Causes and how to fix a locked football betting account

19/05/2023 Sports betting

Locked football betting accounts are one of the most common cases for players at online bookmakers. This greatly affects the betting needs as well as the psychology of players. Therefore, here are win betting tips will share about the cause and fix the football betting account locked quickly and effectively that you can apply today to get your own betting account back.

Causes and how to fix a locked football betting account
Causes and how to fix a locked football betting account

The main reason football betting accounts are locked

If one day, you log in to your betting account and see a locked notification, this will surely make you very nervous. In this case, there are many different causes, which can be subjective or objective factors from yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the following common reasons to find out why football betting accounts are locked if unfortunately encountered.

Players participating in fraudulent betting

First, if you cheat, you will definitely be permanently blocked by the bookmaker and of course you cannot complain. Usually some cheaters often use hacking software or automated tools. To combat these software, reputable bookmakers have designed extremely high security systems to detect and handle.

None of us can accept the cheating game to win when many other brothers have to put in so much effort to achieve that victory. The consequences of cheating are huge, it causes an imbalance between players and very negatively affects the reputation and operation of the bookmaker. Therefore, as soon as you are found to have committed fraud, your account will be deleted forever.

Deliberately profiting from the bookmaker’s promotion

Profiting from the bookmaker’s promotion chapter means that players find ways to enjoy that promotion the most. Meanwhile, according to the rules, each person can only participate in 1 promotion.

It could be fraud by circumventing the law or creating multiple virtual accounts to siphon off promotions. These are profiteering behaviors that are always warned by the bookmaker in advance for players to pay attention.

Players found to be creating multiple betting accounts

Each player will only be able to create a betting account at the bookmaker. However, if a player suddenly sets up too many accounts at the same time, there is definitely a conspiracy that is not as good as preparing to cheat.

Therefore, online bookmakers will always check, if detected, you may be locked out of new accounts and even the main account used on the same device is at risk of evaporation.

To ensure the safety of healthy betting, we recommend that you only register a fixed playing account for the easiest to control as well as avoid unwanted circumstances.

Banking and betting account information do not overlap

A very common cause is that the bank account does not match the information with the registered betting account. Therefore, please note that when filling in the account registration information, it must be exactly as in the personal documents. At this point, your bank cardholder information can match each other.

In this case, the bookmaker locks your betting account to protect when a stranger is logged into the account and intends to withdraw money.

The main reason football betting accounts are locked
The main reason football betting accounts are locked

Logging in wrong information too many times

To protect player accounts in case of strangers logging in. All reputable bookmakers stipulate the maximum number of false login attempts. If you log in incorrectly more than the limited number of times, your account will be temporarily locked.

If you are the wrong login, rest assured, just contact the bookmaker’s support and they will guide you on how to reopen your account quickly.

The account is noticed by the bookmaker or is pending review

If you see a notice pending, it is the case that the bookmaker is suspecting that the account has signs of fraud or other betting rules. If your account has no problems, the dealer will unlock it and you will be able to play normally again. The bad situation is that if a violation of the prohibition is detected, it will be permanently locked or locked for a specific time.

Account closure due to encountering a fraudulent bookmaker

It can be seen that this cause is the most common, because you do not have the experience and preparation to choose to win the scam house to play.

Scammers will always look and take every opportunity to lock your account when they see that the amount of money in the account is already large. So choosing a reputable bookmaker is very necessary and is the beginning of your victories later.

How to fix the most standard locked football betting account

If you can’t log into your betting account, it’s a sign that it’s locked. Now you need to complain to the dealer you are playing with. In detail, you can apply 1 of the following 2 ways to contact the bookmaker to fix it.

Contact a team of customer care consultants

You can chat directly at the homepage interface of that bookmaker’s website to contact customer service, they will answer all questions. This way is usually quick and easy to get the answer that is the reputable bookmaker.

How to fix the most standard locked football betting account
How to fix the most standard locked football betting account

The bookmaker’s consultants will wholeheartedly show you how to reopen your account. At the same time, I also tell you why I’m locked in to pay more attention.

If you don’t like texting or see text replies for a long time, you can call the phone number. This is the fastest way, you will immediately be answered and can reopen your account in a short time. This is because the team of consultants is available 24/7 to advise their clients anytime, anywhere.

Contact the bookmaker via Email

When players register an account at the bookmaker, there will be an email subscription. Through this email address, you can send a message requesting to open an account for the bookmaker. After about 2 to 3 working days, you will receive a response and restore your normal account.

In case, the account is locked for the reason that the player violated the bans at the bookmaker, the recovery process will take longer or cannot be restored. At the same time, if restored, you need to modify according to the requirements of the bookmaker to avoid being locked again.

If after sending the email, you still have not received a response, you can use the above method to immediately contact customer service to be processed.


Through this article, we see that there are many different reasons why football betting accounts are locked that many of you must understand until now. With the information that we have provided, hopefully, you can know and prevent these mistakes when participating in betting. It’s important to stay informed and updated on the rules, regulations, and potential pitfalls of football betting. To further increase your chances of success and avoid account lockouts, consider utilizing daily football tips. These tips provide you with valuable insights, predictions, and strategies on a daily basis, helping you make more informed decisions and maximizing your winning potential. Good luck!

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