Best sports betting Instagram accounts - Top 10 picks (2024)

27/03/2024 Betting News

Instagram has emerged as a go-to platform for accessing a plethora of information, catering to diverse interests and needs. This holds particularly true in the realm of sports, where enthusiasts flock to Instagram to stay updated on the latest developments, including sports betting insights. From renowned entities like ESPN and Bleacher Report to entertainment hubs like Barstool Sports, Instagram hosts a wide array of individual sports accounts. To streamline your experience, we at Wintips have curated a list of the top 10 best sports betting Instagram accounts worth following.

The best sports betting Instagram accounts
The best sports betting Instagram accounts

Best sports betting Instagram accounts – Top 10 for you

1. @ActionNetworkHQ

With a robust following of nearly 60,000, The Action Network stands out on Instagram as a go-to destination for sports betting and gambling aficionados. Through their Instagram platform, they deliver compelling content tailored to the interests of sports bettors, covering a wide range of topics such as odds, news, and data analysis.

What sets The Action Network apart is its commitment to providing valuable insights and information to its audience. Whether it’s breaking down the latest odds for upcoming games, offering analysis on key matchups, or sharing informative data-driven content, they cater to the diverse needs and preferences of sports betting enthusiasts.

The best sports betting Instagram accounts
IG is famous for online sports betting – @ActionNetworkHQ

Moreover, beyond their Instagram presence, The Action Network extends its reach through its dedicated app and website. These platforms serve as invaluable tools for bettors, allowing them to track their individual bets, access real-time data and statistics, and engage with other members of the sports betting community.

2. – Best sports betting Instagram accounts

We can’t exclude our Instagram account from the ranking! We may not have the best sports betting Instagram account, but if you’re our customer and subscribe to our picks then this is a great place to see a history of our selections and update your picks information daily.

Popular Sports Betting Account –
Popular Sports Betting Account –

As a member of, you will receive daily emails with the best sports options for that particular day. It’s a convenient and simple way to get the best winning sports picks delivered to your inbox every day. You can learn more on our website.

3. @BarstoolSportsbook – Best sports betting Instagram accounts

Launched under the renowned Barstool Sports brand, the Barstool Sportsbook Instagram account stands as the official representation of Barstool Sports Sportsbook. With an impressive following of nearly half a million users, it has quickly made its mark in the sports betting realm, especially with the introduction of its own sports betting app.

At the core of their Instagram presence lies a diverse array of content designed to cater to the interests of sports betting enthusiasts. From insightful betting trends and statistical analysis to lighthearted and humorous videos centered around sports betting, the Barstool Sportsbook Instagram account offers a multifaceted perspective on the world of sports gambling.

An IG account shares football tips every day - @BarstoolSportsbook
An IG account shares football tips every day – @BarstoolSportsbook

For those deeply passionate about sports betting, following the Barstool Sportsbook Instagram account is a must. With its engaging content and unique insights, it provides followers with a one-of-a-kind experience, keeping them informed and entertained every step of the way.

4. @BR_Betting

As a prominent media company covering a wide range of sports, Bleacher Report has solidified its position as a household name in the sports industry. In addition to their comprehensive sports coverage, they have also emerged as a standout in the realm of sports betting, boasting what we believe to be the top sports betting account on Instagram.

Long-time players will know the @BR_Betting account
Long-time players will know the @BR_Betting account

The BR_Betting account curated by Bleacher Report stands out for its dynamic and engaging content. From entertaining videos to humorous memes, they inject a sense of fun and excitement into the world of sports betting. Moreover, they offer a glimpse into the highs and lows of sports wagering through the showcasing of both remarkable wins and unfortunate losses captured on sports betting tickets.

5. @FDsportsbook – Best sports betting Instagram accounts

As part of the popular FanDuel fantasy sports family, the FanDuel Instagram account is exclusively for their FanDuel Sportsbook. Like Barstool Sportsbook’s Sportsbook, FanDuel also has its own sports betting app for bettors in multiple states that comply with various U.S. regulations.

Follow your @FDsportsbook account every day for sports betting tips
Follow your @FDsportsbook account every day for sports betting tips

The FanDuel Instagram account has a lot of great content for sports betting enthusiasts. They produce weekly videos explaining various betting tips and results. They also do not hesitate to post the winning tickets of customers. So you can even see how the customer actually won $10,000 from a $10 accumulator bet!

6. @BigRobStyle – Best sports betting Instagram accounts

“It’s not just gambling. It’s a lifestyle,” he said in USA Today columnist Rob Gorodetsky, who follows @BigRobStyle on Instagram. Gorodetsky is not an analysis junkie; He mostly bets on gut instincts. According to the same USA Today story, his betting tactics “look more like performance art than statistical analysis used by most savvy sports gamblers.”

The best sports betting Instagram accounts
An online IG sports account in the USA – @BigRobStyle

That’s part of the reason @BigRobStyle is such an interesting following. He has amassed 143,000 followers thanks to photos from the biggest sporting events…What a wonderful time the war of the century!! What a crazy draw!! Who do you think won the war? Join my games for the NFL and MLB now….

7. @barstoolbets

As soon as you visit @barstoolbets Instagram account, you will be able to tell that this is not a very serious offer: “The No. 1 rule of gambling, always bet to the end. Rule No. 2, if the mascot dies during the week of a big game, it will be an automatic life and death lock.”

The best sports betting Instagram accounts
Newcomers to sports betting should choose @barstoolbets

But that fits perfectly with the general characteristics of the Barstool company. Dave Portnoy’s Massachusetts-based sports website has thrived on its generic “ahh-go-f***-yourself” attitude toward everything but the Patriots. With 281,000 followers, people seem to enjoy watching Portnoy, Big Cat, Marty Mush, and the rest of Barstool Crew comically overreact to watching their picks (often lose) unfold in real-time.

8. @VIPSportsLV – Best sports betting Instagram accounts

If you find yourself put off by brash personalities and excessive self-assurance, then Steve Stevens’ Instagram account and @VIPSportsLasVegas podcast might not be your cup of tea. However, it seems that his style doesn’t deter many, given his substantial following of nearly 90,000 on Instagram. Stevens, who proudly identifies as a third-generation Las Vegas native, operates as both a sports betting consultant and, somewhat humorously, a volatile travel agent.

A variety of sports betting tips and tricks - @VIPSportsLV
A variety of sports betting tips and tricks – @VIPSportsLV

His content spans a variety of topics, from touring and critiquing different sportsbooks in Las Vegas to offering insights into top betting opportunities. While his approach may not be for everyone, Stevens has garnered a dedicated following who appreciate his unique blend of sports betting advice and Vegas-centric lifestyle content.

9. @KellyInVegas – Best sports betting Instagram accounts

With more than 30,900 followers, Kelly Stewart’s brand is still growing. With the way she’s combined Sin City’s glamorous sports betting lifestyle with an interesting Instagram account, it’s certain that this one will continue to trend.

The best sports betting Instagram accounts
Carefully invested sports IG account page – @KellyInVegas

Stewart first rose to fame after hitting a three-team NFL long-running game around 2013. As photos and videos of her began to circulate later, the public became particularly interested in this objectively attractive woman with keen sports betting abilities. Why? Let’s just say that “objectively attractive woman” isn’t the most common description of a successful sports bettor.

10. @lockitinonfs1

“Lock It In” stands as the pioneering cable show entirely devoted to sports betting, and it has ventured onto Instagram to showcase its picks and insights. Presently, it boasts a follower count of just 13,500, but as the show gains traction, this figure is bound to swell.

The best sports betting Instagram accounts
Experts are encouraged to follow @lockitinonfs1

The program showcases dynamic personalities such as Cousin Sal from The Ringer (who also hosts the podcast “Against All Odds”), alongside Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman from Fox Sports. Notably, Fuhrman’s involvement lends the account a solid foundation in terms of metrics and expertise, making it a noteworthy addition to this list.

How do I find gambling influencers?

Finding influential figures in gambling is crucial for promoting your brand on social media. Start by searching for relevant hashtags, such as #gambling on Instagram. Then, you can explore popular accounts by following brands in the sports segment that tend to collaborate with influencers — such brands often tag creators in their posts.

On our platform, we have Influence Analysis, a data-driven tool that can help you select suitable sports betting influencers for your brand campaign. Additionally, if you’re tight on budget, consider using our Pricing Tool to estimate rates for sponsored content, making it easier for you to plan your influencer campaigns.


Above is a list of the top 10 best sports betting Instagram accounts in 2024 for you. Rest assured and choose these IG sites because they are all highly appreciated and well scored by experts and long-time masters. There are many other IG accounts out there that do the same thing on the topic of sports betting. However, you need to consider carefully before following to avoid scams or being lured into poor quality bookmaker.

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