How to bet boxing? Betting Guide For Beginners

06/01/2024 Betting News

Boxing is one of the most powerful and highly confrontational sports, where boxing matches always evoke excitement and suspense simultaneously. Boxing betting is now chosen by many sports enthusiasts as a way to entertain themselves and have fun while also making money. Let’s join to objectively review these types of betting and learn how to bet boxing in the following article.

Betting options that players need to know in boxing betting
Betting options that players need to know in boxing betting

Odds options in boxing betting

Boxing betting is not limited to just picking the ultimate winner; it also extends to more complex bet types such as:

  • Full Match Bet: This is a basic and familiar type of bet for players. You simply need to predict who will be the ultimate winner. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a payout based on the odds set by the bookmaker.
  • Handicap Bet: This type of bet is commonly used in boxing matches. In handicap betting, a higher-rated boxer will have to accept a certain advantage over the other boxer. This advantage is determined by the bookmaker based on their assessment.
  • Score Bet: This bet predicts the detailed outcome of the match, including the score and the time it will end. You can place bets based on predictions about the score or the time the match will finish.
  • Single Bet: You only need to predict a specific event, such as who will score the first point or who will win the match.
  • Parlay Bet: Parlay betting allows you to place bets on multiple different events at the same time. If all your predictions are correct, you win the bet.

A guide on how to bet boxing matches

1. Pick A Betting Site

Sportsbooks are the online betting sites you visit so that you can wager on boxing. All of Odds Shark’s boxing gambling sites are safe, secure, trustworthy and meet all of our criteria. There are boatloads of places to bet on boxing online. Weave through our boxing sites page, and select the sportsbook that suits your preferences.

How to bet on boxing fights
How to bet on boxing fights

2. Sign Up

Signing up is a cinch. Put in your name, email, deposit information, and birthdate. A confirmation email or link will be sent to you. Once the sign up process is completed, you’ll then be able to make your first boxing wager.

3. Make A Deposit

First, you have to decide on a deposit method. The majority of online betting sites accept credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and debit. Many online sports betting sites will allow you to make deposits by taking cryptocurrency. More and more online gambling sites are also taking Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

4. Place Bet

Pick the fight, your boxer, your bet type, enter in your dollar amount, and submit your boxing ticket.

Bam! Now you’re ready to bet on boxing like Butterbean biting into a burger at his Mr. Bean’s Barbeque Restaurant!

Experience Easy-to-win Boxing Betting

  • Understanding the rules: Understanding the boxing rules and scoring system will help you quickly grasp the betting options offered by the bookmakers, making it easier to choose the most favorable bets. Many beginners often bet based on their instincts without taking the time to learn about the boxing rules, leading to careless betting and disappointing results.
  • Know the schedule: Being aware of the match schedule is also crucial. You wouldn’t want to miss out on pre-match bets just because you forgot about the fighters’ schedule.
  • Have knowledge about your chosen fighters: Knowing your fighters well is essential. Understanding their strengths, techniques, and skills will give you more confidence in making informed decisions.
  • Choose a reputable bookmaker: You can choose BK8 as your bookmaker to create an account and place bets. This platform has been operating for a long time, is trusted by many users, and holds a valid license. A secure and trustworthy bookmaker should be your top choice.
  • Consider your budget: With attractive betting odds, it’s easy to get carried away by greed and end up in trouble. Considering your budget in relation to the set betting odds will help you manage your finances effectively. Patience is key when betting, so remember to be patient.
Experience playing how to bet on boxing
Experience playing how to bet on boxing

FAQ: How to bet on boxing fights

Where can I bet on boxing?

You can bet on boxing anywhere where sports betting is legal and regulated. Make sure you’re going with a reputable sportsbook that’s licensed and regulated by a local gaming authority: you can check this by looking for the control board or commission’s seal at the bottom of the page or the app footer. You can also just use one of the preferred sportsbooks that we’ve mentioned above.

Is betting on boxing legal?

Yes, provided you’re only making real-money wagers from a state where sports betting is legal and regulated. Check your sportsbook and refer to the above list. Just because a sportsbook is legal in your state doesn’t mean they offer bets on boxing, so it’s always a good idea to take a look at a given sportsbook’s website before committing to an account.

How can i make the most out of my bankroll?

The best way to extend your bankroll is to bet smart. We always recommend that bettors stick to a Fractional Kelly betting method, wherein you only wager a maximum percentage of your bankroll, no matter what your expectations.

Understandinghow to bet boxing Make It Easier for Players to Win
Understandinghow to bet boxing Make It Easier for Players to Win

Another good way to make the most out of your betting cash is to look for available promotions and boosted bets. If you choose to place a bet under one of these promotions, you’ll often be party to better payouts than if you hadn’t chosen a promoted bet. You’ll often find event-specific promotions when a big fight is coming up, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

Are there bonuses available for betting on boxing?

Sometimes, yes. Often, if there’s a very popular upcoming fight or event, sportsbooks will want to take advantage of some of that heat. The way they’ll do this is by offering boosted odds or other bonuses on payouts if you bet on a specific match or competitor. Look at the promotions page for your preferred sportsbook for more information on boosted bets, extra betting cash, and more boxing-specific promos.


With any bet, including how to bet boxing, it’s important to set your limits, know who you’re betting on, and make sure to get the best value through finding news, good prices, or by taking advantage of enhanced bets. Good luck, champion!

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