Why do football bettors always lose? Why does the bookmaker always win when betting on football?

Winning or losing in football betting is not too strange for bettors, but losing a lot is not normal. If you do not know why football bettors always lose and the bookmaker always loses, you should stop playing and refer carefully to our article below. Surely the following decoding will not disappoint you.

Why do I bet football always loses?

Many players today still have the thought that football betting is the easiest way to get rich quick. However, reality shows that this is quite the opposite. You can see that there are no people around us who have gotten rich by gambling.

Why do football bettors always lose?
Why do football bettors always lose?

For long-time players, they only see this as a form of entertainment to add more attraction to the match they are watching, so they can participate for so long. Many people lose constantly because they want to win a lot of money, so they are too greedy to bet excessively.

In order not to fall into the spiral of the betting game, you should dismiss the thought of getting rich from it. With some of the reasons that punters always lose, the following will help you have a better view of football betting.

Participate in betting without understanding the odds

Currently, some popular types of odds in online football betting include: Asian odds, European odds and underdog odds. The most popular bets for players are corner bets, yellow card bets, vibrating bets,…. So we can see that the odds are very diverse.

To explain why football bettors always lose is to bet on a bet that has not been thoroughly explored before. You bet on an arbitrary bet without knowledge so you will be caught up in the lure of attractive odds.

Players do not know how to manage capital effectively

If you want to play football successfully, knowing how to manage capital effectively and reasonably is considered indispensable.

If you still have the thought of how to eat all the bookmaker’s money, you are wrong. Because no player can match the financial capacity with the bookmaker. The best way is to split the capital to play the most matches. Accordingly, you should play low bets and divide into many bets such as handicaps, underdogs, 1×2 … or virtual football betting to increase the odds of winning.

There is arrogance when it comes to winning bets

This psychological phenomenon is also quite understandable when players win several matches in a row, they will sink into a state of overconfidence. This caused them to neglect to prepare well for the next ball. So losing is inevitable.

Not finding out information about the match you want to play

To play winning betting, players must carefully learn the information related to the match they want to play to use it as an accurate betting base.

The information can be mentioned as performance, squad, home and away record, head-to-head history … of the two teams. In addition, you can also refer to other related news such as sales, transfers … for further predictions.

Not finding out information about the match you want to play
Not finding out information about the match you want to play

Don’t know how to use modern support tools

It will be very disadvantageous for you if you do not immerse yourself in the 4.0 technology era to update the news about the match. Especially tracking the opinions of football experts will help you analyze the house rate better

If you don’t have the information technology to update match data, you can’t be proactive in bets and losing is what happens.

Misconceptions about degrees just luck

Betting on football like a talent that relies only on luck to win is very wrong. Betting is still a game of chance, but this factor only accounts for a small part.

Whether the player wins that bet or not largely depends on how you play, how you calculate, how you choose your door. Thus, according to experts football tips, luck accounts for only 5% and skills and methods of play have accounted for 95% of the winning rate. If you have decided to play long-term with football betting, you should immediately abandon this way of thinking.

Don’t understand your true strength

Some long-time bookmakers often suffer from overconfidence in their own abilities. So when they’re lucky, they’re going to win and they think it’s because they’re playing too well. But in betting, anything can happen, so losing a big one after that is not too surprising.

Encountering an unreliable, fraudulent bookmaker

Choosing a reputable bookmaker is also extremely important in football betting to help players not lose money and if you lose too much, you should also review whether the place where you are sending your trust is really reputable or not.

Currently, because the demand for betting has increased sharply, there are many fake bookmakers and betting addresses on the market to seize players’ money. If you risk playing here again, not only will you lose a lot, but your personal information will also be exposed.

Why does the bookmaker always win when playing football?

A bookmaker is like a trading company, they must be profitable to maintain their operations. Therefore, with the following reasons, you will know why the house never loses.

The bookmaker receives bets from players

Many players are confident when betting on their ability to bet. If you win a bet but have you ever thought about whether the dealer has a loss, will the bets that you lost before be affected by the bookmaker? You proudly declare that you have won the house, but it turns out that whether you win or lose, the house always wins.

Tại sao nhà cái luôn thắng khi chơi cá độ bóng đá?
Why does the bookmaker always win when playing football?

This is because the bookmaker always gives odds with the highest level of accuracy. So with those odds, the bookmaker’s profit is still guaranteed. Almost every bookmaker always has a team of experts who have a deep understanding of betting to make tables and statistics to come up with a standard odds table.

Therefore, if the number of players places a lot for 1 door, the dealer must adjust the odds to limit his risk.

Profit margin helps the house stay stable

Profit margin is the difference in bets that the bookmaker earns, this is the advantage of the bookmaker to help them never lose. That way the bookmaker will never give fair odds to ensure the highest profit margins. In fact, they are like other business units, they have to profit from the players themselves to maintain their operations.

Profit margin formula: Profit = (1/Odds 1 + 1/Odds 2 + 1/Odds 3…) – 1

For example, the profit at the France vs Croatia match will be calculated as follows:

BLN = [(1/1.80) + (1/3.60) + (1/3.60)] – 1 = 0.1111 = 11.11%

Thus, with those odds, the profit margin that the house earns will be 11.11%. This means that the player must anticipate the situations that occur in the match compared to the bookmaker must be 11.11% more to have a chance of winning. This is not an easy thing, right.


With the above specific explanations, it has certainly helped many of you understand why you always lose and the bookmaker always wins and profits from it. So, be a smart player, have many reasonable playing strategies and especially avoid the causes of losing bets that we have shared to win hundreds of matches.

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