The most popular Esports odds today

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Online betting has become an entertainment trend for many people. In addition to sports/casino betting, we can now also bet on Esports. Just like traditional forms of betting, Esports betting has a fairly simple gameplay and rules. They are even more time-efficient than regular bets. To win, you need to know the factors involved. The odds are one of them and it is considered the most important part. So what are Esports odds? What kind of odds are there now? Let’s find out with expert Wintips right here.

Esports Betting Odds 2023
Esports Betting Odds 2023

What are Esports odds?

In essence, Esports betting are ratios that represent the probability of a particular outcome. Of course, this is not an infallible measure: first of all, it is the opinion of the bookmaker. Bookmakers place odds based on thorough statistical analysis of previous Esports competitions. Looking at the odds, you can immediately tell what the bookmaker thinks the likelihood of each event in a game is. The higher the odds, the greater the profit when betting on real money Esports.

Esports betting are one of the fundamental factors in Esports betting. The key factor that constitutes the odds in Esports, is the expected value.

What is the expected value?

The expected value (EV) helps to know if the bookmaker offers reasonable Esports odds. It represents a return from a bet. Bettors use this number to compare the odds offered by different bookmakers and find out where the bet will yield the highest winnings.

In Esports betting, the expected value is calculated by multiplying the likelihood of winning by the total amount that can be won minus the likelihood of losing multiplied by the amount that can be lost when a bet is placed.

Formula for calculating EV: EV = (probability of winning) x (profit if winning) – (probability of losing) x (bet).

Types of Esports odds today

1/ Decimal odds

Decimal odds are one of the most common types of bookmaker odds. They are commonly used by Canadian Esports betting sites. If you go to an online bookmaker to bet on PUBG, then you will most likely see Esports betting odds displayed as decimals. Decimal odds are applicable to just about anything in the world of Esports.

Using odds increases your chances of winning
Using odds increases your chances of winning

For example: If you bet £10 on Team Dignitas to win the Global Loot League in PUBG at odds of 7.00, then you will get £70 back including your initial stake. And if you bet £5 on Optic Gaming to win their Dota 2 ROG Masters challenge at odds of 3.00, then you will receive £15 including your initial bet. So, the larger the decimal, the more the bookmaker is willing to pay for that betting outcome. However, it goes without saying that these outside bets are considered less likely, which is why this is always a risky betting strategy.

2/ Fractional odds

Bookmakers have been using Fractional odds the longest compared to other types of odds. They are most commonly found when using Australian Esports betting sites. There are two types of fractional odds – UK and Hong Kong. They differ slightly in their representatives.

UK: Used by UK Esports betting sites, British fractional Esports odds have two numbers divided by a slash. The number on the right represents the stake, while the number on the left represents the potential profit.

Hong Kong: Even odds in this system are indicated by “1”. If the odds are below 1, that signifies a higher probability of an event and vice versa. Therefore, if the odds of a team are 0.35, then that team is considered stronger – the more favored team.

Moneyline (USA): Used by US Esports betting sites, American odds or Moneyline are expressed in two ways. Before some there may be a “+” or “-” sign. There is a significant difference between the two types of Esports odds.

  • Positive number odds: Adding a “+” sign before a number signifies that the probability of an event is low or that the team is considered the weaker team with a significantly lower chance of winning the match.
  • Negative number odds: If American Esports odds have a “-” before the number, it means that team has a higher chance of winning the match.
Esports odds are also varied
Esports odds are also varied

3/ Pint spread bet odds

Spread bets on points or handicaps are advantages given by sportsbooks to the weak team before the match. It is done to balance the odds of both teams when one team falls behind. It makes the betting process more enjoyable and appeals to gamblers because the odds are, in this case, higher for the losers.

4/ Over/under (total) bet odds

Total betting odds are used for the total bet type and are expressed by American odds. They are set at -110, meaning you will risk 1.10$ to win 1$. Therefore, to win 100$, you need to bet 110$.

Differences Between Esports odds

Unlike traditional betting markets, live Esports betting allows bettors to place money while matches are still in progress. The odds offered for this type of betting are called esports live odds. The main feature that distinguishes them from standard odds is their versatility. They vary according to the performance of the teams in an ongoing match. All changes in odds will be reflected in the bet slip. Different betting markets are closed and opened in the process. Therefore, one needs to pay attention so as not to miss the opportunity to make profitable bets.

Factors that affect changing odds

A lot of factors need to be considered when calculating 3sports odds. Betting trends and tendencies, views of 3sports analysts, statistical analysis of previous teams’ performances, and odds given by other bookmakers are just a few factors.

1/Betting trends

Betting tendencies are certain beliefs or a series of behaviors common during betting time. For example, specific betting markets may be more popular than others. Or, a new Esports title could become popular, prompting bookmakers to create more betting options for this game with more attractive odds. Esports odds providers should take this information into account.

Odds can vary depending on many factors
Odds can vary depending on many factors

2/ Competitors

Another thing that betting sites consider when presenting odds is the value of the odds on other bookmakers’ sites. There are various Esports odds providers; However, the difference in odds value is negligible as they all try to remain relevant and attract more gamblers.

3/ Match history

The prevailing trends of the Esports industry are not the only factors influencing the variability of Esports odds. Past performances and the history of teams and players are also considered. Statistical analysis of results achieved in previous competitions is considered when deciding the weaker team and the preferred team for each match played in a tournament.

5 bookmakers with the best Esports odds


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Stake bookmaker is at the forefront of Esports betting
Stake bookmaker is at the forefront of Esports betting

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2/ W88

W88 bookmaker is a reputable betting site that is always in the top 3 largest bookmakers in Asian voted by the betting community. With high safety, security and good service quality, W88 is gradually becoming the leading bookmaker in the world market.

Can't miss casino W88
Can’t miss casino W88

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3/ M88

Mansion88 betting site or M88 is a popular bookmaker address not only in Asia but also in Europe with the image of a standard reputable bookmaker through 15 years of operation in the field of online betting. M88 has been in operation since 2003, licensed by PAGCOR and operated under strict supervision by the Philippine government and several other countries.

M88 always accompanies players in all types of betting
M88 always accompanies players in all types of betting

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Globally renowned BETWAY bookmaker
Globally renowned BETWAY bookmaker

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5/ FB88

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FB88 always makes players happy
FB88 always makes players happy

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Above is all relevant information about the Esports odds that you need to hold. Try to memorize and perform them masterfully to become a master soon. There are many other good and attractive content on Wintips. Hope you will take the time to learn and refer to more. Thanks for your interest.

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