The 7 best MMA Betting Sites to join

06/01/2024 Sports betting

Referring to boxing, many people immediately think of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). With its popularity, MMA has even made its way into online betting platforms. Betting on boxing matches has long become a global trend. Both major and minor fights, with diverse and captivating odds, are no less exciting than soccer or baseball. If you’re a passionate MMA enthusiast looking to place bets on this sport, the first important step is choosing a reputable betting site. In the following article, Wintips admin presents the top 7 MMA Betting Sites for the year 2024. Feel free to refer to it and choose the one that suits you best.

MMA betting with top reputable sites
MMA betting with top reputable sites

The basics of MMA

What is MMA?

MMA is an abbreviation for Mixed Martial Arts, a discipline often referred to as free-form combat or ultimate fighting, characterized by comprehensive resistance and intense combat. When engaging in MMA competition, you can utilize a wide range of techniques, including punches, kicks, grappling, and submission holds. The objective of MMA is to combine the most effective fighting skills from various martial arts disciplines around the world. In MMA, you can witness fighters coming from diverse backgrounds such as wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai…

In reality, MMA is considered a practical martial art, allowing the use of techniques and stances from different martial arts styles, as long as you can overcome your opponent. Betting on MMA involves making predictions about the outcome of an MMA match. Subsequently, individuals select odds and various forms of bets based on the bookmakers’ offered odds to place their wagers on those predictions.

Rules in MMA competition

All player bets will be considered valid after the referee declares the start of round one.

  • For MMA, each round lasts 5 minutes, with 150 seconds being considered half for over/under betting.
  • There are 5 rounds for a championship game, otherwise, there are only 3 rounds. One minute is the interval between rounds.
  • The most accurate and effective results are those announced by the organizers. Any changes or adjustments made after a fighter leaves the arena will not be counted.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO): If a fighter in the ring cannot continue, that fighter is deemed to have lost. In other words, the fighter receives a direct technical knockout.
  • Draw results include a skill draw.
  • A fighter clearly attacks the opponent or declares to the referee that they surrender.
MMA betting is different from UFC betting
MMA betting is different from UFC betting

If a match concludes with a score and there are score changes by the referee or organizers, those changes will be deemed void for the bookmakers’ betting results.

Scoring in MMA competition

Boxers will be counted 1 point if they achieve one of the following conditions:

  • The blow hits the opponent’s head or hits the target.
  • The blow hits the opponent’s body from head to waist. The condition is correct valid contact area of the gloves.

Conversely, boxers will not be scored in the following cases:

  • Blows to points below the waist and nape.
  • Beat with the back and edge of the gloves.
  • The blow has no force and strikes with the arm.

Top 7 best MMA Betting Sites for you

1. W88

W88 is a product of the prominent entertainment betting conglomerate known as MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD. Established in 2013 in the Philippines, the gambling hub of Asia, W88 has a 10-year history of development in the betting arena and boasts numerous impressive achievements. For many years, W88 has consistently maintained a position among the top 3 most reputable MMA betting sites in Asia. As of now, W88 remains the most talked-about name and has the largest player base.

W88 prioritizes advantages and benefits
W88 prioritizes advantages and benefits

When mentioning W88, one immediately thinks of sports and athletic betting. This could be due to W88’s renowned and top-tier sports betting platform. If you’re seeking a dynamic and comprehensive range of odds for global soccer matches, W88 is the only platform that will satisfy you. With a variety of betting odds from low to high, and capital limits from the lowest to unlimited, the odds are professionally crafted by top experts. Moreover, the platform constantly updates features like pre-match livestreaming, cash-out options, and pre-match analysis to fully support bettors in their experience, betting, and winning.

2. FB88

With the desire to offer a fair and transparent betting platform, the MMA betting site FB88 was founded in 2011, headquartered in the Philippines. Since its inception, FB88 has gained recognition for its diverse product offerings, prioritizing user experience and emotions. Particularly, all games at FB88 focus on transparency and clarity, resulting in high winning rates and frequency.

FB88's betting odds are researched by leading experts
FB88’s betting odds are researched by leading experts

In 2019, after establishing stability in Europe, FB88 expanded its presence to the Asian market. Alongside existing successes and the hard work of a dedicated team, FB88 has garnered millions of registered accounts across Asia, including countries like Vietnam, China, Thailand, Laos, and more. To this day, FB88 maintains a solid position in both the European and Asian markets. It stands as a trustworthy, safe, and optimal choice for all bettors.

3. Dafabet

The interface design of Dafabet’s website is youthful and showcases innovative, fresh ideas. As a result, players can easily see that Dafabet’s website is highly appealing and user-friendly, even for first-time users. When engaging with the Dafabet gaming platform, players have the opportunity to select from a range of attractive betting products, including Dafabet Sportsbook, Dafabet Casino, and Dafabet Poker. Each betting product is continuously improved to provide the best experiences on the platform.

Dafabet's strong suit lies in its friendly and enthusiastic customer service attitude
Dafabet’s strong suit lies in its friendly and enthusiastic customer service attitude

Payment methods and withdrawals significantly impact a player’s decision to engage with an online betting platform. To provide the most comfortable experience, Dafabet offers a diverse range of payment and withdrawal methods for online betting participants.

4. BET365

Founded in 1974, Bet365 is one of the earliest betting companies in the world, operating under the Bet365 Group Limited in the United Kingdom. With nearly 50 years of history, Bet365 has a global presence with a variety of diverse and internationally recognized betting arenas.

The scale and financial capability of Bet365 are beyond dispute
The scale and financial capability of Bet365 are beyond dispute

As an established and enduring betting company under an international conglomerate, Bet365 possesses unprecedented financial strength. The company always stays attuned to global player demands and meets all their needs. To date, Bet365 has a vast presence in over 148 countries and territories, with thousands of dedicated staff members. Bet365 is an industry leader and it’s challenging for any other betting company to surpass its prominence.

5. M88

As part of a leading betting conglomerate, M88 enjoys numerous advantages. Among these, the most prominent are its financial strength and the quality of its games. M88 is the exclusive sponsor of the prestigious La Liga football league in Asia until the end of 2024. Previously, M88 sponsored numerous major football clubs in Europe.

Abundant promotions and post-game benefits from the M88 platform
Abundant promotions and post-game benefits from the M88 platform

Furthermore, the MMA betting site M88 is a top partner for the world’s leading game publishers. Therefore, M88’s betting games and gaming halls are always at the forefront in terms of quality and class, with no other betting site comparable. With a large number of bettors, M88 boasts a workforce of thousands, always ready to serve players to the best of their abilities.

6. BetMGM

BetMGM Sportsbook is the official mobile betting app of MGM Resorts International, one of the most recognized casino operators in the world. The BetMGM app offers legal online sports betting services in over a dozen states, with no signs of slowing down its expansion across the United States. The BetMGM website is also one of the most famous online casino brands, offering slot machines, live casinos, and table games in markets such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia.

BetMGM takes pride in its higher-than-average advertising volume
BetMGM takes pride in its higher-than-average advertising volume

New sports bettors can request a first bet bonus of up to $1,000 using our exclusive BetMGM bonus code BUSABONUS. The MMA betting site BetMGM offers a slightly different cashback policy compared to other sports betting platforms. If your initial bet is from $50 upwards, the cashback will be divided into five bonus bets, each equivalent to 20% of the total cashback amount. This allows spread bettors to diversify their wealth, giving them more opportunities to pick winners. Cashback amounts of $49 or less are released as a single bet bonus.

7. Caesars

Caesars Sportsbook is a behemoth in the industry, offering a world-class sports betting environment, reliable live betting, daily promotions, and a plethora of markets. At Wintips, we hold Caesars in high regard, currently ranking them among our top sports betting sites in the nation. The Caesars website was one of the first to launch online sportsbooks after sports betting was legalized in the United States.

Caesars' live betting revolves around North American leagues
Caesars’ live betting revolves around North American leagues

New members of Caesars Sportsbook receive a sizable welcome bonus along with several other special offers. Regardless of your state of residence, you should look for similar deals as long as you’re eligible. Quick action: Caesars Sportsbook’s promotions will be reduced and organized logically as the operator focuses on digital profitability.

Popular MMA Betting Odds

Currently, there are 4 main types of boxing betting bets, including:

Money Line Odds

This is a very simple form of bet, you just need to choose the fighter you think is likely to win and bet on that person.

However, when it comes to money, you should focus on negative and positive cash flows.

  • Negative cash flow (-): Into money for upper door players.
  • Positive cash flow (+): The odds of the lower door puncher.

Although the form of betting is simple, to win this bet, you must really know the fighter you bet on. Despite knowing that the dealer always gives the boxer a lower odds. But sometimes this is not accurate, so try to take advantage of it.


A tie bet is a form of betting on a match that you think will result in a draw. This is the least visible type of bet in boxing matches but is still applied by some bookmakers. Although the odds of winning this type of bet are quite low (50%), once you predict correctly, the amount of bonus you get is huge.

Over/Under Odds

Over/Under bets are very different from the above 2 types of bets. Based on the number of rounds, you will predict when the match will end. Besides, players also bet on the total number of points that the boxer will score in the match.

Accumulator Odds

Accumulator bets (oblique bets) are bets where you can skewer multiple boxing matches. This means that in 1 bet ticket, you are entitled to predict more than 1 match. However, bets are not allowed to be skewered.

The odds in MMA are varied
The odds in MMA are varied

This is the hardest type of bet and has the highest bonus percentage. Therefore, accumulator bets are only suitable for players with long experience.

How to determine win/lose in MMA?

When playing MMA betting, there will be cases where bets are based on how to determine wins and losses:

  • Bet on the winner of a match.
  • The winner will rely on methods such as: Knock out – Knock out technique – The opponent is eliminated or loses. Either win based on the referee’s points or the match ends in a draw.
  • Betting on the form of a digital under in one round.
  • Will this match-based bet go through all innings?
  • In which specific rounds do you choose to bet your opponents are forced to win?

Some MMA betting tips for newcomers

Understanding Rules from MMA Betting Sites

Having a clear understanding of the betting rules is essential not just for boxing bets but for all sports. When you comprehend the rules and scoring criteria of a match, you can anticipate the odds that bookmakers might offer. This makes placing bets much easier and more convenient.

Knowledge about Your Chosen Fighters

Before placing any bets, research all the information about the fighters participating in the match. This information could include their height, weight, and years in the profession. Most importantly, their historical win record is a crucial factor to determine your own betting success rate. However, this also depends on luck and the fighter’s mental state. So, don’t be disheartened if you lose a boxing bet even after thorough fighter research!

Familiarize Yourself with the Fight Schedule

To avoid missing out on the bets you’ve predicted, it’s important to be well-informed about the fighters’ schedules. Many bettors have lost potential winnings simply because they forgot about the fight schedule.

Adjust Your Betting Budget

Stay mindful when engaging in boxing betting, as the attractive odds offered by bookmakers can cloud your judgment. Considering a reasonable budget can help you manage your capital effectively and gradually build it up. Start with small bets and increase your wager gradually as you become more experienced.


The above article has provided you with comprehensive information about boxing betting. How do you feel about the 7 MMA Betting Sites that we introduced? Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Wintips hopes that these valuable insights will fulfill your information-seeking needs. Wishing you much joy and luck on the upcoming journey. Remember to visit the Wintips website daily for more exciting sports and casino news updates.

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