Who are the worst goalkeeper in the world? Come to the Top 10

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As a goalkeeper, one of the most crucial roles in football, a skilled shot-stopper brings hope to their teammates and must be proactive with precise blocking skills and ball handling abilities. Unfortunately, many footballers may not measure up to their more famous counterparts who are ranked as the greatest footballers in the world. However, critics of the worst players seem to have underestimated or prematurely judged them. Right now, let’s take a look at Top 10 worst goalkeeper all of time with admin Wintips.

Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?
Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?

The worst goalkeeper in the world – Who are they?

1. Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor is a former professional goalkeeper from England who has played for several clubs in England, including Arsenal, Aston Villa, and Southampton. Despite having a long and successful career, he is often not regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?
S. Taylor was the backup goalkeeper for Southampton

Throughout his career, Stuart Taylor has often been a second or third-choice goalkeeper, limiting his opportunities to showcase his abilities at the highest level. The lack of regular playing time has contributed to his weaknesses as a goalkeeper.

2. Gunnar Nielsen – The worst goalkeeper

Gunnar Nielsen, throughout his career, has been associated with various football clubs across Europe, including notable names like Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City, and Motherwell. Despite being part of these renowned teams, Nielsen has predominantly operated in the role of a backup goalkeeper.

Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?
G. Nielsen is the goalkeeper of the Faroe Islands national team

While Nielsen possesses the requisite abilities to deliver commendable performances between the goalposts, his sporadic appearances and limited playing time have often hindered his ability to maintain consistent form and showcase his full potential. Moreover, being primarily utilized as a backup goalkeeper means that he has frequently found himself on the sidelines.

3. Peter Enckelman – The worst goalkeeper

Peter Enckelman, a former professional goalkeeper from Finland, has had a diverse career playing for various clubs in England, including Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, and Cardiff City. While Enckelman had his moments of brilliance on the pitch, he is perhaps best remembered for a high-profile mistake during a match between Aston Villa and Birmingham City in 2002.

Despite the setback, Enckelman's legacy extends beyond that single incident
Despite the setback, Enckelman’s legacy extends beyond that single incident

In that memorable encounter, a seemingly routine throw-in from a Birmingham City player somehow eluded Enckelman’s grasp and ended up in the back of the net, resulting in Aston Villa conceding an unexpected goal. This error became a defining moment in Enckelman’s career and unfortunately overshadowed his other contributions as a goalkeeper.

4. Stephen Bywater

Bywater is often recalled for his significant involvement during the regrettable 2007/2008 season at Derby County, which concluded with a disappointing tally of 20 goals scored and a staggering 89 goals conceded. His tenure at West Ham United, albeit brief, remains notable as well, characterized by his limited appearances in just six matches.

Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?
S. Bywater doesn’t have too much talent to be a goalkeeper

It’s suggested that his time on the pitch was curtailed due to perceived errors committed between the goalposts. Despite his talent and potential, Bywater’s career trajectory at both clubs was overshadowed by these instances of vulnerability, leaving a lasting impression on his professional journey.

5. Heurelho Gomes – The worst goalkeeper

However, despite his promising start, Gomes encountered challenges during his tenure with Tottenham Hotspur. While he demonstrated flashes of brilliance, his occasional mistakes proved costly. Contributing to a series of defeats for the team. Despite these setbacks. Gomes remained determined to overcome adversity and continue honing his skills.

Goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has a relatively low save percentage
Goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes has a relatively low save percentage

His fortunes took a turn for the better upon his transfer to Watford. In the Hornets’ colors, Gomes experienced a resurgence in form, showcasing consistent and commanding performances between the posts. His adept shot-stopping ability and leadership qualities played a crucial role in Watford’s defensive stability and overall success on the pitch.

6. Adam Bogdan – The worst goalkeeper

Adam Bogdan’s tenure at Liverpool was marred by struggles and setbacks, earning him a reputation as one of the club’s least effective goalkeepers. One particular incident that stands out is his admission of responsibility for Liverpool’s disappointing 0-3 defeat in their opening match against Watford. This match, which took place in the 2015-2016 Premier League season, saw Bogdan making critical errors that contributed to the team’s loss.

Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?
Expected, Bogdan only brought exasperation to the fans

Despite his challenging time at Liverpool, Bogdan has continued his career in football. Currently, he plies his trade as a goalkeeper for the Hungarian club Ferencváros. While his stint at Liverpool may have been characterized by difficulties, Bogdan remains determined to showcase his abilities and contribute positively to his current team.

7. Massimo Taibi

Massimo Taibi, an Italian goalkeeper, is widely known for his brief and tumultuous stint in the Premier League, which resulted in one of the most memorable gaffes in football history. Despite his talent and potential, Taibi’s time in the English top flight was marked by controversy and criticism.

Arriving at Manchester United in 1999, Taibi was initially seen as a promising signing
Arriving at Manchester United in 1999, Taibi was initially seen as a promising signing

However, his debut against Liverpool quickly turned disastrous. During the match against Chelsea, Taibi committed a high-profile error that allowed a seemingly routine shot from Tore André Flo to slip through his legs, resulting in a humiliating 5-0 defeat for Manchester United. This blunder not only cost his team the match but also tarnished Taibi’s reputation irreparably.

8. Roy Carroll – The worst goalkeeper

Roy Carroll’s journey through the Premier League was a rollercoaster ride, filled with highs and lows, triumphs and setbacks. Starting his career at Manchester United, one of the most prestigious clubs in English football, Carroll showcased immense potential as a goalkeeper. His time at United saw him win numerous trophies, including the Premier League title and the FA Cup.

R. Carroll played extremely badly in the Premier League
R. Carroll played extremely badly in the Premier League

However, despite his successes, Carroll faced stiff competition for the starting position, especially with the presence of legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. After leaving Manchester United in search of more regular playing time, Carroll embarked on stints at Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

9. Harald Schumacher – The worst goalkeeper

The unfortunate incident that tainted Harald Schumacher’s otherwise successful career occurred during the 1982 World Cup. In a semifinal match between West Germany and France, Schumacher infamously collided with French defender Patrick Battiston, leaving him unconscious and with a broken vertebra.

Who is the worst goalkeeper in history?
Schumacher’s name is associated with scandal

The incident unfolded when Battiston broke through the German defense and was in a clear scoring position. Schumacher, in an attempt to prevent the goal, rushed out of his goal and collided violently with Battiston, appearing to make no effort to play the ball.

10. Fraser Digby

Fraser Digby’s performance in the Premier League has often been criticized, with many considering him one of the weakest goalkeepers in the league’s history. During his time at Swindon Town, Digby faced numerous challenges, and his statistics paint a grim picture of his abilities between the goalposts.

F. Digby's tenure at Swindon was marked by several high-profile errors that cost his team dearly
F. Digby’s tenure at Swindon was marked by several high-profile errors that cost his team dearly

In his 240 appearances for Swindon, Digby’s performance was far from impressive, conceding an average of 2.3 goals per game. This high rate of goals against reflects his struggles to keep the opposition at bay and protect his team’s lead. Additionally, Digby’s inability to consistently keep clean sheets further underscored his deficiencies as a goalkeeper.


Mistakes in football are inevitable, especially when you’re a goalkeeper. You can make countless crucial saves, but just one error can subject you to endless criticism. For professional goalkeepers, they are all too familiar with this reality. The most worst goalkeeper mentioned above may not necessarily perform poorly, but they still fall short compared to their peers. Hence, this is the reason why the no 1 betting site in the world website included their names in today’s article.

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