What is illegal betting? List of illegal gambling sites

06/01/2024 Betting News

Playing online betting has long become a passion for many people, both men and women. Online betting offers many interesting aspects and notable advantages. The important thing is that it helps us increase safety as well as legality. However, this is only the case when players engage in betting at reputable bookmakers, especially those recommended by Wintips. On the other hand, there are still many cases where people get involved with fraudulent bookmakers, leading to illegal betting. In today’s article, we will summarize some illegal scam websites to stay away from, as well as ways to recognize them.

Illegal gambling should be avoided
Illegal gambling should be avoided

What is illegal betting?

Illegal gambling is the act of placing monetary bets on sports events or other games without complying with the legal regulations and provisions of a country. Illegal gambling is often carried out through online tools and services or through local gambling networks. Engaging in illegal gambling carries many risks and potential consequences. Firstly, participating in illegal gambling can be considered a criminal offense, and those involved may face legal prosecution according to the laws of that country.

Secondly, due to the lack of control and regulation, illegal betting can lead to financial losses, fraud, and violation of players’ rights. Additionally, it can create a favorable environment for money laundering and other criminal activities. Many countries have clear legal regulations regarding gambling and control over gambling activities. Adhering to the laws and engaging in gambling only within the permissible legal boundaries is the best way to ensure safety and avoid potential risks.

Illegal betting sites should stay away from

  • 888tiger.com: Players who request withdrawals are locked out of their accounts.
  • Nevadawin.com: If the player wins more than $100,000, the account is locked out by default.
  • 777slotsbay.com: Locking the account does not allow withdrawals, there is a risk of the site crashing.
  • Blaze.com: Do not allow withdrawals and block the account.
  • Mrsloty.com: Charge 10% of the amount in your account for verification if you want to unlock your account.
  • www2.winbrokes.com: Play win is locked out of the account, for this reason and then blocked the nick.
  • Gallocasino.com: When the player wins the bet, he plays the withdrawal blocking game on the grounds of the same IP.
  • Luckybarcasino.com: It is very common to imprison members’ money.
  • 1betroom24.com: Only for deposits but not withdrawals.
  • Spintro polis.com: Fragmented activity, premature eating of guests.
  • Ladylindacasino.co: Banned from operation but still constantly creating different domain names.
  • Majesticslotsclub.net: Reputable bookmaker web impersonation site.
  • 24pokies.com: It is forbidden to trade on winnings and withdrawals.

Reasons not to play at illegal bookmakers

Legal Consequences: Participating in illegal betting can result in legal consequences, including fines, penalties, and even criminal charges depending on the jurisdiction.

Lack of Safety and Security: Illegal betting sites often lack proper security measures, putting your personal and financial information at risk. They may not have robust systems in place to protect your data, making you vulnerable to identity theft, fraud, or other cybercrimes.

Online betting is a familiar form of entertainment
Online betting is a familiar form of entertainment

Unreliable Operations: Illegal betting sites are not bound by any regulations or oversight, which means they can operate without any accountability. There is a higher risk of unfair practices, rigged outcomes, and manipulation of bets, leading to significant financial losses.

No Recourse for Disputes: When dealing with illegal betting sites, you have limited or no recourse for dispute resolution or seeking compensation for any grievances. These sites operate in the shadows, making it difficult to hold them accountable for any wrongdoing.

How to recognize illegal betting sites?

Illegal betting sites are 100% bookmaker scams. These websites are well aware of the psychology of experienced players. On the other hand, fraudulent websites are easily detectable. All you can do now is pay attention to the signs of illegality that Wintips has compiled below:

Lack of information, vague information

For fraudulent betting sites, it is natural that they cannot openly disclose their information. Therefore, the lack of information and keeping information vague is a sign that you should be wary of. These scam websites often provide limited information about their operations and their terms and policies. As a small piece of advice, before playing on any betting site, it is recommended to carefully review the information, terms, and policies provided on the official website of that particular bookmaker.

Exploiting greed with unbelievable promotions

Fraudulent betting sites may take advantage of people’s greed by offering unbelievable promotions or bonuses that seem too good to be true. Many illegal sports betting sites today exploit the greed of players by offering attractive promotional programs ranging from 100% to 500% to deceive them into depositing money. These betting sites present enticing promotions with favorable odds and promise high chances of winning.

However, there are still many potential risks
However, there are still many potential risks

However, once players deposit money, they report issues or even block access for players. These illegal betting sites also lure players with a deposit amount that allows them to pay later and then contact criminal organizations to demand debt repayment. If individuals are too greedy, they can easily fall into the traps of these fraudulent bookmakers.

Delayed response, slow customer support

Many activities related to online betting, including depositing, withdrawing funds, and understanding game regulations, require customer support assistance. Reliable betting sites always provide 24/7 customer support services with well-trained staff available to address players’ inquiries promptly and attentively.

This is one of the crucial aspects contributing to the success of a reputable online betting site. Therefore, if you are playing on a website with unprofessional staff, slow response times, and closed support during nights and weekends, there is an 80% chance that you are dealing with an illegal betting site.

Hotline using a mobile number

This is a small factor that players need to pay special attention to. There will be no dedicated phone lines for Asian or foreign bookmakers. In other Asian countries, they usually only provide landline phone numbers. On the other hand, reputable betting sites will never use mobile phone numbers because they have a dedicated customer support department available 24/7.

Where should I play legal online betting?

1. W88 online bookmaker

W88 is a name that many betting enthusiasts are interested in. Despite the emergence of numerous new names in the gambling industry, W88 has never been forgotten by its players. In terms of legality, this platform ensures the safety and compliance for its users, so there is no need to worry when participating at W88. The platform constantly invests in modern technologies to enhance its services and products, providing users with exciting and captivating experiences.

Reputable bookmaker W88
Reputable bookmaker W88

At W88, users will immerse themselves in a professional betting environment with an attractive interface. The platform offers diverse and appealing promotional programs, along with daily support, to meet the strictest betting demands of players.

2. Sport betting Fun88

In Fun88 is a well-known legal betting platform, especially in the Asian market. You don’t have to worry about its legality as it has been granted a reputable license and business permit by the Philippine government. When participating on this online sports betting website, you will experience a top-notch and professional betting environment.

FUN88 offers many betting benefits
FUN88 offers many betting benefits

Fun88 offers a wide range of high-quality products, including sports betting, casino games, slot games, and exciting fishing games. With meticulous investment in quality, Fun88 ensures that users have excellent and unforgettable experiences.

3. FB8 online bookmaker

FB88 is not an unfamiliar brand among the betting community. Being first established in the Philippines, FB88 holds a clear business license and operates under the legal protection of the country. Therefore, this betting platform has successfully addressed concerns regarding its legality for many players worldwide.

FB88's reputation has never diminished
FB88’s reputation has never diminished

The bookmaker FB88 always prioritizes the interests of its players. It invests in high-quality products and ensures trustworthy reward systems to provide a satisfying experience for its users. Additionally, the platform employs a highly professional and modern security system. Consequently, FB88 guarantees the safety of its users throughout their entire participation in the betting experience.

4. Online bookmakers 188Bet

This 188bet betting platform has been certified as a reputable and high-quality bookmaker by PAGCOR, the leading and prestigious gambling and entertainment organization in the Philippines. Therefore, 188bet has gained even more attention and popularity among users. At 188bet, users can enjoy a wide range of different betting products.

188Bet is a reliable choice
188Bet is a reliable choice

In addition to sports betting, including football and other sports, users can also participate in various casino games, fishing games, slot games, cockfighting, horse racing, and more. All the products offered by 188bet will provide users with incredibly exciting and captivating moments. Moreover, the betting odds for these products are considered among the highest in the market, which further attracts a large number of users to join.

5. Website 12Bet

12Bet is a well-established betting platform that has been present in the market for a long time. What sets them apart is their extensive years of experience, which allows them to attract players to register and participate in their betting activities. The company emphasizes investing in their products and betting games to optimize the quality of the user experience. They also prioritize operating a high-quality reward system, limiting fraud, and ensuring customer information security.

Wide range of betting at 12Bet
Wide range of betting at 12Bet

The transaction system of 12Bet is extremely convenient. With just a few basic steps, users can easily complete their transactions. Furthermore, these transactions are transparent, allowing users to track them easily. The customer support system of 12Bet is highly professional, as their team members are well-trained in both knowledge and skills related to betting, as well as customer service attitudes. These factors contribute to the satisfaction of users when they engage with 12Bet.

Standards for evaluating reputable bookmakers

Have a valid business license

  • PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) – issued by the Philippine government.
  • IOM (Isle of Man) Gambling Supervision Commission – issued by the Isle of Man.
  • FCLRC (First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation) – Entertainment and gaming company in the Philippines.
  • CEZA: Cagayan Economic Zone Authority – Regulatory body for the Cagayan Economic Zone.
  • Costa Rica Gambling Jurisdiction – Gambling jurisdiction in Costa Rica. First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation.
  • MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) – Gaming regulatory authority in Malta.

Other legal factors

  • Has a reputable and long-standing operation.
  • The ability to secure and protect customers’ personal information.
  • Capability to organize and manage time with a dedicated customer service department.
  • Smooth configuration and user-friendly interface, offering a diverse range of games with various betting options.
  • Provides fast, simple, and transparent deposit and withdrawal services.
  • Accepts all customer requests and concerns and provides the best possible response.
  • Offers a variety of events and promotional programs.
  • Compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones, laptops, and operating systems such as iOS and Android.


Above is all the information about illegal online betting. Whether in any country or territory, betting is always a sensitive issue and must be understood and followed according to the law. Only then can it provide safety and long-term sustainability for both players and bookmakers. Remember to stay away from fraudulent bookmakers to avoid any suspicions of engaging in illegal betting. 2024 is a year of strong development in the form of online betting. If you want to participate, you can visit Wintips to consult and explore reputable bookmakers.

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