Learn some ways to make football bets of online bookmakers

19/05/2023 Sports betting

In football betting, the odds play a key role, affecting the success and failure of players. Bookmakers are the ones who make bets and list them on the exchange. Players will rely on it for reference and make their decisions. Therefore, you also need to know how the make football bets of online bookmakers? What is the way of the football bookmaker? Let’s with win tips find out through the article below.

How to make bets of a reputable football bookmaker

Adjusting bets is important and relies on a lot of factors. The bookmaker needs to calculate reasonably so that the profit achieved is the highest.

Learn some ways to make football bets of online bookmakers
Learn some ways to make football bets of online bookmakers

Quantitative information analysis

Quantitative information is the competition data of 2 teams in recent times. The bookmaker will have to make statistics, compile and predict the probability of safety for the possibilities of Win – Lose – Draw.

With quantitative information, no mathematical formulas will be applied. It all relies on the gold betting tips, analytical skills and judgment of the bettor.

Qualitative information analysis

Qualitative information is material taken from quantitative information, sports articles or newsletters. All of them have a more or less influence on the upcoming match. Similar to quantitative, qualitative information does not apply a calculation formula.

The bookmaker will use its experience to list the safest odds. Players can rely on this to be able to distinguish between reputable bookmakers and fraudulent bookmakers.

Based on the number of bettors

Players are also a significant factor affecting the bookmaker’s betting. If the number of bets for the upper door team is superior, the bookmaker will reduce the cost of this door. If it still goes up, they’ll change bets. Can go from 0.25 to 0.5 or 0.75 to 1.00.

In the case of placing a lot of bets on the lower door team, reducing eating points is not feasible. Instead, the bookmaker will re-adjust the odds. If the number of bets between the two parties is approximately the same, the profit the house receives at this time is the largest.

Based on the number of bettors
Based on the number of bettors

How does the bookmaker bet on football?

The process of betting on football goes through many stages. Bookmakers must research, analyze and evaluate the match accurately. They will then come up with the best profit margins and odds to roll out online.

The bet is also based on the bookmaker’s capital as well as the odds from other competitors. Some objective factors that affect the making of bets such as:

  • Position on the leaderboard.
  • The number of players absent because of injuries or penalty cards.
  • Past results.
  • Recent results.
  • Field advantage, playing time, weather conditions …

The bookmaker will list the bet 3-5 days before the match, with the big house from 2-3 days. In the beginning, the ratio of upper and lower door trusses was not too different (60/40). The bookmaker will closely monitor and adjust the odds regularly. Coming about 2 hours before the competition time, the bookmaker will close the bet.

How does the bookmaker bet on football?
How does the bookmaker bet on football?

What do bookmakers benefit from betting?

Running the shadow house will require a huge amount of capital. In order for the website to operate stably, it must generate income from many different sources. One of them is thanks to the introduction of football, including:

  • Profit from the spread. In case the difference between the top and bottom doors is not too large, the house will not earn any money.
  • Profit from advertising money. If the number of visitors is large, the bookmaker will receive ads on its website. This is no small source of economic revenue.
  • Profit from the loser.
  • Net interest from recurring bank deposits.


In football betting, the bookmaker will always find a way to prevent you from winning. Therefore, players need to clearly grasp the bookmaker’s betting. From there, it will limit your ability to lose bets. Hope the above sharing will help you succeed as expected. Thanks for taking care of this article.

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