Summary of the best Corner Betting Strategies today

Corner betting is a very interesting form of betting for football bettors. In fact, this is just a kind of side bet and does not get too much attention at first. However, over time online bookmakers have become more interested in corner bets. They offer interesting, fascinating corner odds. That stimulates players to focus more on this type of bet. So how to play corner bets? What is Corner Betting Strategies like? Let’s find out more with the admin through the analysis below.

Overview of Corner Betting Strategies
Overview of Corner Betting Strategies

What are corners in football?

Corners are a common situation during a football match and are considered a form of restarting the game at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal boundary lines. Corners were first introduced in 1867 in Sheffield (England) and officially adopted by the English Football Association in 1872. To be able to identify ball situations, in a football match it is necessary to have referees, taking on different positions, roles and tasks. In particular, the boundary referee is the one who will directly catch errors leading to a corner kick situation.

When does a corner kick situation occur?

A corner kick will occur when the following conditions are met:

  • The ball has gone beyond the defending team’s horizontal line (either ground or air), except in the goal area.
  • The last toucher is the player of the defensive team (including the goalkeeper).

At this point, the boundary referee will use the flag pointing to the corner kick on his side of the field to announce the penalty situation. However, the part of the field where the free kick was taken was determined only when the referee pointed to the relevant corner kick.

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Corner kick rule

The world football federation FIFA has introduced the rules of corner kicks in football, which are applied in all official matches as follows:

  • The ball is placed in the free kick arc at the point closest to the corner flagpole.
  • When taking a free kick, do not move the corner flagpole.
  • An attacking team player is a person who takes a corner kick, including the goalkeeper.
  • The defending team player must stand at least 9.15 yards from the ball until the ball enters.
  • As soon as the ball is kicked away, it will be counted as entered.
The rules of corner betting are simple
The rules of corner betting are simple

A corner kicker may not touch the ball a second time after kicking away if the ball has not touched another player. Players can win easily through learning about the football match, the participating teams, the performance of the players… Corner kicks are the form of betting that brings luck and high winning rates to many football bettors today.

What is corner betting? Why Corner Betting


Corner betting is one of the most popular types of online football betting on the market today. For this type of bet, players will not need to care about which team will win or the total number of goals of the game, but only the number of corners.

You may also be interested in other factors related to corner bets such as: First Corner Kick Team, Last Corner Kick Team… Depending on the nature of each match, each league and the characteristics of the teams, the bookmaker will offer the corresponding corner betting rate. Corner betting odds between bookmakers can vary.

Reasons to bet corners

Why should you opt for corner bets rather than focusing solely on Goals in a football match? While we don’t dismiss goal-based bets, corner markets often offer greater stability. In various leagues and games, corner counts tend to be consistently good, often reaching double figures of 12 – 15 or occasionally even as high as 20. Considering that many bookmakers set their corner lines around the 10 mark, with corner betting odds typically close to even, there’s substantial value to explore.

By identifying leagues and teams known for producing frequent corners, you gain a significant edge when challenging the bookmakers. Another factor to consider is seeking value in less mainstream leagues. Bookmakers usually dedicate less effort to pricing up corner lines in these leagues compared to the major European ones. Frequently, they use a general corner figure for entire leagues rather than assessing individual team capabilities and adjusting prices accordingly. This is an area where you can capitalize on the situation.

2 Best Corner Betting Strategy for you

1/ Pre-match corner bet

The pre-match corner betting strategy entails examining various indicators before a football match to gauge the average corners that might occur. This approach involves assessing factors like goalkeepers, central defenders, shots per game, weather conditions, injuries/suspensions, and shots per game. When evaluating goalkeepers and central defenders, understanding their capabilities in preventing successful corner kicks is crucial.

Pre-match corner betting is of interest to many people
Pre-match corner betting is of interest to many people

Analyzing shots per game entails studying corner betting statistics for both teams. This data can often be found on websites that offer team statistics for top leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League. Bookmakers frequently consider shots per game when setting odds. Taking into account the injury and suspension list is essential, as it impacts the likelihood of successful corners.

For instance, the absence of players like James Ward-Prowse from Southampton could decrease the team’s chances of achieving a favorable corner outcome. This is particularly true since James Ward-Prowse is known as one of the Premier League’s top corner takers. It’s worth noting that if a team also has a high number of crosses per game or an above-average number of corners per game according to their statistics, it could indicate a higher potential for corner occurrences in the match.

2/ In-match corner bets 

The in-play corner betting strategy contrasts significantly with pre-match wagering. It revolves around placing live bets on a team during the ninety-minute game. Only a small portion of your bankroll is necessary for corner bets. A notable example of an in-play corner betting strategy is the ‘Asian over 1 corner,’ applicable after 85 minutes of play. Bookmakers with swift payouts often double the previously set line after the first half, particularly when the game has seen numerous corners. 

3/ Some other corner betting tactics

  • Betting on a corner will be available in both 0-15 and 16-30 minute periods.
  • Never bet on no corner.
  • Never bet on an even/odd total angle.
  • If it rains, expect more corners.
  • Look for leagues where stronger and weaker teams are playing against each other.
  • Betting on the total angle will be Over rather than Under, the odds are given by the bookmakers.
  • If the game is 0 – 0 or 1 – 1 in the first half, bet with a corner.
  • If the stronger team loses in the 1st half then the stronger team will have more corners than the weaker team in the 2nd half.
  • Bet on stronger teams to win track betting races and bet from low to higher.
The strategy of looking at corners is very diverse
The strategy of looking at corners is very diverse

You need to understand that, when participating in corner kicks, many players will try to find ways to bet that are easy to win. Therefore, our sharing below will help you up to a 70% chance of winning. The remaining 30% will depend on the luck of each person.

FAQ so Corner Betting Strategies

How to Place Corner Bets?

When engaging in corner betting, you select the option that aligns with your prediction. Choices include half-time corners, handicaps, or the totals market. Some bookmakers offer over/under alternatives within this market. After choosing the game and your desired betting option, you specify your bet amount and place it. Corner bets can be incorporated into pre-match and live gaming, as well as multi-bets and accumulator bets through your chosen bookmakers.

Predicting Corner Bets?

While pinpointing the exact number of corners in a specific game might prove challenging, you can estimate corner count based on past statistics and team form. Teams that consistently receive numerous corners in recent matches are likely to maintain that trend in subsequent games. Additionally, teams under performance pressure are more prone to having intense corner scenarios compared to those participating in lower-stakes matches within the league.

Understanding Even/Odd Corners?

The even/odd corner betting market involves predicting whether the total number of corners in a match will be an even or odd number. This approach eliminates the need to pinpoint the exact corner count, offering a 50% likelihood of making the correct prediction. This percentage often surpasses that of most markets in football betting. Furthermore, the odds for either side of this market are typically closely balanced.

Total Corner Bets?

Total corner bets revolve around predicting the total number of corners awarded in a match. Some bookmakers allow you to incorporate a threshold, similar to the over/under market, to mitigate risk when predicting an exact number.

Corner betting strategies need to be honed
Corner betting strategies need to be honed

Winning occurs when the bet aligns with the threshold or accurately predicts the corner count. Common thresholds range from 4 to 10, offering various options for prediction. To understand more about this, visit football forums. The long-time masters here will give you a lot of useful advice.

Average Corner Kick Amount in a Match?

The average number of corner kicks in a game varies depending on the league. Prominent leagues usually see around four to eight corner kicks, whereas women’s and youth leagues often exceed eight. During your analysis, it’s beneficial to assess the league’s average and the corner performance of each team in the match, providing a comprehensive overview of potential corner numbers.


So we have shared with you the best “Corner Betting Strategies” from masters. For football bettors, we should not ignore this exciting form of betting. In addition, do not forget that we must choose a reputable bookmaker to bet, avoiding the case of falling into the scam trap. With today’s popular form of corner betting, there will be a lot of beneficial bookmakers with malicious intent. Visit Wintips every day to update more new and accurate bet football tips, wish you success with these Corner Betting Strategies.

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