How to withdraw money at HappyLuke?

22/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

You are looking to withdraw your winnings at HappyLuke bookmaker to your personal bank account, but still know how to withdraw correctly. If you manipulate the wrong withdrawal request information, not only will you not be able to withdraw money, but you may also be locked out of your account by the system. Therefore, in this article, win tips bet will guide the HappyLuke withdrawal completely, in detail and 100% successfully. Stay tuned.

Withdrawing HappyLuke house money is very simple
Withdrawing HappyLuke house money is very simple

HappyLuke Withdrawal Guide

Step 1: Select the WITHDRAWAL section

Players when logged into their betting account, at the homepage select the MY ACCOUNT section located in the upper right corner of the screen, continue to select WITHDRAW and follow the steps of the HappyLuke withdrawal instructions.

Click Withdraw
Click Withdraw

Step 2: Provide HappyLuke withdrawal information

Right now a new version will appear. Select the local bank withdrawal option, enter the amount you want to withdraw in the Currency Amount box. And enter all the account information the player wants to withdraw in the box below. Players need to enter information on the side of the required information listed in the form.

Select Withdraw via Local Bank
Select Withdraw via Local Bank

After completing the information required by the bookmaker, click CONTINUE, so you complete the HappyLuke withdrawal instructions. What you need to do now is wait for the bookmaker to transfer money to your bank account. HappyLuke withdrawal orders to your account will be processed from 2 – 3 hours from the time the bookmaker receives the withdrawal order. However, if you are a regular customer, the withdrawal order can be executed much faster, about 30 minutes.

Some notes when executing a HappyLuke withdrawal order

You are only allowed to have 1 account at HappyLuke

HappyLuke bookmaker requires each player to only have 1 betting account with his or her real name. If it is found that you have two or 3 accounts on HappyLuke, the system will reject the withdrawal, cancel your bonus. This regulation ensures the rights of all players according to the rules of the First Cagayan organization.

Official bank account

HappyLuke does not accept players to make deposits, payments or withdrawals to 3rd person accounts. Therefore, the bank account must be in your correct name.

Are there fees for HappyLuke withdrawals?

HappyLuke offers players different withdrawal methods to choose from and the fee depends on that method. The bank you choose may also take 1 small fee, which varies from time to time and does not depend on the bookmaker HappyLuke.

Can be replaced with the remaining 2 forms of Withdrawal
Can be replaced with the remaining 2 forms of Withdrawal

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How much money can be withdrawn from HappyLuke?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is 10 USD and the highest is 5,000 USD for the day. If you want to withdraw a larger amount, there must be a prior agreement between you and the bookmaker.

HappyLuke withdrawal caught verifying personal information?

In some cases where members are suspected by the bookmaker, HappyLuke has the right to ask you to verify your identity with copies of identity card, passport, utility bill in the last 3 months or a copy of the front and back of the credit card. If you want to make a withdrawal of more than 2,500 USD, the same is required.

Can you withdraw the bonus?

The answer is yes. However, you have to go through the number of bets according to happyluke’s rules.

How long does it take to withdraw money from HappyLuke bookmaker to the account?

Normally, the processing time of HappyLuke withdrawals is about 24 hours. It also depends on the withdrawal method, the bank you choose, the time to receive money to the account will be different.

Reasons why you may not be able to withdraw funds to your account

  • The system detects that you have more than 1 betting account on the system.
  • Your account does not have enough balance to request a withdrawal.
  • Your account only has bonuses without cash.
  • The bookmaker system detects that you have abnormal signs in betting such as: virtual bets, betting fraud.
  • The bank account does not match the name in which you made the registration on the system.


With our above HappyLuke withdrawal guide, I hope you will manipulate successfully. HappyLuke online casino offers members a multitude of online betting games with great winning percentages, attractive prizes and the opportunity for players to get real money back to very high hands. Therefore, please know how to withdraw HappyLuke money so that your withdrawal transactions are carried out as quickly as possible.

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