Latest F1 Racing Betting Guide 2024

F1 racing betting guide is a hot topic that many people are interested in. The F1 race was first held in Hanoi in early 2020. This is a sport that is very loved and welcomed by young people in Vietnam. F1 racing-related betting games are also released by online bookmakers today. However, because this is a new game, many of you still do not know how to bet on F1 racing? Let’s win tips to find out in this article.

F1 Racing Betting Guide
F1 Racing Betting Guide

Find out what is F1 racing betting?

F1 racing betting is a pinnacle of motorsport today. The punter’s job is to research, analyze in detail as well as analyze the racing technique of each athlete to catch the right bet. Just a little bit of a breakdown makes the results change quickly.

F1 Racing Betting Guide for New Players

The first step to participating in F1 racing betting is to choose a reputable bookmaker and proceed to register / log in, fund the account to participate in betting. You must be knowledgeable to expect betting to always win, must have experience in betting and have the strongest mentality.

Choose and learn more about F1 racing matches

Choosing the team and tactics of the match is a very important job that almost everyone misses. This is a difficult step and also the foundation for deciding whether you will win or lose in racing bets.

Before betting, you should go into thoroughly understanding the information of the racer then proceed to synthesize and see what the racing tactics of that racer are and place bets.

Keep a strong mentality in F1 racing betting
Keep a strong mentality in F1 racing betting

Keep a strong mentality

Most participants have a general mentality of being afraid of losing and afraid that they will bet alone, so the crowd betting mentality often occurs. You must keep calm, as well as consider the player’s tactics carefully, do not because there are too many people who choose too much but close their eyes to choose accordingly.

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Seize the opportunity and divide into many small bets

In addition to relying on luck, F1 racing betting is also based on you choosing a strategy to play. You should not put all your energy into the same match, nor should you put all your money into one match, but divide it into matches. Only by applying such playing tactics, your chances of winning or losing will be more evenly weighed, if you bet 1 time all the money you have and lose, you will lose everything. On the contrary, you split the bet into small amounts, if you lose, you can do it again, win it again, then continue to play, so the money will always be guaranteed at a balanced level.

Understand the rules of the game and improve your experience

Always learn, learn about the betting tactics of the previous bettors. Explore and learn to understand F1 racing, thereby setting yourself some of the most reasonable betting rules.

Popular forms of F1 racing betting today

F1 racing betting forms
F1 racing betting forms

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Unlike other regular online betting games, the F1 racing betting form has been much more specific by the bookmaker. Learning betting instructions is not enough, you need to understand the following main form of betting:

Bet entirely in F1

Betting is absolutely the simplest way to bet. Simply put, you only need to choose a match and a specific rider to bet on this type of bet. Then select the amount that you are trying to bet. Of course you will win if the person you choose wins is on the track and you will collect money. The vast majority of players now choose this type of bet.

Long-term betting in F1

Unlike the outright bet, this form of long-term betting is not just wrapped up in one race, it lasts throughout the entire tournament. First you have to choose a driver or team that you judge is capable of winning the overall race throughout the season. This way of betting on F1 racing is quite time-consuming because you have to wait for the end of an entire season. However, there is a special feature of this type of bet that the odds according to each season will fluctuate and change significantly.


The F1 racing betting guide seems very easy at first glance, but for those who do not start to learn from now on, there will be no easy concept. This F1 racing betting is only for free time, a day you should only participate in 2 matches to ensure a reasonable choice of tactics. Good luck!

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