Lixi88 login guide only 1 minute

18/05/2023 Betting guide Blog

Lixi88 is the most reputable bookmaker in Southeast Asia. Operate legally in the Philippines with a license issued by PAGCOR. Has many years of experience in the field of entertainment business, betting. In addition to online bingo games, it also provides other games such as sports betting, online casinos … In the following article, wintips will guide Lixi88 login for you to better understand.

Login Lixi88 in just 1 minute
Login Lixi88 in just 1 minute

Some preliminary information about bookmaker Lixi88

Bookmaker Lixi88 was established in the Philippines in 2018. This is a famous bookmaker with a variety of products and services including three-domain lottery fishing and folk games. The founding purpose of this bookmaker is to create responsible betting platforms and firmly say no to players under the age of 18. Its accountability and prestige are currently gaining great coverage in the Southeast Asian market.

Bookmaker Lixi88 offers a variety of products: when you come to try your hand at this bookmaker, you have many fields you can try including lotteries in the north and south, folk games such as Slag, disc jockeys, crabs.. Hot slot games are gaining a lot of popularity.

About the advantages of Lixi88, it can be seen right in the interface with flexible 3D images in red and white tones to help participants always have an attractive feeling. This is a bookmaker with a business license, so participants can rest assured when participating to bet.

Lixi88 promotion form is extremely attractive. For those who participate in sports, you get 1 USD. In particular, there are also incentives for customers if more players are introduced.

Fastest Lixi88 login guide

Step 1: You access the Lixi88 bookmaker

Visit the Lixi88 homepage. If you cannot access Lixi88, you can refer to the article Link to Lixi88 to fix this error.

Visit the bookmaker homepage
Visit the bookmaker homepage

Step 2: You fill in the information in the Lixi88 bookmaker

After successfully accessing Lixi88, you look up at the right corner of the screen with the Username and Password box.

Fill in the account information to log in
Fill in the account information to log in
  • Username: Fill in the username Lixi88.
  • Password: The password or password to log in to Lixi88.

Step 3: You have completed the login at Lixi88

After filling in the required information, click on Login. The Lixi88 login was successful. If that fails, you’ve entered the wrong username or password.

Bookmaker Lixi88 promotion

After you register Lixi88 validly. In addition to the fact that you can contact the customer care call center, respond to your questions or comments in all information on the articles offered by Lixi88. You also receive countless promotions at Lixi88 bookmaker including:

The game world at Lixi88 is very diverse
The game world at Lixi88 is very diverse

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Short promotions according to holidays – Tet – anniversaries

These are the programs KM Lixi88 created to increase the atmosphere for participants to play at the big days of the year.

Most of the major holidays such as Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year, 30/4 – 1/5, 8/3, 2/9, the establishment of the prestigious bookmaker Lixi88, the launch of a new game on the betting site … then Lixi bookmakers increase the reward when players deposit, increase the bonus for each bet….

Fixed Lixi88 promotion

As long as you do not cheat in registering a Lixi88 account, you will definitely receive fixed promotions including:

  • Give 426 USD to try out.
  • Get 4 USD instantly when successfully registering a valid account.
  • Unlimited 1% sports betting bonus.
  • First deposit bonus up to 38 USD.

For details, you should refer to each promotion of Lixi88 bookmaker to participate properly and get enough.


The Lixi88 login tutorial will make it easier for you to manipulate. If you have questions or do not log in to Lixi88, you can contact Lixi88 online support directly for help quickly. I wish you all success!

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