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18/05/2023 Blog Betting guide

Recharging at Lixi88 bookmakers is easy with forms such as bank transfer, ATM, e-wallet or Help2Pay payment gateway. In the following article, win tips will guide you on how to deposit lixi88 through the bank more easily.

Simple, fast Lixi88 top-up
Simple, fast Lixi88 top-up

Lixi88 deposit guide super fast

Fast transfers

Step 1: Log in to Lixi88 bookmaker

Log in to select Deposit
Log in to select Deposit

Step 2: Select “Deposit” on the toolbar. Choose one of the three forms Paywell, Momo and DragonPay, then choose the bank you use.

Lixi88 supports multiple deposit methods
Lixi88 supports multiple deposit methods

Step 3: Enter the deposit amount (from 8,5 – 12780 USD), select “Send”

Step 4: Enter your Internet Banking account, then follow each step of the bookmaker to be able to confirm the deposit transaction. This way of depositing money is extremely fast, it only takes you 5 minutes for you to fund your account.

Note: You are required to support the bookmaker’s online payment method. Maybe Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. Otherwise, you will have to deposit at the bookmaker otherwise. In which, immediately refer to the method below.

Bank transfer

Step 1: Still in the deposit section, please select “Bank transfer”.

Step 2: Choose the most convenient bank, currently with Vietinbank and Techcombank, then click “DEPOSIT”.

Bank deposits are very popular
Bank deposits are very popular

Step 3: Directly transfer the amount to be deposited into the account shown on the screen. Along with the transfer content as requested by the bookmaker. Just the amount sent to the bookmaker’s account. You will be adding money in one note.

This deposit method is relatively fast. However, at the end of the year, there was a slow transaction speed. So please pay attention to the right time to send money. You should transfer money in the evening, this time will help you quickly send money to the bookmaker’s account.

Banking system linked to Lixi88 bookmaker
Banking system linked to Lixi88 bookmaker

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Notes when depositing at Lixi88

Although depositing is quite simple, in fact, you need to pay attention to some basic factors such as:

Check the bookmaker’s account every time you make a deposit

Depositing money at the house is not difficult, but the deposit account changes constantly by the day. Players need to check each deposit to avoid mistaken deposits to the disabled account. As well as if you do not fill out the trading order as required. The bookmaker will also not be able to confirm the player to recharge.

It is recommended to transfer within the bank

You should pay attention to which banker’s account to be able to transfer inter bank funds. It makes the payment process faster and more economical. Minimize waiting time for betting participants.

Many people complain why I have been depositing for so long. However, they usually make interbank transfers. Agribank transferred to Techcombank. Although it can still be transferred, it makes the transaction time up to several hours.

Should have an Internet Banking account

You should own an Internet Banking account, especially from Techcombank. Because this bank will support you with free transfers. Therefore, you also save somewhat when entertaining online.

Moreover, Techcombank supports most reputable bookmakers. Help participants always deposit and withdraw money at any entertainment bookmaker.

Lixi88 bookmaker allows Deposits with arbitrary numbers
Lixi88 bookmaker allows Deposits with arbitrary numbers

How to get a promotion when depositing at Lixi88

To receive the promotion of Lixi88 bookmaker, you should pay attention to some important information such as:

Choose the offer chapter when depositing

In fact, at each first Lixi88 deposit, there will be many incentives for you to choose from. But not every show is really good. You should refer to many factors to choose the best program when participating in betting.

Take care of the number of rebets, whether there is a deadline requirement, whether the promotions are good.

Consult with Lixi88 bookmaker’s consulting team

Lixi88’s support team will help you answer all your questions in betting games. In which, the incentive programs you should refer to before deciding to deposit.

Because it can directly affect the interests of players in the future. Therefore, you are afraid of not asking a team with expertise to support you.


If you have any questions about Lixi88 deposit guide, you can contact Lixi88’s online support to answer your questions as soon as possible. Subscribe to Lixi88 to join the most exciting games here. I wish you all success!

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