What is the Odds of winning the score? Instructions on how to calculate the score

12/03/2024 Sports betting

The football score ratio is to bet the score of the football match and then eat according to the ratio that the bookmaker gives on the scorecard. In every football match, the score is always the top concern of the fans. This is a form of football betting simply because it is only according to the match score, so it attracts a large number of players to participate. To help you understand more about odds of winning the score and what is the Ratio? In this article, we will guide how to calculate how to catch the score and will help you understand the ratio to help you participate in betting more favorably.

Find out odds of winning the score?

For those with a passion for sports betting, there is no stranger to the phrase “odds”. But for those who are new to the betting world, it must still be strange. So what’s the ratio? The odds are a type of football odds whereby the player will eat according to the odds that the bookmaker has given on each betting table. Each match will have a different score and make players curious.

What is the Odds of winning the score?
What is the Odds of winning the score?

Thus, players only need to predict the outcome of the upcoming round or match in the most accurate way to become the winner. After the end of the match, if the player predicts correctly and makes a reasonable bet, he will win a huge amount of bonuses. On the contrary, if the prediction is wrong, you will lose the bet and lose the bet.

However, to be able to predict accurately, players also need to learn and analyze information before the match takes place. In the scoreboard, the scoreboard will be displayed at Decimal or Fractional rates.

Instructions on how to calculate how much to winning

To help players better understand the score in football, we will give a calculation for the 2 most popular types of bets: European and Asian odds. These two types of bets have different ways of playing, so of course, the calculation of how much the score is eaten will also be somewhat different, specifically:

How to calculate the score for European bets

European rafters, also known as 1×2 rafters. How to calculate football odds as fractions at Fractiona rates.

For example: If you choose to bet on a Vietnam – Indonesia match with a draw of 0 – 0. After the match is over, the result of the match is 0 – 0, you win the bet.

The specific way to calculate the bet is as follows: If your bet is 1 USD and the odds are 10/1. So the amount of winnings you will receive will be: 1 x 10/1 = 10 USD. This is the amount of money that you will win and does not count the amount spent when looking at the bet.

How to calculate the score for Asian bets 

Asian Handicap, also known as Asian Handicap, has a column of proportions in each bet, so you will easily calculate your bet. With different scores, your odds will also be different.

For example: Vietnam’s match with Indonesia in the Sea Game 2019. The 0–0 ratio between the two teams will have odds of 9.00. So if you previously bet with a draw of 0 – 0 with 1 USD, you will win the bet with the bonus amount: 1 x 9 = 9 USD (Minus the bet amount of 1 USD, you profit 8 USD).

Similarly, if you bet 2 USD, the winnings will be: 2 x 9 = 18 USD (Minus 2 USD of bet capital, you profit 16 USD).

Through the above tutorial, you also know how much football scores are eaten in the two most popular betting bets, Asian and European bets. By knowing the meaning of the bets, you will be more confident and make the right decisions when choosing football bets to be eaten at better rates.

Experience catching scores with the highest eating rate

Only bet at tournaments that you really know

Currently, there are many football tournaments from small to large scale around the world that you can freely experience. However, each tournament will have its own unique characteristics. Therefore, you also need to regularly learn as well as follow the matches to gain more betting tips and increase your chances of winning.

Learn how to predict the outcome of the match

The ability to predict the score of a football match needs to be trained for a long time, not a day or two. Therefore, do not rush to bet if you do not know the ability of the team you choose and the opposing team.

Although betting is an entertaining game, it is not entirely based on your own chances. You need to accumulate for yourself a deep amount of knowledge as well as have a detailed understanding of each team. Only then can the prediction of the score of the match be the most accurate.

Choose the most profitable bet for yourself

The most profitable bet option is a way to catch the odds of eating football scores with a fairly high probability of winning. From the information in the odds table that the bookmakers have provided, you will make your own analysis and from there choose the most profitable betting door. If the team in the upper kèo in a previous period of time has a decline in performance and the team in the lower bracket is playing quite well, the most appropriate odds at the moment that you should choose are the left half handicap or the ball.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to play football betting

Choose the most reputable bookmaker address to participate in betting. Because it has a great influence on catching football scores. Quality bookmakers will bring extremely attractive odds and bring a higher chance of winning. In addition, when choosing a reputable bookmaker, you can also guarantee the amount of money you have spent to bet.


Through the above article, we answer for you odds of winning the score and what is the ratio? Instructions on how to watch the odds of eating football scores. Hopefully, it will help you know how to bet, where to win and predict for yourself how much to bet when you win. For more useful knowledge related to betting, please visit our website. I wish you a lot of luck on your betting path!

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