Top 10 best women's goalkeeper in the world

17/05/2024 Betting News

In football, the goalkeeper position always requires skill, a spirit of steel and relentless courage. Excellent goalkeepers are not only the defenders of the goal but also the heart of the team, where they create decisive moments and bring peace of mind to their teammates. In the history of women’s football, there are goalkeepers who have overcome all limits and left a deep mark. They are not only a symbol of solidity but also an inspiration to the younger generation of players. Here shared is the list of Top 10 Best Women’s Goalkeeper, who have contributed to making history and elevating women’s football around the world.

Who is the best female goalkeeper in the world

1. Adrianna Franch

Adrianna Franch is one of the standout signings for the Kansas City Current, a 31-year-old American goalkeeper with an impressive record in the NWSL. Franch has established herself as one of the league’s top goalkeepers, becoming the first player to win Goalkeeper of the Year honors twice in a row in 2017 and 2018. In regular seasons, she has made 65 saves, ranking third overall in the league.

Adrianna Franch - Best women's goalkeeper
Adrianna Franch – Best women’s goalkeeper

Notably, in the NWSL semifinal against OL Reign, Adrianna Franch made seven crucial saves, helping Kansas City Current defeat their opponents to clinch the NWSL Shield and advance to the NWSL Playoff final for the first time in the team’s history. This exceptional performance underscores Franch’s vital role in Kansas City Current’s success in important matches.

2. Kailen Sheridan

Kailen Sheridan, a 27-year-old goalkeeper from Canada, has stood out in her crucial role for the San Diego Wave, a newly joined team in the NWSL. The Wave became the first expansion team in NWSL history to reach the playoffs directly, largely thanks to Sheridan’s outstanding performances. In 2022, she conceded only 17 goals, the fewest among any goalkeeper in the league. With this impressive record, Sheridan was honored as the Goalkeeper of the Season, becoming the first Canadian to receive this major accolade in the NWSL.

Kailen Sheridan - Best women's goalkeeper
Kailen Sheridan – Best women’s goalkeeper

Beyond her club duties, Kailen Sheridan also assumed the position of the number one goalkeeper for the Canadian national team after Stephanie Labbé retired. She had an impressive showing at the 2022 CONCACAF Championship, earning the Golden Glove by conceding only one goal throughout the tournament. This demonstrates Sheridan’s stability and excellence not only at the club level but also on the international stage.

3. Manuela Zinsberger

Arsenal goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger has been one of the most notable players in development through each season. In the 2021-2022 season, she had an impressive performance that helped Arsenal secure a runner-up position in the Women’s Super League (WSL), just one point behind Chelsea. Zinsberger won the Golden Glove with 13 clean sheets throughout the season, the highest number achieved by any female goalkeeper in a WSL season.

Manuela Zinsberger - Best female goalkeeper
Manuela Zinsberger – Best female goalkeeper

Manuela Zinsberger has continued her excellent form in the 2022-2023 season. She and Arsenal set a new record for consecutive clean sheets in the WSL, currently at 10 matches. This is clear evidence of Zinsberger’s exceptional goalkeeping ability, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Manuela Zinsberger is not only one of the top goalkeepers in the Women’s Super League but also at the international level. Her stability and quality in the goalkeeper position have made her stand out in the world of women’s football.

4. Ann-Katrin Berger

Ann-Katrin Berger of Chelsea is one of the top goalkeepers in the Women’s Super League (WSL), notable for her impressive record of conceding the fewest goals while playing over 50% of the available minutes. In the 2021-2022 season, Berger conceded only 8 goals in 14 matches, playing a crucial role in helping Chelsea secure their third consecutive WSL title. Her outstanding shot-stopping ability contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Ann Katrin Berger - Best female goalkeeper
Ann Katrin Berger – Best female goalkeeper

Additionally, Ann-Katrin Berger was a key player for Chelsea in their FA Cup campaign the previous season, making decisive saves in both final matches. Berger has proven herself to be one of the world’s top goalkeepers with exceptional shot-stopping skills. This was further demonstrated when she was first called up to represent Germany at Euro 2022, a well-deserved recognition of her achievements and talent.

However, in August, Chelsea announced that Ann-Katrin Berger had a recurrence of thyroid cancer, a condition she had previously battled during her career. Fortunately, Berger received timely treatment and returned to the pitch at the end of September, showcasing her strength and resilience in facing challenges in both life and her career.

5. Mary Earps

Mary Earps has overcome many challenges to earn a place in the England national team. The 29-year-old goalkeeper for Manchester United made her debut under the guidance of the new national team coach, Sarina Wiegman, and hasn’t looked back since. Initially benefiting from Ellie Roebuck’s injury, Earps has proven herself worthy of this position. At Euro 2022, she played in all 6 matches, conceding only 2 goals throughout the tournament and was selected in the Tournament’s Best XI.

Mary Earps - Best female goalkeepers of all time
Mary Earps – Best female goalkeepers of all time

Mary Earps had a successful start to the new Women’s Super League (WSL) season, keeping clean sheets in the first 4 matches for Manchester United. Currently, she holds the all-time WSL record for the most clean sheets with 43 matches. This is an impressive achievement, demonstrating Earps’ stability and excellence in her role as Manchester United’s goalkeeper.

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6. Merle Frohms

The year 2022 was a memorable one for Merle Frohms, 27, as she finally showcased her talent on the biggest stage of women’s football. Previously, Frohms had played for prestigious clubs like Wolfsburg and Freiburg before joining Eintracht Frankfurt. Her impressive performance in the 2021-2022 season played a crucial role in helping Eintracht Frankfurt finish third in the Frauen-Bundesliga and qualify for the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Merle Frohms - Best female goalkeepers of all time
Merle Frohms – Best women’s goalkeeper

This season, Merle Frohms leads the league in clean sheets with 10 out of 22 matches played, highlighting her talent and consistency in the goalkeeper position. Not only successful at the club level, Frohms also shone in the colors of the German national team at Euro 2022. Regarded as Germany’s number one goalkeeper, she had an impressive showing, keeping clean sheets in 4 matches during the journey that led Germany to the tournament final. This outstanding performance surpasses rivals like Mary Earps of the England national team, underscoring Frohms’ important role and influence in the national team.

7. Pauline Peyraud-Magnin

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin is an experienced goalkeeper with a diverse career, having played for several top clubs across Europe. She has previously represented renowned clubs such as Lyon, Marseille, Arsenal, and Atletico Madrid before joining Juventus at the start of the previous season. At Juventus, Peyraud-Magnin shone brightly, playing a significant role in the team’s success.

Pauline Peyraud Magnin - Best women's goalkeeper in the world
Pauline Peyraud Magnin – Best women’s goalkeeper in the world

One of Pauline Peyraud-Magnin’s most notable achievements is her many clean sheets in the Champions League during her time at Juventus. In that season, despite various challenges, Juventus advanced to the knockout stage after defeating Chelsea. Particularly, Peyraud-Magnin’s outstanding performance in the match against Chelsea, where she helped the team to a goalless draw, was a decisive factor in Juventus’ success.

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin is a talented and experienced goalkeeper who has made significant contributions to the clubs she has played for. Her stability and superior skills are clearly demonstrated in crucial matches, especially in the Champions League. Moving to Juventus has provided her with new opportunities and challenges, and she has proven her value in the jersey of this club.

8. Almuth Schult

Almuth Schult parted ways with Wolfsburg after nine years to join Angel City, a newly established team in the United States, at the end of the previous season. In her final season at Wolfsburg, Schult had an outstanding campaign, considered one of the best seasons of her career. The German goalkeeper made 44 crucial saves, helping Wolfsburg reach the Champions League semi-finals, second only to Kaylan Marckese of HB Koge in terms of the number of saves.

Almuth Schult - Best women's goalkeeper in the world

Almuth Schult – Best women’s goalkeeper in the world

Not only successful at the club level, Schult has achieved important milestones in her international career. She won the Champions League with Wolfsburg in 2014 and the gold medal at the Olympics with the German national team in 2016, serving as the main goalkeeper. These achievements, along with four Frauen-Bundesliga titles with Wolfsburg, mark a splendid career for Schult.

Moving to Angel City opens a new chapter in Almuth Schult’s career, and she is expected to bring her stability and wealth of experience to the new team in the United States. Schult is one of the top goalkeepers in the world, and her impressive accomplishments are clear evidence of her excellence and remarkable career in professional football.

9. Christiane Endler

Christiane Endler, a goalkeeper from Chile, made an impressive start after moving from PSG to Lyon in the previous season. She topped the list of clean sheets in the league, helping Lyon clinch the French championship. With her exceptional abilities, Endler played a crucial role in Lyon’s journey to the Champions League final.

In the Champions League semi-final between Lyon and PSG, Christiane Endler made an outstanding save against a shot from PSG forward Marie-Antoinette Katoto. This crucial save helped Lyon secure a spot in the final. In the final match, Endler started and although not tested much, her two saves were crucial in Lyon’s clean sheet victory over Barcelona, leading to them winning the Champions League title.

Christiane Endler - World's best female goalkeeper
Christiane Endler – World’s best female goalkeeper

Christiane Endler is known as one of the top goalkeepers in women’s football worldwide, and her excellence at Lyon further solidifies her position in the professional football landscape. Moving to Lyon has brought success and new opportunities for Endler, and she is expected to continue shining in the upcoming seasons.

10. Ellie Roebuck

Ellie Roebuck is one of the standout young talents in women’s football in England, beginning her career at Manchester City in 2016 and quickly making an impact in the women’s game. Making her debut at age 17, Roebuck rapidly became one of the top goalkeepers in the Women’s Super League (WSL).

Through successful seasons with Manchester City, Ellie Roebuck has achieved many important titles, including one WSL championship, three FA Cups, and three League Cups. Her consistency and shot-stopping ability have helped Manchester City maintain their top position in women’s football in England.

Ellie Roebuck - World's best female goalkeeper
Ellie Roebuck – World’s best female goalkeeper

In the recent WSL season, Ellie Roebuck’s return after injury played a crucial role in Manchester City’s campaign. She significantly contributed to helping the team secure a third-place finish and a spot in the Champions League. Roebuck’s stability and outstanding performances have earned her trust and competitiveness in the national team.

Ellie Roebuck is a prime example of young success in the Women’s Super League and plays a crucial role in the development of women’s football globally. With immense potential and exceptional talent, Roebuck is asserting her place in English women’s football and will continue to shine as a star of women’s football in the future.


The above best women’s goalkeeper are not only solid walls in front of the wooden frame but also symbols of perseverance, fighting spirit and strong passion for football. They have overcome all difficulties and challenges to assert their talent and importance in the king sport. Thanks to them, women’s football is growing and receiving more attention from the sports-loving community around the world. Their achievements will forever be an inspiration for generations of young players to continue their path to glory.

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