has a relatively high winning rate, making it suitable for new players.

First Game Winner Bet for Singles or Doubles

Players participating in this betting format will need to predict and bet on which singles or doubles player will win the first game. This is a relatively new and simple tennis betting format, so you can consider choosing it to participate in.

Tennis matches attract a large number of followers
Tennis matches attract a large number of followers

Some notes when playing tennis betting online

In addition to understanding the rules, to make your betting process run smoothly and easily, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Mid-match Withdrawals

Tennis is an individual or team sport, without substitutions like in football. Therefore, in cases where a singles or doubles player withdraws, it is quite common. Therefore, players participating in tennis betting need to refer to some terms when their opponent withdraws from the bet.

Specifically, the bookmaker will cancel the result and refund the money to the player if the opponent withdraws. However, there will also be some cases where the bookmaker will count the losing result for the side that withdraws if the match has completed set 1. For handicap betting and total number of games played betting, most bookmakers will cancel the bet when the opponent withdraws midway.

Break Time in Tennis

In tennis, break time is the time between game sets or between serves. This break time is crucial in tennis betting because knowing the break times between games can help players be more proactive with their betting strategies.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article has answered the question “what is tennis betting ” and outlined the common types of tennis bets. We hope that the information shared has provided you with important tools to begin your journey in tennis betting.

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