Betting american football odds and playing tips for beginners

03/08/2023 Betting News

American football is known as a team sport that involves two teams playing with an oval-shaped ball on a grass field. It is also a popular sport played extensively in schools in European countries and especially renowned in the United States. American football has brought a new genre of sports betting for enthusiasts. Similar to playing soccer and some other sports like volleyball, basketball… So, what is betting american football like, and what are some exciting betting options? Let’s Wintips find out in the following discussion.

American football betting is of interest to many
American football betting is of interest to many

What is betting american football? 

True to its name, American football betting is simply understood as betting related to the sport of American football. Initially, this type of betting was only prevalent in countries where this sport is popular, such as Canada, the United States,…

In reality, American football betting has now emerged in many countries and regions, including Vietnam. Currently, betting sites also favor the development of American football betting, similar to volleyball or soccer betting.

Thanks to this, bettors have more options and can experience new and exciting betting challenges in American football, making the whole experience more interesting and enjoyable.

American Football Betting Rules and Laws

To win rewards in American football betting, the first thing you need to know is the rules and rules of American football betting.

Rules when betting on American football

  • Matches that are canceled or postponed will result in all bets on that match being voided.
  • Depending on the bookmaker’s rules, consideration may be given to whether to include extra time in the bets for the match.
  • All bets will apply if the match is played for at least 55 minutes. If the match is played for at least 55 minutes, all bets will stand unless otherwise specified.
  • In the event of a change in the venue of the match, all bets on the home team will remain valid. If the home team and the away team switch positions, the initial bets will be voided.
American Football Betting Rules
American Football Betting Rules

American Football Betting Laws

Here are some regulations regarding American football betting that players need to keep in mind when placing bets at bookmakers. Specifically as follows:

  • If there is any change in the venue of the match, all bets will be voided.
  • The final result of live matches will be settled after 80 minutes of play.
  • If the venue of the match is changed but remains within the country’s jurisdiction, the bets will still be valid.
  • The result at the end of the first half will be counted for those who bet on the first half.
  • The result of the second half will be counted, including the time of the second half, injury time, and extra time for those who bet on the second half.
  • Bets on the first half will be voided if there is a disruption during the first half.
  • If there is a disruption during the second half, injury time, or extra time, bets on the first half will still be counted, but bets on the second half will be voided.

Basic American Football Betting Odds

Currently, there are many types of American football betting bets that you can choose from, including the following ones.

Full match handicap (HDP handicap)

With this type of handicap, the team identified as the upper handicap will be denoted by the letter H as the lower team handicap with a certain ratio. The player will proceed to make a decision whether to choose the handicap team or the handicap team, then wait for the result and calculate the winnings and losses.

Under all game (O/U)

The Under for the whole match is simply understood as the player will rely on the Over-Under odds that the house gives to bet on the total score of the 2 teams fighting. You should select On if you predict the total number of points scored is greater than the Under odds and vice versa, select Under if the prediction of the total number of points scored is less than the Under odds. In particular, you should rely on match-related analytics to make accurate predictions.

Popular bets in American football betting
Popular bets in American football betting

Secrets of playing American football betting effectively

American football betting is still relatively new in the Vietnamese market, so you are more likely to lose bets. To win, you need to practice and learn from those who have experience. Here are some helpful tips for you during the process of betting on American football.

Know the rules of the game

Knowing the rules of rugby is a prerequisite for successful rugby betting. Moreover, rugby is a game with many rules and confusing. Therefore, you should read and study these rules to be able to bet effectively, avoiding the risk of errors and violations in the betting process leading to lost money.

Find out information about teams

Knowing the teams will help you predict which team has a chance to win. Bookmakers often have statistics on the results of matches. You can rely on this to see which team is dominant and has more goals. From there, it helps you get accurate results of the match.

Effective financial management

If you want to participate in long-term betting, win many games and are in the process of learning and learning, then you need to know how to manage your finances. Don’t be in a hurry and put all your bets on one game. You should place small bets so that you can bet in many games and participate in learning more experience.

Psychological stability

When playing rugby betting, to make accurate judgments and judgments you need to be calm and focused. If the psyche is unstable, it is easy to be affected by emotions that affect the decision to bet. This is not beneficial for you, especially if you want to eat a lot of money with this game, so always keep a calm and focused position. In addition, always keep the spirit of betting for fun, do not put too much emphasis on winning and losing.

Frequently Asked Questions About betting american football

Over time, many questions related to betting on American football have been raised by Vietnamese bettors on forums, such as:

entertainment when betting on American football
entertainment when betting on American football

Do I need to create an account for online American football betting?

Yes, you are required to create an account in order to bet on American football, as it is done through online bookmakers.

Can I bet on American football if I know nothing about it?

If you know nothing about American football, it’s not recommended to bet hastily. Instead, players should take the time to learn about the rules and gameplay of this sport before getting into betting.

How long does an American football match last?

An American football match typically lasts for 80 minutes, including two halves, not counting any possible overtime.

So, now you have discovered everything from A to Z about American football betting. Though relatively new, this sport is gaining popularity among Vietnamese bettors.


Hope that the sharing about betting american football here has helped you gain a better understanding of this exciting sports betting discipline. Remember, whether you’re betting on American football or any other sports, always exercise caution and thorough analysis to avoid losses. Wishing you success!

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