Top 8 best football betting strategies in 2024

24/01/2024 Sports betting

Do you want to know how to gain an advantage in the football betting game? There are top strategies to help you win bets and create unexpected fun. So what are you waiting for without immediately discovering the professional skills and secrets of football betting? In this article, Wintips experts will synthesize 8 best football betting strategies and bring curiosity to readers. Don’t miss your chance to win with this wise bet.

The Most Effective Football Betting Strategy 2024
The Most Effective Football Betting Strategy 2024

What is a football betting strategy?

A football betting strategy is a systematic approach or plan that bettors use to make informed decisions when placing bets on football matches. It involves analyzing various factors, statistics, and data to identify potential value bets and increase the chances of making profitable wagers. Remember that no strategy guarantees constant winnings in football betting. Outcomes are still influenced by uncertainties, and bettors should be prepared for both wins and losses. Successful betting relies on a combination of a well-researched strategy, discipline, and responsible gambling practices.

Why does football betting need strategy?

Football betting requires strategy because it involves predicting the outcome of unpredictable events. In football, there are various factors that can influence the result of a match, such as team form, player injuries, weather conditions, home advantage, and many others. Without a proper strategy, bettors are more likely to make impulsive and emotional decisions, which can lead to financial losses. A well-thought-out strategy helps bettors make informed decisions based on analysis, research, and data.

It allows them to identify value bets, where the odds offered by bookmakers are higher than the estimated probability of an event occurring. By employing various strategies like value betting, double chance betting, or situational betting, bettors can increase their chances of making profitable bets in the long run.

Additionally, having a strategy helps bettors manage their bankroll effectively. They can determine how much to bet on each game and avoid chasing losses or placing overly large bets that could deplete their funds. In summary, football betting requires strategy to make rational and calculated decisions, increase the likelihood of winning, and manage risks effectively in the unpredictable world of sports betting.

Top 8 best football betting strategies for newbie

1. Carefully analyze the odds before kickoff

In football betting, there are various betting options for players to consider. One of the ways to consistently win in football betting is to thoroughly analyze the odds. You must understand the rules of the game and use your experience to increase your chances of winning. If you have a good understanding of the teams and can accurately predict the match results, it will be difficult to lose. To engage in betting, you should participate in various forums to learn how to carefully analyze odds and make accurate predictions. 

Football betting strategies are essential
Football betting strategies are essential
  • Paying attention to the current rankings of both teams on the league table. Teams with stable form and strong attacking abilities usually have higher positions on the table. In handicap betting, the stronger team will give a handicap to the underdog, with the odds based on the relative strength of the teams.
  • Understanding the match situation at the moment, whether the match is played at the home team’s stadium, the away team’s stadium, or a neutral ground. You should check the lineup, playing style, and the availability of key players and coaches, whether they have any injuries or not. There are many websites that provide pre-analyzed playing styles; you can refer to them.

2. Economic management strategy

To play without emptying your pocket, you must learn and practice effective money management. You should divide your funds into various portions, including a reserve, and only play with a predetermined amount each day. Avoid excessive betting, and if you notice any signs of trouble, take a break from betting. At the same time, consider the bets you are confident in and have a high likelihood of winning, as you can increase the potential payout by placing more money on such bets. You can use a progressive betting approach, meaning you increase the betting amount after each winning bet.

If your first-half bet wins, consider placing additional bets for the second half, as the team you support may have a good form and be likely to maintain a lead with a comfortable goal difference. This approach applies when you thoroughly analyze the odds beforehand.

  • Doubling the bet for the next game: Many experienced bettors opt for this practical approach, which can lead to impressive wins with an exciting twist. Specifically:
  • Place consecutive bets based on the unit of the winnings from the last four games and then move to the next level, and if you lose, return to the initial level.
  • Set a maximum of 2 bets per game and limit the number of bets within a day to avoid being overwhelmed. The ideal number recommended by experts is 3 bets per day.
  • Calculate the maximum betting range to be around 50 – 70% of the capital per bet.

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3. Choosing more accurate bets

To consistently win in football betting, you must have a way to choose accurate bets. Making the wrong choice can result in losing all your money, or in some cases, losing half of it. To make wise betting decisions, you need to understand the match and gather crucial information. It’s important to note that bookmakers have a team of experts analyzing odds tirelessly. They will study and synthesize all the information about the tournament, upcoming matches, the actual strength of each team, and which team has the advantage. Therefore, their predictions often have a high accuracy rate of up to 80%.

You should interpret the information or odds provided by the bookmakers and understand their significance, as this can be very beneficial. In the event that the bookmakers change the odds close to kickoff time, be quick to update and assess the current match situation. This will allow you to make more flexible decisions based on the trending direction of the game.

4. Choosing reputable bookmakers

If you want to make money from football betting, you must first select reputable bookmakers. Even if you are skilled at analyzing top-notch odds and have abundant football information, picking an untrustworthy bookmaker can lead to deception and unfair payouts, resulting in not receiving your winnings.

W88 is a reputable bookmaker to choose
W88 is a reputable bookmaker to choose

Moreover, you might fall into the bookmaker’s traps, losing money without even realizing it. Therefore, to profit from this game, you should opt for well-known bookmakers with a large number of players and high ratings from the betting community. Some top-notch bookmakers like M88, W88, FB88 are recommended by the number one reputable platform.

5. Prioritize European handicap betting (1X2)

Among various types of bets, the European handicap is highly regarded for its significant potential rewards. For cautious bettors who worry about losing their money, choosing this safe option is recommended. With the European handicap, bettors increase their chances of winning rewards and face fewer risks compared to other types of bets, as there are only three possible outcomes, resulting in a 33.3% chance of winning the bet.

6. Persist with the given strategy

In football betting, success doesn’t solely rely on luck but also requires a well-thought-out strategy to overcome numerous tough opponents. You must thoroughly study the matches and decisively place your bets when you have the necessary information. Don’t miss out on attractive odds because you might lose the opportunity to profit from the bookmakers.

Furthermore, stick to the chosen bet throughout the match. Even if the team you picked concedes a goal early on, be patient and continue to monitor the match. The final result may turn out completely different from the initial setback, and it might end up as you predicted. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the designated strategy diligently.

7. Place bets wisely and attentively

Being vigilant is always essential when engaging in football betting. Sometimes, you may be influenced by crowd psychology, others’ significant losses, or your own string of defeats. An effective approach to football betting is to stay calm and observe the entire development of the match before placing any bets. Only make a bet when you have a confident prediction. If you feel tired, stressed, or not mentally sharp, take a break and rest. Return to betting when you are in a better state. Avoid betting impulsively or without a solid basis. Be especially cautious with matches offering unexpectedly high odds, as they could be traps set by the bookmakers.

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8. Avoid placing sucker bets

If you want to learn how to consistently win in football betting and avoid falling into the trap of losing money unfairly, stay away from sucker bets. These are bets that frequently fluctuate, and bookmakers often adjust the odds up and down continuously. Inexperienced bettors are more likely to fall into the trap and unable to win these types of bets.

Gain betting experience from masters
Gain betting experience from masters

The signs of these sucker bets are high potential rewards, but they are relatively difficult for players to win. Therefore, you should stay vigilant to avoid falling into the trap without a way out. Instead, focus on playing bets with more stable odds, ensuring higher safety levels.

FAQ about football betting strategies

What is the best betting strategy for football?

The best betting strategy in football is value betting. This strategy involves the bettor placing bets with high value (bets with higher odds of an event occurring than the implied odds suggested by the bookmaker). Other excellent strategies include:

  • Value betting based on odds.
  • Situational football betting.
  • Betting on underdog teams.
  • Football betting in reverse.
  • Double chance football betting system.

What is the safest bet in football?

According to many experienced bettors, the double chance football betting system is considered the safest betting strategy. The double chance also happens to be the easiest way, as it involves two possible outcomes. Typically, you would choose either the home team to win or draw, the away team to win or draw, or either team to win. Therefore, if your bet wins, the result is a win (returns your stake) or a draw (refund).

How to bet on football and win every day?

In addition to the double chance betting system, you can also implement the martingale strategy to win daily. The martingale strategy allows you to double your bet every time you lose, enabling you to recover the amount you originally lost and even make a profit afterward.


Whether you want to place bets on football or virtual football, Wintips offers a wide range of online betting options worldwide. With an incredible variety of betting choices, you can easily access them through the reputable bookmakers’ free mobile betting apps. Research the strategies that have proven successful in 2024 and hone the one that best suits your risk profile. By doing so, you will quickly become a profitable and successful bettor.

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