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06/01/2024 Sports betting

In recent years, e-sports has been developing strongly. Virtual games such as football, casino, horse racing, racing all attract a large number of participants. Esports betting also came from there. Another factor that makes this form receive a lot of attention lies in the bonus value. It must be agreed that Esports bonuses are mostly of great economic value. It is also a source of motivation for many people to participate and also brings significant benefits to bookmaker ratings. Here are the top bookmakers of the most valuable Esports bonus promotions 2024.

Esports Betting Bonuses 2024
Esports Betting Bonuses 2024

What are Esports bonus?

Esports bonuses are gifts that bookmakers give to players, often mentioned in betting content or promotions. Like football and casino betting bonuses, E-sports betting bonuses can also be received right on the phone. In addition, these are also high-value amounts, which can be exchanged for cash. More simply, players can use them to make bets on their favorite video games.

The Esports betting industry has been growing strongly. It has indeed exceeded the expectations of bookmakers and experts. Esport bookmakers continue to grow in number. However, it is also harder for us to control the quality. This makes it difficult for bettors who want to invest in this field. You can get an Esports bonus when playing at reputable, reputable casinos. On the contrary, if we play at ghost addresses, we even risk losing our bet. Therefore, it is necessary to consider and choose the new online bookmaker carefully.

Top 5 bookmakers with the best Esports bonus today

Esport betting has been growing strongly in recent years. The bookmakers that Wintips introduces always focus on investing in modern betting halls. In addition, these bookmakers also provide full match information. Participating bettors have the opportunity to place bets and receive a lot of great bonuses. Here are 5 choices for you:

1. M88 bookmaker

The betting platform receives the famous Esports bonus that many participants register every day. After a long time of continuous innovation and product development, M88 bookmaker has received the trust of customers. You will have the opportunity to participate in exciting, green tournaments to bet for prizes. The entertainment channel entered the market in 2004 and has received a license from a Philippine government entity. With investment activities in famous football clubs, it has affirmed the financial potential and serious and long-term working attitude.

M88 Esport Promotions
M88 Esport Promotions

2. W88 bookmaker

Joining the W88 e-sports bookmaker gives players exciting experience opportunities. W88 E-Sports is managed by AG Gaming Group and has been on the market since 2005. This brand is headquartered in the Philippines and is loved by a lot of players. This is also a prominent bookmaker thanks to sponsorship programs for major football clubs in the leagues: La Liga, Premier League,…

Offers when playing Esport betting W88
Offers when playing Esport betting W88

3. FB88 bookmaker

Participating in a reputable online Esport betting website also creates opportunities for players to receive many interesting rewards. This is a thriving bookmaker, with many exciting games, offering ripe green betting opportunities for members. FB88 bookmaker, launched in 2016, originated in the Philippines and is fully licensed by major organizations. In just a short time, this channel has attracted a lot of attention from players, becoming one of the best betting and Esports bonus websites.

List of promotions at FB88 Esport Betting Web
List of promotions at FB88 Esport Betting Web

4. Dafabet bookmaker

Dafabet is also a name highly appreciated by experts in the field of providing real money Esport betting games. The bookmaker designs the website to be easy to use, user-friendly. This is a bookmaker that is appreciated for its page loading speed. Dafaber Playground offers Esport betting on games such as: Dota 2, LOL, CS:GO, KOG,… and many other games.

Another advantage when it comes to Dafabet: No login is required to view odds. This saves you a lot of time. You access the web, if you see the match and the bet you want, you can log in and place a bet. If you have not found the match you like, you can choose to bet next time.

What is included in the "Esports bonus" promotion?
What is included in the “Esports bonus” promotion?

5. 12Bet bookmaker

Being among the top Esport betting sites, 12Bet has achieved a lot of success. This entertainment channel always strives to bring its members the best quality products. This brand has been operating in the market for many years starting in 2008, operated by Pacific Sea Invests SA. This channel has 2 impressive betting halls: 12 ESPORTS and IM ESPORTS – ESPORTS BULL.

Summary of offers received when betting on 12Bet esports
Summary of offers received when betting on 12Bet esports

Tournaments with the biggest Esports bonus in the world

Esports tournaments with attractive prize money are no stranger to gamers around the world. Even many tournaments have million-dollar rewards that make champion gamers change their lives after only a short period of time. You can refer to it so that when playing at the reputable bookmakers above, it will be easier to win bonuses.

1. The International 2021 (Dota 2)

Since its launch in 2011, The International (TI) has always been the leading name on Esports’ generous prize money list. The huge bonus of TI periods offers undeniable appeal. In particular, The International 2021 tournament taking place in Bucharest (Romania) is the playground leading the list of “money” with a total prize value of more than 40 million USD. At this tournament, Team Spirit was crowned champion and took all $ 18,208,300 in prize money. Even the team that finished last in this TI tournament also received $ 100,000 in prize money.

2. Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019

This was the golden moment of Fortnite Esports when Epic Games spent $ 30 million on its game. Accordingly, Fortnite World Cup 2019 has 2 formats Solo and Duos. At Arthur Ashe Stadium (New York) with a capacity of more than 23,000 people, the tournament was full of excitement and an impressive story ensued. 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf took home a $3 million prize for winning the solo game.

3. League of Legends World Finals 2018

League of Legends is considered one of the most influential games in the world. Therefore, the major international tournaments of this game are very interested and the World Finals (Worlds) of course also have a small prize money. In particular, Worlds 2018 is the season with the largest prize pool of this game with 6,450,000 USD.


League of Legends is the Esports tournament with the highest number of bets
League of Legends is the Esports tournament with the highest number of bets

This season, the Invictus Gaming team was crowned champion and received more than $ 2.4 million in prizes. Along with that, The Shy and his teammates also removed the absolute dominance of teams from the LCK region (Korea). As for recent Worlds seasons, Riot Games has no longer raised the bonus level compared to before and is only fixed at $ 2,225,000.

4. Honor of Kings International Championship 2022

The world championship of this year’s game King of Glory Yew is also in the top of the tournaments with the biggest prize money in history. Specifically, Honor of Kings International Championship 2022 has a total prize money of up to 10 million USD. Previously, the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC 2022) tournament is expected to combine 2 games Royal Vinh Dieu and Lien Quan Mobile with a prize of $ 10 million has been announced. However, there was no handshake between these 2 names.

5. PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021

PUBG’s biggest tournament of 2021 held in Incheon (South Korea) has set the record for the sport’s largest total prize money to date. Accordingly, PUBG Corp’s tournament has a total prize pool of more than 7 million USD. The Soniqs team (USA) won the championship and received $ 1,296,189 in prize money.

Although PUBG no longer retains its No. 1 position as in its heyday, this sport is still widely loved around the world. Besides, PUBG’s professional arena has also been heavily invested over the years.


Esport betting is growing strongly and promises to bring you a lot of great prize opportunities. To win and receive many Esports bonuses, you need to invest time as well as relevant knowledge. Take advantage of learning from experienced people. Need to go through Wintips’ tutorial and sharing articles to increase your understanding. Good luck.

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