Summary of basketball betting terminology

17/05/2023 Sports betting

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US, where the NBA is extremely popular and has gradually become popular around the world. Besides the rules of the game are quite complicated, many rules, basketball betting terminology are also extremely interesting. They are used to make basketball betting much simpler, convenient and easy to win. Not for you to struggle to find these terms, but stop at this article of website.

Dedicated basketball betting terminology
Dedicated basketball betting terminology

What is basketball?

Basketball is a popular sport, and in recent years, this sport is gradually becoming more popular in Vietnam. Typically, it can be said that this subject has been included in the physical classroom for students who can improve their health. This subject can also help students increase their height when playing. This is a famous sport and is played around the globe, so there are many big and small matches that take place every year.

Therefore, to help the brothers who are passionate about this sport can support their favorite team, there is a basketball betting organization, with many extremely attractive betting bets. This is a fairly well-known sport and there are many sports betting tips to talk about when betting. To be able to play this sport betting well, you need to study and understand the meaning of the terms of the game. For greater convenience when communicating and reading transcripts or betting bets.

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Summary of terminology used in basketball betting

1. Glossary of how to play basketball

  • Jump Shot: The way players jump and throw the ball into the basket.
  • A way of throwing half a ball backwards.
  • Block – Block the ball in the air: When the opponent throws, the player jumps and blocks the ball. This applies to players of ideal height.
  • Layup: The play throws the ball into the basket when the player runs close to the basket and throws.
  • After the move: How to play shoulder to get closer to the basketball round.
  • Steal: A very fast and flexible defensive situation to get the ball directly from the opponent’s hands without fouling.
  • Alley-opp: Receive the ball from the air and score directly.
Basketball betting terminology is quite numerous and varied
Basketball betting terminology is quite numerous and varied
  • Crossover: The technique of pulling the ball over the opposing player.
  • Rebound: Catching the ball on the board.
  • Tip in: If you throw the ball into the basket and make a mistake, the player pushes the ball back to the basket with his hands.
  • Spin move: how to turn around and get rid of your opponent.
  • Eurostep: How to move in a zigzag shape when you want to throw the ball into the basket to avoid disturbing the opponent.
  • Crossover dribble: The technique of driving away the opponent and changing the direction of the ball from side to side. Often combined with the techniques below.

2. Basketball betting terminology about bets

  • Pre-scoring team bet: The player chooses to bet on the team that scores first or the team that throws the basket first.
  • Set bets will get the most points: There are four turns in a single match of the basketball game and the player bets which game will get the highest score.
  • Handicap: This type of bet, also known as handicap, occurs when a strong team handicap a team below a certain number of points.
  • Parity: A bet on whether the total number of goals is even or odd, this type of betting is used to set the total number of goals in the 1st half or the whole match to be even or odd.
  • Next scorer: Bets based on the team’s prediction of the next score after the first throw.
  • Oblique bets: As a combination of many types of bets capable of winning against each other, allowing you to bet in the same match on many different bets, the probability of skewering is very high.
  • Live bets: This is how to bet whether a team will win or lose. Brothers can be based on the total number of points your team expects to win.
  • Overbet and Underbet: Also known as over/under. Based on the number of points, the player decides to bet the player if the score is higher if the total score will be high, and the bet is lower if the expected number of bets is low. Above and below this will be based on the odds offered by the bookmaker.
  • Bet which team will score last: How to bet which team will score the final point on the basket before the game is over.
Memorizing terminology makes it easy to bet
Memorizing terminology makes it easy to bet
  • Basketball betting 7 left, 12 left, 13 left: How to bet on the betting door. Each betting door is fixed by the score and the direction is the number of betting doors corresponding to 7 doors and 12 doors and 13 doors.
  • Half a match: Bet in the 1st half.
  • Whole game: Bet the whole game.

3. Terms used to communicate when playing basketball betting

  • These are basketball odds that benefit players, high odds of winning, and attractive odds.
  • Basketball odds: A way of predicting which door players will bet on based on the odds table set by the bookmaker.
  • Acc: Players run out of money in their betting accounts.
  • Odds: Only odds or odds if you win a bet.
  • Slash: Means you lose the bet.
  • Rating: Is the name by which players choose to bet.
  • Bet: Only the bettor wins the bet.


Hopefully, our article basketball betting terminology will bring useful information to you when reading and help players participate in betting more effectively when playing basketball betting.

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