Full Motor Racing Betting Rules for New Players

18/05/2023 Sports betting

Besides betting on football or betting on other famous sports today, motor racing betting is also one of the most popular forms of betting. Especially for players who have a passion and love the driver’s car races on the speed GP track. Below, win betting tips will introduce to you in detail full Motor Racing Betting Rules for New Players.

Summary of motor racing betting rules
Summary of motor racing betting rules

Learn about betting on motorbike racing

Motorbike racing is a popular sport enjoyed by many, especially those who are passionate about speed. Along with this, it is also a popular choice for many online betting companies to offer as a betting option for players to place bets on.

You can participate in quick betting on Moto races with your favorite racers at online betting sites, with a wide range of betting options available. While watching the races, you can also showcase your prediction skills and potentially earn large winnings if you are successful.

Rules of motorbike race betting at betting companies

In the event that the venue for the motorbike race changes, all bets placed beforehand will be cancelled by the betting company.

Mastering the rules of the game will help increase your chances of winning
Mastering the rules of the game will help increase your chances of winning

The official medal results determined by the organizing committee are used to determine the final results of the race, and this is also what the betting company relies on to determine the betting odds.

The final results are based on the rankings of the racers after the race as announced by the FIA/FIM.

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Some types of motorcycle racing bets at sportsbooks

First Scorer Bet

This is a type of bet where you have to predict which rider will be the first to score points when they reach the finish line, in the first race of the entire tournament.

Head-to-Head Bet

  • The bet is based on the ranking of one rider compared to another after each race.
  • If one of the two riders is absent when the official race starts, all bets you have placed must be canceled.
  • If both riders start the race, your bet will be canceled.
  • If both riders start the race and only one rider completes the race, that rider will be considered the overall winner.

Handicap in motor

  • For this extremely popular handicap you can understand that one rider will be betting plus one for a virtual advantage in ranking over the other rider.
  • Bets will be calculated in effect if both drivers have an official ranking according to the FIA/FIM results.
  • If one of the riders for any reason does not complete the race, the bet is canceled.
  • Bets are calculated based on one rider’s ranking compared to another after each race.
Motor betting is attracting more and more participants
Motor betting is attracting more and more participants

Things to note in motorcycle racing betting

  • When you start betting on motor racing, you need to know how to play, how to calculate points of each type that you are betting on.
  • In many different ways, find out the basic information before a race you are intending to bet on.
  • Only participate in betting about enough money and do not want to make big bets, leading to difficult failures. Remember that the bookmaker bet is always there and not played today, then played the other day.


Everyone through this article about motor betting rules can know more about an interesting sport to participate in betting. Sometimes changing the wind will also bring you good luck, remember to try it and also remember to start with a small bet. Quickly register W88 to participate in extremely attractive motor racing betting and have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards from W88.

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