List of the 5 most popular Mexico betting sites today

23/05/2024 Betting News

As one of the fastest growing countries in Latin America, Mexico has one of the largest untapped gambling markets in the region. There is a huge demand for various types of gambling in the country and local venues are definitely making a decent profit from this demand. As for the problem of online gambling, the situation has not yet reached the expected solution. However, despite that, online gambling activity is on the rise from Mexican gamblers, proving that there is always a market here. In this article, we’ll win tips look at the current state of online sports betting in Mexico and reputable Mexico betting sites. Please refer to the article below!

Learn about betting sites Mexico
Learn about betting sites Mexico

The Legality and Regulation of Sports Betting in Mexico

Adapting to what seems to be the norm in North America, Mexico lacks clear laws regarding the legality of online gambling, including sports betting. The country has had a tumultuous history with gambling in general, with this activity being largely pushed outside the legal framework throughout the 20th century. This changed somewhat in 2004 when the government introduced new laws aimed at loosening some aspects of sports betting and other forms of gambling.

Currently, all gambling activities are managed by the Ministry of the Interior. This organization decides which forms of gambling are allowed, how they are conducted, and which operators are eligible for gambling licenses. While this may hold true for land-based activities, which have greatly benefited from the new laws, online gambling hasn’t had it as easy.

Since June 2018, online gambling isn’t regulated by any government agency in Mexico, leaving the domestic scene unregulated. Furthermore, Mexican citizens are prohibited from using any type of online gambling services based in Mexico, as these services target only foreign customers. Some sports betting websites offer services to local residents without being regulated by any organization, thus making them unreliable.

This leaves Mexican gamblers with fewer options to fulfill their betting needs. Many turn to traditional establishments, completely legal, while others opt to access foreign gambling websites. Such online sports betting sites are regulated by organizations in their home countries, ensuring customers are treated fairly. Moreover, Spanish is the third most widely spoken language globally, so Mexicans have no trouble finding a sports betting site that supports this language.

Despite years of debate on legalizing online gambling, there have been no concrete results so far. Similarly, there have been considerations to ban foreign websites catering to online gambling needs, but this hasn’t materialized either. As it stands, the situation remains unchanged, and it may take some time before Mexican gamblers can fully enjoy online gambling.

Top 5 new Mexico betting sites

1. Bet365

Since 2018, Bet365 has become an integral part of the online gambling scene in Mexico. This is evident through their official partnership with Ganador Azteca, a subsidiary company operating in the gambling sector owned by a local television operator. Thanks to this partnership, players in Mexico have access to a variety of sports promotion programs, including bonuses and additional features related to popular sports such as football, horse racing, baseball, and tennis.

Bet365 - Mexico betting sites
Bet365 – Mexico betting sites

Not only is the partnership between Bet365 and Ganador Azteca noteworthy, but the interface of Bet365 is also designed to be very user-friendly. This makes the betting experience easy and enjoyable for both beginners and experienced players. The flexibility of this interface is further enhanced by the use of geolocation technologies. This prioritizes and highlights important sporting events, stimulating the interest of local players in engaging in the betting experience.

2. 22bet

22bet a relatively new online gambling operator with a few years of experience, has quickly expanded its operations to various regions, including Mexico. Despite being new, the sports library of this bookmaker online is known to be one of the most extensive on the market today, featuring a variety of sports such as football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and many others.

22bet - New Mexico betting sites
22bet – New Mexico betting sites

On the 22bet website, local bettors are allowed to use most types of payment solutions, including Payeer for withdrawals. However, to ensure compliance with local laws, we advise you to verify that using a specific payment method is appropriate before depositing funds into your account.

Enthusiastic bettors can enjoy their time with 22bet promotional packages, including welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and discounts, along with many other promotional programs to enhance the excitement and value of their betting experience.

3. 1xBet

With a mission to provide numerous betting opportunities, 1xBet continually strives to meet the needs and preferences of players. In particular, the organization is committed to offering a range of football and boxing transactions, two popular sports in Mexico. In this way, 1xBet aims to understand and meet the specific requirements of players in this country, thereby creating a reliable and convenient betting environment.

1xBet - New Mexico betting sites
1xBet – New Mexico betting sites

Additionally, 1xBet takes pride in organizing over 70 sports events, including a variety of sports from football and tennis to basketball, baseball, and many more. This not only demonstrates diversity but also a clear commitment from 1xBet to meet the diverse preferences of players. These ongoing efforts have helped solidify 1xBet position as one of the leading betting companies in Mexico.

In summary, 1xBet is not only a reputable and reliable betting destination but also a trustworthy and convenient partner for gaming enthusiasts in Mexico. From diverse transactions to a variety of sports events, 1xBet continually strives to create the best betting environment for players in this country.

4. Betway

Betway is one of the global sports betting brands that has obtained a license to operate in Mexico from the Ministry of the Interior of Mexico (SEGOB). While operations abroad are managed by authorities in the UK and Malta. The diversity of Betway investment portfolio is designed to be convenient, allowing players to easily find markets they are interested in.

Betway - Best sports betting sites Mexico
Betway – Best sports betting sites Mexico

This platform provides quick links to the most popular categories, including Liga MX and Liga de Expansión MX. The full list of sports includes over 30 disciplines, with most events featuring a considerable variety of betting options. This provides bettors with a rich and diverse betting experience, from popular sports events to lesser-known sports, all available for betting and participation.

5. Codere

Codere gambling platform in Mexico has emerged as one of the top destinations and is widely favored within the local betting community. Similar to online sports websites in Spain and Italy, this platform is not just another domain extension (.mx), but a fully tailored and specially optimized system to cater to Mexico betting market.

The accepted deposit methods on this platform are diverse and reflect the popularity of local payment solutions. Options include services from leading banks like BBVA, electronic payment solutions like Spei, as well as services from financial institutions like Banco Azteca and a range of other methods. Currently, only bank transfer withdrawal methods are accepted, ensuring security and transparency for financial transactions on the platform.

Codere - Best sports betting sites Mexico
Codere – Best sports betting sites Mexico

In terms of content, players will find a wide range of sports to bet on, mirroring the diversity seen in most global bookmakers. With around 30 sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, horse racing, and many others, players have a broad and varied selection to satisfy their betting preferences. This not only provides a diverse betting experience but also helps players enjoy the excitement and support in placing bets on their favorite sports events.


Thus, the situation of online sports betting in Mexico is currently reflecting the rapid development of a potential market. Although there are still unclear legal and regulatory restrictions, Mexicans are still looking for online betting opportunities through popular Mexico betting sites such as Bet365, 22bet, 1xBet, Betway and Codere. The variety in the choice of bookmakers and sporting events provides players with a wide range of options, while the flexibility in payment methods meets the diverse needs of users. Despite many legal and competitive challenges, the growth potential of the online sports betting market in Mexico remains huge and could present attractive business opportunities for bookmakers in the future.

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