Cricket Spread Betting - Information and strategy to play for newbies

Cricket is a familiar sport for the majority of online betting enthusiasts. Not only football and basketball, but cricket is also beloved and wagered upon with equal enthusiasm. In fact, the reality shows that cricket betting attracts a significant number of participants. However, you might have only engaged in betting at simpler levels and formats. In previous articles, we have mentioned the “Spread Betting” format. This is a unique, novel, and somewhat selective type of betting. In today’s content, let’s join Wintips to explore Cricket Spread Betting. We believe that the provided information will further enhance your fondness for cricket.

An Overview of Cricket Spread Betting You Didn't Know
An Overview of Cricket Spread Betting You Didn’t Know

About Cricket 


Cricket is a sport that employs bats to hit the ball and is quite popular in certain countries within the Commonwealth, particularly in the United Kingdom. Depending on the region, this sport is known by various names such as:

  • Bat and Ball.
  • Stick Ball.
  • Wall Ball.
  • Wood Ball.

In Cricket, each team consists of 11 players. The game is played on a circular grass field. The objective of a Cricket match is for two teams to take turns, with one team having the role of bowling and the other team actively batting. After all members of the batting team are out, they switch roles and become the bowling team, while the opposing team takes their turn to bat.

Game rules 

At the match’s outset, one team selects two players to wield bats and stand at opposite ends of a flat area called the “pitch.” At each end, there’s a “wicket”, comprising three stumps sunk in the ground with two wooden pieces on top. The opposing team picks a “bowler” to deliver the ball, and other members act as “fielders”. The bowler aims to make the ball bounce and break the stumps of the wicket at the other end.

For the opponent’s batsmen, their goal is to defend their wicket and hit the ball away. When they hit, they run back and forth between ends, earning “runs”. The opponents retrieve the ball, and the batsmen continue hitting and running until dismissed by the bowling team.

How to calculate points?

  • Points will be calculated in the case of running from 1 side of the field bridge to the three pillars on the other side.
  • The ball bounced outside the boundary of the field.
  • Hit the ball without contact with the ground, fly outside the boundary (even fly into the stands).

What is a point spread bet?

A point spread bet is a common wager in sports betting, especially when there’s a perceived skill gap between teams. The point spread levels the field by giving the underdog a handicap. The favored team is the “favorite”, and the underdog is the “underdog”. The spread predicts the winning margin for the favorite or the expected loss for the underdog. It’s a number, and bettors can bet on either team to “cover the spread”.

Cricket Spread Betting is a favorite among bettors
Cricket Spread Betting is a favorite among bettors

Here’s how a point spread bet works:

  • If you bet on the favorite, they must win by a margin greater than the point spread for your bet to be successful. This is referred to as covering the spread.
  • If they win by exactly the spread amount, it’s called a push, and your wager is usually refunded.
  • If you bet on the underdog, they can win the game outright or lose by a margin smaller than the point spread for your bet to win. Even if the underdog loses by the exact spread, you would still win the bet.

Cricket Spread Betting Overview

What is Cricket Spread Betting?

Cricket Spread Betting is a type of betting where you predict the outcome of various aspects of a cricket match. Instead of traditional bets like win/lose, spread betting focuses on the accuracy of your prediction relative to a predetermined spread set by the bookmaker. It’s a more intricate form of betting that can be applied to various elements of the game, such as runs scored, wickets taken, player performances, and more.

In Cricket Spread Betting:

  • If you believe the actual outcome will be higher than the spread, you would “buy” the spread.
  • If you think the outcome will be lower, you would “sell” the spread.

Your accuracy relative to the spread determines your winnings or losses. The bigger the difference, the higher the potential win or loss. Cricket Spread Betting adds complexity and excitement, focusing on how the actual result differs from the predicted spread. Remember, spread betting is riskier than traditional bets, as losses can surpass your stake. Prior knowledge of cricket and the specific market is crucial before trying Cricket Spread Betting.

Cricket Spread Betting Rules

Cricket Spread Betting has certain rules that determine how bets are settled and how outcomes are calculated. Here are some key rules to keep in mind:

  • Spread Value: The bookmaker sets a spread for a specific market, such as total runs, wickets taken, or player performances.
  • Units: Your bet is made in “units.” If you buy the spread and the outcome exceeds the spread, you win the difference in units. 
  • Stake and Win/Loss: Your potential win or loss depends on the difference between the actual outcome and the spread, multiplied by your stake per unit. 
  • Scenarios: For each spread market, there are specific scenarios that determine the outcome.
  • Void Bets: If a match is canceled or does not produce a valid outcome (e.g., due to weather conditions).
  • Time Frames: Bets are typically settled after the event is completed. The final statistics and outcomes are used to determine if your bet is successful.
  • Risk Management: Be cautious, as your losses can exceed your initial stake.
  • Market Variations: Different bookmakers might offer variations in their spread markets, rules, and settlement methods
  • Educate Yourself: Understanding the sport, the teams, players, and the dynamics of the market you’re betting on is crucial to making informed spread bets.
Know the rules of the game before placing a bet
Know the rules of the game before placing a bet

Always read and understand the specific rules and terms of Cricket Spread Betting for the bookmaker you’re using.  The rules of Cricket Spread Betting are quite simple. However, if you are a newbie, you should keep in mind a few special requirements. At that time, the efficiency achieved after each new bet increases.

Cricket Spread Betting – How it works?

Cricket Spread Betting is a distinct type of wagering where you predict how certain aspects of a cricket match will compare to a predetermined spread. Here’s a concise breakdown:

  • Select Market: Choose an aspect to bet on, like runs or player performance.
  • Spread Prediction: Predict if the outcome will be higher (buy) or lower (sell) than the spread set by the bookmaker.
  • Stake: Decide your bet amount per point of difference from the spread.
  • Outcome Determination: If the actual outcome surpasses the spread (buy) or falls short (sell), you win or lose.
  • Units: Bets are made in units, with winnings/losses calculated based on the difference from the spread.
  • Completion: After the match, actual stats are compared to the spread to settle bets.
  • Risk Management: Be cautious due to potential losses exceeding your stake.
  • Bookmaker Differences: Rules and markets can vary among bookmakers.
  • Research: Understand cricket and chosen markets for informed betting.

Cricket Spread Betting adds complexity and risk, so approach it with careful consideration and knowledge of the sport.

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Popular Cricket Point Spread Betting Today


Anticipated number of runs a player will score.

Example: England vs. Australia – Kevin Pietersen runs.

  • Spread: 45 – 50 runs.
  • Outcome: Pietersen scores 75.

Gain = 25 x stake (if runs bought) / Loss = 30 x stake (if runs sold).

Team Runs

Projected total runs for a specific team.

Example: England vs. Ireland.

  • Spread: England: 178 – 183.
  • Outcome [innings total]: England [193-9] = 193.

Gain = 10 x stake (if England runs bought) / Loss = 15 x stake (if England runs sold).


Points given to the winning team and their margin over the opponent. Points depend on runs or wickets. The favorite’s predicted margin is listed first. A negative result is possible, leading to larger wins or losses.

The types of bets with examples included are easy to understand
The types of bets with examples included are easy to understand

Example: South Africa vs. Australia.

  • Spread: South Africa / Australia 4 – 12.
  • Outcome: South Africa 141 – 4 – Australia 110 = 31.

Gain = 19 x stake (if supremacy bought) / Loss = 27 x stake (if supremacy sold).

Negative supremacy example: South Africa vs. Australia.

  • Spread: South Africa / Australia 4 – 12.
  • Outcome: South Africa 199-8 – Australia 201-3 = -50.

Gain = 54 x stake (if supremacy sold) / Loss = 62 x stake (if supremacy bought).

Win Index

Points for match winner (25) or draw (10).

Example: West Indies vs. New Zealand.

  • Spread: West Indies Win Index 17 – 19.
  • Outcome: West Indies win by 3 wickets.

Where should Cricket Spread Betting be played?

1. 888Sport

888Sport might not be the go-to choice for dedicated cricket bettors accustomed to a wide array of markets, ranging from match winner and top batsman to specific player run counts or Test match end dates. Experienced cricket gamblers may not always find the full spectrum of matches they wish to bet on available here. This implies that 888Sport offers a streamlined cricket betting platform where the primary six or seven markets are present for major matches, but with limited options beyond that scope.

Decent welcome offer can be used on cricket
Decent welcome offer can be used on cricket

This aligns with a strategy where the site allocates time and resources to each sport based on priority, and while they do provide cricket options, it might not be their utmost focus. However, if your interest lies in sticking to fundamental cricket betting options, 888 caters to those needs.

2. Spreadex

Cricket lends itself exceptionally well to spread betting, with opportunities in team runs, extras, player wickets, and player runs, each available for buying or selling. Spreadex offers flexibility, allowing you to delve into the intricacies and higher risks of spread betting, or stick to the simpler, lower-risk fixed odds markets through their Sportsbook.

Live scorecards available within the betting markets
Live scorecards available within the betting markets

It’s important to note that to engage in spread betting and fixed odds betting at Spreadex, separate accounts are required. Spreadex’s cricket betting is noteworthy for its extensive coverage, extending beyond international and prominent matches to include emerging formats like T10 from Europe and regions like Trinidad.

3. Ladbrokes

At Punter’s Pub, we often advise that if you’re looking for a single betting account, Ladbrokes should definitely be on your shortlist. Ladbrokes stands out for their professional and comprehensive approach, and this holds true for their cricket betting product as well. One of the notable features is the extensive range of markets available for both pre-match and live betting.

Occasional cricket-related article on their blog
Occasional cricket-related article on their blog

This encompasses a variety of statistics-based markets for individual players, including head-to-head markets that not all betting sites provide. They also prioritize keeping Outright markets open for as long as possible, unless the teams involved are actively playing matches. Ladbrokes offers competitive odds across various markets, and it’s difficult to find significant drawbacks in their overall cricket betting offering.

4. Sky Bet

This site is a prime example of a platform highly dedicated to the UK market, which naturally translates into their strong commitment to cricket betting. However, it’s a recurring theme in this review of UK cricket betting sites that they don’t offer an extensive array of cricket-related promotions – whether in terms of welcome offers or ongoing deals. The exception to this pattern is Odds Boosts. Navigating to the cricket section, you’ll find all the ongoing Boosts listed according to specific events or tournaments.

Use RequestABet to ask for any market you like
Use RequestABet to ask for any market you like

Moreover, if a bet you have in mind isn’t currently available, you have the option to use RequestABet. For instance, prior to the upcoming Ashes series, there were more than 60 distinct RequestABet markets that fellow punters had asked for, categorized by their respective odds. You can also propose your own bets, ranging from the straightforward to the creative, like “Steve Smith to score the most runs + Olly Robinson to take the most England wickets (13/2)”.

5. Betfair

While some cricket betting sites may have shown shortcomings, the same cannot be said for Betfair. To begin, Betfair allows you to access both their Sportsbook and the Exchange using a single account. On the Sportsbook, they offer every significant match with a diverse range of markets and competitive odds. You can also propose your own markets, utilize their Bet Builder to lock in profits before the match ends, and benefit from an impressive in-play platform that quickly updates odds, avoiding prolonged suspensions.

Sportsbook has all the markets you’d want to bet on
Sportsbook has all the markets you’d want to bet on

Betfair also provides live streaming for selected tournaments like The Big Bash and the CPL. For a distinctive cricket betting experience, there’s the Exchange. Here, you can secure higher odds for match-winner markets compared to the Sportsbook, and you have the flexibility to trade for assured profits by backing and laying at various points as odds shift. Collectively, these attributes establish Betfair as a comprehensive destination for cricket betting, offering a variety of options to suit different preferences.


The above encompasses all the information about the Cricket Spread Betting format, as well as detailed explanations about Cricket spread betting. It’s easy to see that cricket betting is truly intriguing, isn’t it? It’s not simple at all for a sport to attract as many bettors as this. You can choose betting companies or bookmaker apps to start cricket betting right now. Wishing you success and good fortune with cricket spread betting in 2024.

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