How to withdraw FB88 for the first time?

22/05/2023 Betting guide

Withdrawing FB88 money to a bank account is a stage that many players are interested in after winning a bet. However, it is quite difficult to make withdrawals to bank accounts for beginners. In this article, will guide you on how to withdraw FB88 in the most detail, making it easy for new bettors or even veteran bettors to withdraw money to their bank accounts. Just follow the steps in the tutorial below and you can fb88 withdrawal money to your bank easily and quickly.

How to withdraw money from FB88?
How to withdraw money from FB88?

Currently, FB88 only supports withdrawals through local banks, so players need to prepare a bank account to be able to withdraw money at this bookmaker.

Instructions on how to withdraw money from FB88 to your local bank account

First the player needs to perform FB88 login. You can use the FB88 access links we attach to log in.

Step 1: Make a transfer in the sub-account to the main account

First, you can login fb88 account via link:

To make a FB88 transfer via fb88 payment methods, select MONEY TRANSFER > Fund Transfer and fill in the information using the instructions below.

Transfer funds to the main account before withdrawing funds
Transfer funds to the main account before withdrawing funds
  • Transfer from: Select the property or product you want to transfer.
  • Go to: Select Primary account.
  • Amount: Fill in the amount you requested to withdraw.
Confirmation of successful fund transfer
Confirmation of successful fund transfer

Step 2: Start updating your bank information

Only players who withdraw money for the first time need to perform this operation. This step can be skipped if you have previously updated your banking information or this is your 2nd withdrawal or more.

To update your banking information, log in to your FB88 account. Click Account Name –> Payments Account. Then proceed to fill in the information as instructed below.

  • Account name: Enter your bank account name (Your real name). This item must match your first and last name when you sign up for an account. FB88 will not accept 3rd party payments.
  • Banks: Please choose the bank to receive money when withdrawing, the main bank when registering an Fb88 account.
  • Account number: Enter your account number in this section.
  • Bank branch: Fill in the branch information of your bank address.
  • City: Enter the address of the province or city where you registered your bank account.
  • FB88 account password: Correctly enter your FB88 account access password.
Proceed to withdraw funds to your bank account
Proceed to withdraw funds to your bank account

After completing the information, click on the Confirm box to update your banking information and verify your FB88 bank account.

Step 3: Proceed to withdraw at FB88 funds to your bank account

When you successfully transfer funds to your main account and complete the process of updating your bank account information, select the Withdrawal section. Next, enter the amount you want to withdraw. In the Account box, select the bank information that was added in Step 2. Once selected, click on the Confirm box to submit your FB88 withdrawal.

After clicking on the Confirm box, the Player Main Account section will display the message “Withdrawals are being processed” and also show the deducted amount.

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A note on withdrawal at fb88 conditions that you need to know

  • Currently, FB88 only offers withdrawals to local banks. Therefore, players need to own a bank account to be able to withdraw money.
  • In order for a withdrawal to be processed by FB88, the player must not violate any FB88 withdrawal rules.
  • The balance in the FB88 betting account must be greater than 41 USD to make a successful withdrawal.
  • In each withdrawal, members can withdraw a minimum of 41 USD and a maximum of 4100.
  • The bank account must be “genuine”, the bank account name must match the name that you used to create an account at Fb88.

Summing up

Through the above article, we have shown how to withdraw money to fb88 very simply and also help you answer most of the common problems encountered when making withdrawals at this bookmaker. Please follow the correct order of steps above to process FB88 withdrawals as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or problems making withdrawals, please contact FB88 customer service for the fastest support. Good luck!

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