Fun88 deposit guide in just 5 minutes

24/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

Fun88 deposit guide to start participating in entertaining card games and football betting at Fun88 bookmakers. Just a few simple steps to deposit Fun88 deposit methods. The following article will summarize deposit methods and guide how to deposit Fun88 in the latest details.

The latest detailed Fun88 deposit guide
The latest detailed Fun88 deposit guide

To start depositing Fun88, you need to have an account at this bookmaker, if you do not have one, register Fun88 right away.

Summing up how to deposit at Fun88 today

Countless forms of deposit
Countless forms of deposit

Local banking: The usual way to deposit money this bookmakers, suitable for the vast majority of players with registered bank accounts.

  • QR Pay: Requires members to have an iBanking bank account and install that bank’s app.
  • Momo, Zalopay: Fast, highly secure intermediary payment methods used by many players.
  • Fastpay: A form of online money transfer by Internet Banking.
  • F-Go card, Cash card: Deposit method with a separate card of bookmaker.

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Fun88 cash out guide most popular

How to deposit Fun88 with Zalo Pay?

Zalo Pay is globally linked
Zalo Pay is globally linked

Step 1: Go to FUN88 Deposit => Select Deposit via Zalo Pay.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to deposit => Click Submit.

How to make deposits fun88 with Cash Card

Cash Card deposits
Cash Card deposits

Step 1: Go to FUN88 Deposit => Select Cash Card Deposit.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to deposit => fill in Cash Card Number => Fill in Cash Card Pin Code =>Click Submit.

Note when depositing at Fun88

  • If recharging with an F-Go card, players need to purchase the card from authorized dealers.
  • Bookmaker offers different deposit limits depending on the deposit method.
  • Members need to strictly follow the regulations of bookmaker so that the deposit transaction process is handled properly.
  • Players who deposit with bank transfer should use a personal bank account corresponding to the bank account.
  • For all questions and recharge problems, members need to contact customer care department for the fastest support.

Summary of frequently asked questions

1. Which bank is supported by Fun88 bookmaker?

Deposit Fun88 and join countless online betting games
Deposit Fun88 and join countless online betting games

2. What are the minimum and maximum deposit limits at this bookmakers ?

For local bank transfers and online payments, a minimum of 4 USD and a maximum of 8520 USD.

3. Is it safe to deposit?

Fun88 is a reputable bookmaker that cooperates with the world’s leading IOVATION company in the field of cybersecurity. All account information or deposit / withdrawal history is absolutely safe by this bookie.

4. What to do if the trading time is too slow?

Usually, player deposits will be updated in about 30 minutes. If after this time still do not see the money updated to the account, players need to quickly contact live chat to check the transaction information.

Summing up

Through the how to deposit on fun88, it will be easy to send money to your Fun88 account using various methods. Hopefully, players will feel satisfied with the quality of service from bookmaker ratings.

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