Does basketball betting count extra time?

Check out this article now if you’re wondering if Does basketball betting count extra time?. Win betting tips will answer in detail the question of whether basketball betting counts extra time, and introduce basketball betting and the important rules of this type of betting. Do not ignore it if you like to play basketball!

Extra time betting in basketball
Extra time betting in basketball

General understanding of basketball betting

Although not as aggressive as the sport of football, basketball also has a lot of fans. Basketball betting is a form of betting on basketball matches and tournaments. There are many different betting odds available to basketball punters. Winning bets get money and of course when you lose, you lose your bet.

A basketball match played between the two teams and took place in 2 rounds with all 4 sets. Each basketball set takes place 2 times, playing 10 – 12 minutes per turn. Punters will predict and bet on which team wins. The special feature in basketball is that there is no draw, that is, will play until the winner or loss is distinguished.

Do basketball bets count extra time?

If playing football, there are matches that stop at a draw, so football bets only count 2 official rounds. So what about basketball? Does basketball betting count in extra time and how does it count? Join us to answer in detail!

Basketball needs extra time to decide wins/losses
Basketball needs extra time to decide wins/losses

Overtime basketball betting

According to basketball competition rules, if 2 teams have the same number of points, they will continue to play until they find the winner. This means that in basketball there will be extra time; and basketball betting also counts extra time, even going through multiple extra time.

A basketball extra time usually takes about 5 minutes. The end result after all the extra time was the result to catch the basketball. As such, only when all innings are over will it be recognized that wins and losses are made in basketball betting.

Specific examples

Basketball game between LA Clippers and Dallas Mavericks as part of the 2019/2020 NBA Playoffs. Through 4 official rounds; The 2 teams were equal in points 121-121 and had to move on to extra time to get the final result. In overtime, the Mavericks scored 14 points, bringing the total to 135. The Clippers scored 12 points for a total of 133. Thus, the Mavericks are the winning team, the ticket bet on the Mavericks will be paid for. The total match score is 135 + 133 = 268 rather than 121 + 121.

Another example is the game between the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz on August 18. At the end of the official period, both teams had a score of 115. In overtime, the Nuggets scored more, winning 135 – 125 overall. According to the bookmaker‘s 3-point handicap odds, the Nuggets are the winners in this bet.

Some general rules when betting on basketball

What rules do basketball bettors need to follow?
What rules do basketball bettors need to follow?

After understanding whether basketball betting counts extra time; You need to know some more general rules below to bet effectively.

  • Every outcome of a basketball bet depends on the published final result of that match.
  • The confirmation of the validity of the basketball bet depends on the regulations of the bookmaker providing the betting.
  • If there is a change in home and away but does not affect the result of the match; bets are still valid.
  • In some countries, basketball wins and losses are determined based on points accumulation rules. All relevant bets are considered valid.
  • If the match is suspended during the competition or ends within 12 hours of the regulation; Bets are considered valid if the remaining playing time is less than 5 minutes.
  • In case the match is suspended but or ends more than 12 hours above the regulations; Bets will not be counted as valid.
  • For a 3×3, StreetBall or Big3 basketball game; If the competition is suspended after the start or the competition is not completed, the bets cannot be canceled because they are invalid.

Final Thoughts

Does basketball betting count extra time have not been answered in detail and have specific examples. Playing basketball betting, you can come to the list of bookmakers compiled by These are all bookmakers with high rates of money, a variety of basketball betting bets.

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