Experience of playing online soccer betting always wins

20/05/2023 Betting Experience

How to play online soccer betting today has gradually become an effective and popular way of making money through the internet. So how can you participate in this method of making money if you don’t have experience? Experience of playing online soccer betting? Today, bet win tips will guide you in detail through the article below.

Guide to 10 ways to play soccer betting without losing

Many people ask me what is the secret to always winning soccer betting? Where does the trick lie? To be able to hold onto a lot of bonuses and make a fortune in the soccer industry, you must have certain knowledge about this subject and betting odds.

Experience of playing online soccer betting always wins
Experience of playing online soccer betting always wins

It may seem easy but it’s not, and it may seem difficult but it’s not. We will help you understand the experience from expert players who have shared it and analyze a few ways to play and tips so that you can easily win.

Thorough scrutiny

This is an extremely important thing in experience of playing online soccer betting. Because you have to collect and analyze a lot of information from the teams to be able to make the most accurate choices.

First: Notice the rankings of both teams on the current rankings. Most of the strong and stable teams will have high rankings. Then, choose whether the bet is the upper or lower door.

Second: Find out carefully the current situation about the 2 teams at that time. See the match list, gameplay and player situation. Another small trick is that there are now always websites that analyze gameplay, tactics and win rates for you to refer to.

Note: If the stronger team is the visitors, then the odds are 1/2 to 1 handicap. Such a small number of handicaps means that 2 teams will have a huge difference in strength. So, you need to choose the bottom bet for safety.

Betting budget management tactics

A surefire way to ensure your safety is not to lose if you follow this policy correctly. For example, if you choose the right door with a win rate of up to 70%, setting the right amount will help you increase your win rate up to 90%.

Therefore, how much to put and which match to place will help you get an overview and secure your budget. Some betting tips win for how to play are as follows. The bet increases gradually, which means that your bet amount after each match increases slightly if the previous one you won.

If game 1 you win, through game 2 you will probably add half of the bet. Your chances of eating may be higher and the amount of money lost will not be much. However, make sure you look closely at the way 1 presented and then apply this method at the time of play.


  • The bet on the next game will be double that of the previous one.
  • Bets in units of 4 wins, respectively, go through the next level, lose is back to the level with the first level. 1-3-2-6/ 1-3-2-4.
  • Only bet up to 2 matches per match and limit the number of matches to 1 day, the best number is 3 matches / day.
  • Leave the capital, don’t bet it all. Up to 50-70% of the capital/ turn.

This is one of the effective ways to bet football that many players often use.

The best experience of playing online soccer betting is never bet according to the crowd

The best experience for you to play is not to follow the crowd. Keep your opinion to be able to bet in the most reasonable way.

In addition, if you have been betting for a long time, you probably understand this. That is, there will be some rogue bookmakers (only a few, not all) that will potentially impact the outcome of the match.

Therefore, if you follow the crowd, it will most likely be easier to lose because bookmakers will never want to “share money” with the side with the highest percentage of bettors because they will suffer heavy losses.

The experience every day is quite valuable, you should learn from the previous ones so that you can draw your own direction.

Never bet according to the crowd
Never bet according to the crowd

Choose a betting door

Besides looking at the bet carefully, the choice of betting door is also very important. Remember, the bookmaker will have a team of bettors day and night. So the results they give may be the most correct. 80% true. So reading the bookmaker would be a pretty solid way.

Some notes for you are as follows:

  • If a strong team plays away, the handicap is 1/2 – 1 left. If the force is not too different, choosing the lower door will have a higher probability of eating.
  • If the 2 sides are really equal, choose the away team and choose the same ball. Because the visitors will try harder to get 1 point from away.

Stay psychologically strong

One of the effective ways to bet football without losing is to keep a good mentality and stick to the tactics set out as originally. Many players, because they did not keep a good mentality, easily panicked and changed tactics, led to unnecessary losses.

For new players, it can take quite a long time to be able to accurately evaluate the bet and make a good bet every match. So, just be patient according to the predetermined tactics, surely you never lose.

Don’t let your personal feelings affect your bets

I know there are quite a few of you who love one team and don’t bet on the other. This is a rather misguided mindset that previous players have often made in the past.

Therefore, do not because of your own admiration for a certain fortune teller team but to influence the outcome of the bet. In particular, avoid or be as careful as possible about matches with a spike in high wages, or a 180-degree change before the match.

Restrain yourself, avoid plunging into the whirlpool of money

The biggest mistake of a bettor is that winning wants to win more, losing is more wanting to remove and so you will be lurking in a spiral with no way out.

Ideally, have a finish line and a betting plan in mind. It is acceptable to win, but you must also accept it when you lose. That’s the best way to restrain yourself.

Especially on your dark days, losing in a row, you should stop for a day to clear your mind. Then look back to see where you misinterpreted and adjusted for good.

Carefully monitor the house bet, avoid being “hooked”

As we said earlier, there are many bookmakers who use sophisticated tricks of experience of playing online soccer betting to change the bet level or odds in order to hit the psychology of players.

This is considered a “virtual ball” phenomenon, it will make many players trapped and lose the battle. You must always keep a cool head, a stable mentality when looking at the bookmaker, then you can hold the victory at hand.

Carefully monitor the house bet, avoid being "hooked"
Carefully monitor the house bet, avoid being “hooked”

Positive thinking, one of experience of playing online soccer betting notable

Always think that playing football betting is not the only way to get rich, but consider this as a kind of entertainment, helping you to have sublimation emotions in life.

You can also increase a part of your income for yourself and your family, but you should not put too much emphasis on it. You have to be very alert so that you don’t get caught up in the mistakes that more than 90% of bettors have made.

So when participating in betting, keep your mind and mind relaxed, not too risky, so that thinking can change your life. Avoid getting into debt, causing a great impact on the psyche, the future and those around you.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Choosing for yourself a reputable bookmaker is extremely important. There are many bookmakers when the player who wins the bet refuses to pay, the support department will not have the expertise to help players determine the bet bet.

Therefore, this is also one of the most important factors that you should consider to become an undefeated bettor,


The above experience of playing online soccer betting must have been quite long, I would also like to finish this topic of how to play football betting online. All secrets will be based on experiences and theories from those who have gone before, the key to success is in yourself, keep a cool head and a strong mentality when participating in betting.

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