What is a hoax football betting? 3 popular types of hoax betting in football betting ...

19/05/2023 Sports betting

Hoax football betting is a very popular form of betting in recent years. Football bettors are mostly famous players and bettors. They use this form to bet on matches with high win rates, attractive bonuses. If you haven’t heard of hoax football betting, you’re 100% new. So, what is hoax football betting? What are the 3 common types of hoaxes in football betting that you should know? Let’s find out right here with win betting tips.

What is hoax football betting?

Hoax football betting is a form of betting that combines the sophistication and experience of the player. To bet football successfully, you need to have your own rules. Based on the specific circumstances, tricky football tips vip will work to bring you victory.

What is a hoax football betting?
What is a hoax football betting?

Football betting is a super-profitable entertainment and earning game that has a very high level of chance. The form of football betting was born to help players win more easily in matches. If applied in accordance with the principles and formulas given, the player’s odds win rate is always approximately 85%. An unbelievable number and of course, the time invested in betting on hoax football will be more than normal ways of playing.

3 common types of hoaxes in online football betting

Roughly understood, hoaxes are types of bets based on the player’s judgment and ability to apply. It requires very high accuracy. Players cannot rely on emotion or majority to judge. The 3 most common types of hoax trusses today include:

1. Handicap 1.25 (1 1/4)

The upper bet has a meal money ranging from 88 to 100, the lower bet has a > 86.

Over/Under 2 1/4 has Over doors from 88 -100 and Under > 86.

Players will choose to hit the Under and Under doors. Normally, the Under door will win all and the lower door will lose 1 to 2 matches. Therefore, it is recommended to choose to hit Under.

2. Handicap 1.5 (1 1/2)

The upper door change has food in the range of 88 – 100, the lower bet > 86.

Over/Under 2 1/2 has Over door money from 88 -100, Under door > 86.

Most players choose to hit Under and hit the door below. Under almost win full, the bottom door will lose 1 to 2 matches. With this bet, it is still advisable to choose to hit Under.

3 common types of hoaxes in online football betting
3 common types of hoaxes in online football betting

3. Handicap 1.75 (1 3/4)

The upper bet has a meal money ranging from 88 to 100, the lower bet has a > 86.

The Over/Under 2 3/4 has an Over door 89, an Under > 86.

A 1.75 will usually hit the Under and the underdogs. The lower door has 1 to 2 losses, the Under hand wins the whole. Of course, still choose Under instead of Over.

The experience of betting on hoax football always wins

1. Invest in football tips and professional betting software

Most hoax football bettors invest in football tips at reputable websites. At the same time, they use professional football betting software. From these 2 factors, betting on hoax football and winning will become simpler than the traditional way of playing.

4 reliable football tips websites:

  • Soccertips.net: This is the website that compiles the most quality football tips today. With a relatively cheap price, players can completely invest.
  • Winmatchday.com: Webiste for longtime football punters. 1 tip here costs up to 33 Eur.
  • Totalmatchvip.com: Website is almost the same as Winmatchday.com, the price is similar. However, the drawback is that there is no diversity in the types of bets and football tips.
  • Vip-picks.com: Famous trading and tips website in Asia. The price to pay for 100 tips is about 59 Euros.

6 most prestigious football betting software:

  • Iwin Betting Software: The best betting software among online football bookmakers.
  • Buon Com Grass betting software: A ball betting software that is used automatically. Buon Com Bào Co is currently available at 2 bookmakers: casino889, ibet888.
  • Crosswin Football Software: Software used for online betting purposes according to a pre-planned plan. In addition, Crosswin automatically determines the team name, customizes the betting plan, and calculates the highest possible probability of betting.
  • Wintowin reputable software: Designed to serve the trade and exchange of com.
  • Running Win polishing software: The best com trading software on the market today.
  • Superbet pro football betting software: Professional football betting software, can choose bets, choose prizes, choose odds (odds) as required. Superbet pro is currently available at 2 bookmakers, Sbobet and Ibet.
The experience of betting on hoax football always wins
The experience of betting on hoax football always wins

2. Choose to play at a reputable bookmaker

Football betting is in fact using experience and own know-how to conquer the house. However, this method is only successful when you play at a reputable bookmaker. This is where the most stable, realistic and accurate odds are provided. This gives players peace of mind in making their own predictions.

3. Always monitor volatility

No matter how reputable online bookmakers are, they will work for their own benefit. In some cases, the house may change the ratio from losing to winning. This will greatly affect the judgment and results of winning and losing of players. Therefore, you should regularly update information to prevent “flipping” from the bookmaker.


Through the above article, hopefully you have grasped the concept of what is a hoax football betting? as well as the 3 most common types of hoaxes. In general, hoax football betting still needs more time to reach and disseminate to players. If you have the opportunity to try it yourself, try it a few times. Make sure you find it incredibly interesting and engaging. Good luck.

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