Top 8 impressive women's England goalkeeper and great catching skills

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In the world of women’s football, having an elite goalkeeper is extremely important for the team to achieve success. The England women’s team is no exception, and over the years they have produced outstanding female goalkeepers who have played key roles in international campaigns. They are not only defenders of the goal, but also a symbol of spirit and development in women’s football. Let’s discover the top 8 women’s England goalkeeper.

Top 8 England women’s national football team goalkeeper

1. Ellie Roebuck

Ellie Roebuck is a promising young goalkeeper for the England national team and a standout player for Manchester City Women’s Football Club. She was born on March 23, 1999, in Sheffield, England, and began her career with Manchester City in 2015. Roebuck quickly established herself as one of the club’s top goalkeepers, making significant contributions to the club’s success over several seasons.

Ellie Roebuck - Women's England goalkeeper
Ellie Roebuck – Women’s England goalkeeper

Known for her skills and confidence on the field, along with quick reflexes and resilience, Ellie Roebuck has been part of the England national team since 2017 and was named in the squad for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 in France. With her exceptional talent and potential, Roebuck is among the leaders in the race for young goalkeepers in England and is poised to continue making an impact and developing over the next decade.

2. Carly Telford

Carly Telford is an experienced goalkeeper for the England women’s national team, having earned over 30 caps. Born on July 7, 1987, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Telford has had a notable football career spanning several years. She began her career at Sunderland before moving to other clubs such as Leeds United and Chelsea. Telford later returned to Sunderland before joining Notts County in 2014 and then moving to Chelsea in 2017.

Carly Telford - Women's England goalkeeper
Carly Telford – Women’s England goalkeeper

Carly Telford has been a frequent call-up to the national team and has participated in numerous international tournaments, including the FIFA Women’s World Cup and UEFA Women’s Championship. With her experience and stability on the field, she is a key part of the England team and has made significant contributions to the team’s success in recent years.

3. Mary Earps

Mary Earps is a highly promising goalkeeper currently playing for Manchester United in women’s football. She was born on May 7, 1993, in Nottingham, England. Earps began her career at Nottingham Forest before moving to clubs such as Bristol Academy, Reading, and then Wolfsburg in Germany, before joining Manchester United in 2019.

Mary Earps - Women's England goalkeeper
Mary Earps – Women’s England goalkeeper

Mary Earps is also a member of the England national team, having made multiple appearances for the squad in international competitions like the FIFA Women’s World Cup and UEFA Women’s Championship. With outstanding skills on the field and stability in the goalkeeper role, Mary Earps is one of the standout players in English football and continues to develop her career with Manchester United.

4. Sandy MacIver

Sandy MacIver is a promising young goalkeeper for Everton and the England national team. She began her career in Everton’s youth system, where she matured and developed her goalkeeper role. Trained in the English football system, MacIver quickly gained attention for her exceptional skills and talent.

Sandy MacIver - England women's goalkeeper
Sandy MacIver – England women’s goalkeeper

MacIver’s excellent shot-stopping abilities and command of the penalty area have helped her progress rapidly through youth levels in England and eventually earn a call-up to the England national team. Her career is rapidly developing and shows bright prospects. With her talent, MacIver is one of the highest-rated names in women’s football globally.

5. Hannah Hampton

Hannah Hampton is a promising young talent in the goalkeeper position for the England team, starting her career in the Birmingham City academy system and quickly impressing with her goalkeeping abilities.

With excellent skills and command of the penalty area, Hannah Hampton is considered one of the promising talents in English women’s football. She has been called up to the England youth team and is progressing towards her goal of becoming one of the top goalkeepers for the national team.

Hannah Hampton - England women's goalkeeper
Hannah Hampton – England women’s goalkeeper

Hampton’s efforts on the field have caught the attention of experts, and she is seen as a highly promising young player in the international women’s goalkeeper landscape. Hampton’s development is a bright spot in building the future of women’s football in England.

6. Karen Bardsley

Karen Bardsley is one of the most experienced goalkeepers for the England national team, with over 80 caps. She began her career in the United States, playing for teams like Pali Blues and Philadelphia Independence in the National Women’s Soccer League. Bardsley then returned to England and joined Manchester City Women’s team in 2013, where she became one of the top goalkeepers in English women’s football.

Karen Bardsley - England goalkeeper women's
Karen Bardsley – England goalkeeper women’s

With the England team, Karen Bardsley has participated in major tournaments like the World Cup and Euro. She is admired for her excellent shot-stopping abilities and stability on the field. Despite being 37 years old, Bardsley continues to bring stability and valuable experience to the England team.

7. Sophie Baggaley

Sophie Baggaley is a standout goalkeeper in English women’s football and considered one of the most promising young talents in women’s football worldwide. Born on November 25, 1996, Baggaley began her career at Bristol City Women in 2014 and has had an impressive journey as a goalkeeper.

Sophie Baggaley’s talent was discovered and developed within Bristol City’s youth system. She quickly progressed through youth levels and rose to the first team. With secure shot-stopping skills, quick reflexes, and leadership qualities on the field, Baggaley has become one of the top goalkeepers in English women’s football.

Sophie Baggaley - England goalkeeper women's
Sophie Baggaley – England goalkeeper women’s

In addition to her domestic success, Sophie Baggaley has notable international experience. She has been called up to the England U23 team and has made significant contributions to its success. With her career on the rise, Baggaley aims to be called up to the national team and showcase her talents at a higher level. She is known for her professionalism, commitment to football, and is predicted to have a bright future in her sporting career.

8. Hedvig Lindahl

Hedvig Lindahl is an excellent goalkeeper for the England women’s team. Born on 29 April 1983 in Sweden, she has had a respectable career in international women’s football. Lindahl started his career at a very young age and played for many prestigious clubs in Europe before joining the national team. With her outstanding skills and extensive experience, she has been an important contributor to the success of the England team.

Hedvig Lindahl - England women's national football team goalkeeper
Hedvig Lindahl – England women’s national football team goalkeeper

The role of Hedvig Lindahl in the England women’s team cannot be underestimated. A hero of the 2019 World Cup finals, Lindahl made important saves and was a stabilizing pillar of the defence. Besides her goalkeeping talent, she is also an important figure in the unity and development of the team, bringing confidence and positive energy to her teammates. With her patience, fighting spirit and talent, Hedvig Lindahl has contributed to England’s success and is an icon of global women’s football.


In the future of English women’s football, the presence of outstanding goalkeepers such as Ellie Roebuck, Carly Telford, Mary Earps, Sandy MacIver, Hannah Hampton, Karen Bardsley, Sophie Baggaley, Lottie Fisk and Rachel Laws will continue to be at the heart of development. With their experience, talent and commitment, the England women’s team will continue to produce great success on the international pitch. These women’s England goalkeeper are not only accomplished golf defenders but also symbols of spirit and growth in women’s football. Their diversity and potential promise to give English women’s football significant achievements in the future, while inspiring younger generations to have a passion for the sport.

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