Top 10 youngest player in Barcelona to admire

23/05/2024 Betting News

In the football community, the search and development of young talents is becoming a trend not only of big clubs but also of the whole sports-loving community. Every time a new young talent emerges, the attention of professionals and fans is always given special importance. In such stories, it is impossible not to mention Barcelona’s youngest player – a promising young talent and a hope for the future of this club. Let Win betting tips discover the top 10 youngest player in Barcelona through the article below!

Who is the youngest player in Barcelona?

1. Ilaix Moriba (18 years old)

Ilaix Moriba, who hails from Guinea but holds Spanish nationality, was close to leaving Barcelona in January 2019 when top clubs across Europe were trying to recruit him. However, he ultimately decided to stay and signed a new contract with the club. In January 2021, Moriba made his debut in the Copa del Rey, where he impressed with a crucial assist just weeks after his first appearance.

Ilaix Moriba - Youngest player in Barcelona
Ilaix Moriba – Youngest player in Barcelona

With these notable early achievements, Ilaix Moriba caught the attention of major clubs and eventually moved to RB Leipzig. Before joining Barcelona, Moriba had played for Valencia and Getafe. His move to RB Leipzig promised to open a new chapter in his career, providing him with opportunities to develop his talents in one of Germany’s top leagues.

2. Yusuf Demir (19 years old)

Yusuf Demir is a talented young Barcelona player, born on 2 June 2003 in Austria. He is known for his speed, technique and sharp attacking ability. Demir began his career at Rapid Vienna before moving to Barcelona in 2021.

Yusuf Demir stands out for his skillful ball control, possessing impressive individual technique and quick speed on the pitch. He is considered a versatile winger who can play on the left or right wing and is regularly involved in the team’s attacking activities.

Yusuf Demir - Youngest player in Barcelona
Yusuf Demir – Youngest player in Barcelona

At Barcelona, Demir played in the youth team and is stepping up to the first team under coach Xavi Hernandez. Demir’s presence in the first team helps bring creativity and breakthrough to the team’s attack.

With a bright future and development potential, Yusuf Demir is one of the young players expected to bring success to Barcelona in the following seasons. Demir’s combination of speed, technique and decisiveness will make an important contribution to the success of the Catalan team.

3. Mario Rosas (18 years old)

Mario Rosas, a notable figure in Barcelona’s history, made an impressive debut in 1998. In that match, Barcelona suffered a 4–2 defeat to UD Salamanca at the Camp Nou. Rosas was filled in in the starting line-up alongside stars such as Luis Figo and popular coach Louis van Gaal. This match took place on the last day of the La Liga season, when Barcelona had already won the championship. For Mario Rosas, this marked his La Liga debut for Barcelona, although he made only one appearance.

Mario Rosas - Youngest player in Barcelona
Mario Rosas – Youngest player in Barcelona

During his time at Barcelona, Rosas played a total of 5 matches for the club. Although Rosas’ time at Barcelona was short, his debut was a memorable event in his career, showcasing the pride of a player brought up from the club’s youth team to play in the first team.

4. Lluis Puyol (18 years old)

Lluis Puyol had an impressive debut for Barcelona in 1965 in a match against Real Santander, where Barcelona secured a 4-0 victory. In this match, Puyol scored two goals, marking a memorable start to his playing career with the club.

Following this successful debut, Lluis Puyol remained with Barcelona throughout his career, playing a total of 90 matches and scoring 24 goals. He made significant contributions to Barcelona’s success, helping the team win the Copa del Rey twice and the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup once.

Lluis Puyol - The youngest player in Barcelona
Lluis Puyol – The youngest player in Barcelona

Lluis Puyol’s career at Barcelona is an integral part of the club’s history, with notable contributions to winning important titles. With his talent and dedication, Puyol became an indispensable player in Barcelona’s lineup in the early 1960s and 1970s.

5. Angel Pedraza (18 years old)

Angel Pedraza made his debut for Barcelona in the UEFA Cup in 1980 against Malta’s Sliema Wanderers. Pedraza, a right-back, came on in the second half of the match as Barcelona secured a 2-0 victory. After this successful debut, Angel Pedraza continued to play for Barcelona, featuring in 75 matches for the first team. However, most of his career was spent at RCD Mallorca, where he made significant contributions.

Angel Pedraza - The youngest player in Barcelona
Angel Pedraza – The youngest player in Barcelona

At Mallorca, Angel Pedraza displayed excellent form and contributed to the club’s success. He played for Mallorca over several seasons, leaving a mark in the club’s history. Despite his short time at Barcelona, Angel Pedraza remains an important part of the club’s history and is remembered as a talented and versatile player on the field.

6. Alejandro Balde (18 years old)

Balde showcased exceptional speed from a young age, surpassing his peers significantly. His agility amazed teachers, who adjusted classroom activities to accommodate Balde’s athleticism. Not only was he outstanding at school, but Balde also excelled in races, consistently defeating opponents in top competitions across Spain during his school days.

Alejandro Balde - Youngest football player in Barcelona
Alejandro Balde – Youngest football player in Barcelona

Balde had an impressive debut in September 2021 when he played for Barcelona against Bayern Munich, despite the team’s overall 0-3 loss. His appearance left a lasting impression and garnered attention. Balde continued to feature regularly for the club as a left-back, demonstrating readiness and passion for football since his youth. His consistent presence in the club’s starting lineup highlighted progress and talent, showcasing his confidence and determination as a promising young talent.

7. Pedri (18 years old)

Pedri was predicted to become a standout midfielder for Barcelona. He signed with Las Palmas in 2019 but did not debut for the first team until September 2020, in a 4-0 win against Villarreal. Quickly adapting to the first team, Pedri became an indispensable part of the lineup. Despite being only 21 years old, he has made over 130 notable appearances for Barcelona.

Pedri - Youngest football player in Barcelona
Pedri – Youngest football player in Barcelona

Pedri’s outstanding qualities extend beyond personal skills and techniques to include exceptional intelligence and tactical understanding. He can play in various midfield positions, contributing to both defense and attack. This has earned him admiration from coaches and teammates, making him one of Spain’s most anticipated young talents. Pedri’s rapid growth at Barcelona is a clear testament to his immense potential and commitment to the club’s success in the coming years.

8. Adama Traore (18 years old)

Adama Traore’s development at Barcelona, despite initial doubts about his technical abilities, is a noteworthy story. He debuted in 2013 against Granada but left Barcelona just two years later in 2015. Traore’s undeniable speed and strength made him one of the fastest and strongest players on the field. However, his biggest weakness was inefficient attacking play.

Despite his significant potential, Traore has yet to meet high expectations. After leaving Barcelona, he played for Aston Villa, Wolves, and Middlesbrough before joining Fulham. Often criticized for not utilizing his speed and strength effectively to create more dangerous opportunities for teammates, Traore continues to seek stability and effectiveness in his career.

Adama Traore - Youngest player in FC Barcelona
Adama Traore – Youngest player in FC Barcelona

Adama Traore’s development serves as a reminder that success in professional football requires more than just technical skills and speed. To truly stand out, players need the ability to finish and produce results in every situation, something Traore is still striving to develop and refine in his career.

9. Marc Guiu (18 years old)

Marc Guiu is one of Barcelona’s promising young talents, making his debut in October 2023 in a 1-0 victory against Athletic Club. This match became special as Marc Guiu scored the decisive goal in the final minutes of the game.

Under the guidance of Coach Xavi, Marc Guiu has had regular playing opportunities during the 2023/24 season, featuring in 10 matches. Currently, he has scored one goal in La Liga and one goal in the Champions League, demonstrating significant progress on the field.

Marc Guiu - Youngest player in FC Barcelona
Marc Guiu – Youngest player in FC Barcelona

With consistent playing time and important goals, Marc Guiu is asserting his position in Barcelona’s lineup. His rapid development is a positive sign and showcases the potential of a young talent at the club. Marc Guiu’s confidence and skills could be crucial factors contributing to Barcelona’s success in the upcoming seasons.

10. Gerard Deulofeu (18 years old)

Thiago Alcântara was one of the most promising talents of the 2011/12 season, leaving his mark at Everton on loan before expectedly joining Barcelona’s first team in 2014, before returning. Thiago was a talented midfielder expected to become an essential part of Barcelona.

Thiago Alcântara’s debut came in 2011 against Mallorca, where Barcelona defeated the opponent 5-0. Despite playing only half an hour, he left a profound impression with his talent. Later, Thiago moved to Sevilla, Watford, AC Milan, and Udinese throughout his career. However, luck did not favor him as he suffered a severe knee injury threatening his career.

Gerard Deulofeu - Youngest player in FC Barcelona
Gerard Deulofeu – Youngest player in FC Barcelona

Thiago Alcântara is an example of hope and disappointment in the football world, as a promising talent faces challenges and injuries during career development. Nevertheless, he is still regarded as an outstanding and admired midfielder in football.


The arrival of the youngest player in Barcelona is a clear demonstration of the club’s seriousness in developing the future. The fans’ expectations for this young talent lie not only in his success on the pitch but also in the positive impact he can bring to club and international football. The continuous pursuit and nurturing of young talents is a way to keep football exciting and exciting.

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