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30/08/2023 Betting guide

In sports, Golf is known as a sport for the nobility in the ancient West. But in recent years, golf has become much more popular. We don’t have to be rich to have access to golf. The proof is that many championship competitions have also appeared. As a result, many bookmakers opening bets for golf matches also emerged. Today, Wintips admin will share with you some knowledge about Golf as well as the most interesting Betting on Golf tournaments. Let’s get started now.

International golf tournament betting is of interest to many people
International golf tournament betting is of interest to many people

Learn more about Golf

Origin, history

Modern golf started in 15th-century Scotland, but its ancient origins are still debated. Some experts believe an ancient Roman game used a curved stick to hit a stuffed ball. Paganica, this Roman game, might be golf’s ancestor. It was played in the 1st century AD, spreading across Europe and evolving into golf. Others say golf came from ancient Chinese chùy hoàn, 8th to 14th century. A 1368 document shows a figure putting a ball with a stick. In Scotland, King James II banned golf in 1452 for archery practice.

King James IV lifted the ban in 1502; he loved golf. The Old Course at St. Andrews, created in 1574, is golf’s birthplace. In 1764, St. Andrews had the first standardized 18-hole golf course. The oldest golf rules, from 1744, applied to Leith golf course. The first major golf tournament, The Open Championship, happened in 1860 at Prestwick.

Scots won. John Reid and Robert Lockhart brought golf to the US in 1888. Reid founded St. Andrews Golf Club in New York, expanding golf globally. Now, golf is in many countries with big tournaments. Rules have evolved, creating exciting matches for fans.

Golf Terms Used in Competition and Betting

  • Tee box: The tee box is the point achieved when hitting the first ball. This location is marked by two markers on either side. It indicates the limit of the ball’s range according to the rules.
  • Fairway: This term denotes the path where the ball rolls.
  • Bunker: Refers to a sand trap. Usually, golf courses have various obstacles, and sand traps are among those obstacles.
  • Rough: A term that indicates areas with tough obstacles like tall grass, rocks, or bushes that can significantly impede the ball’s path.
  • Lake: These are ponds or lakes established on the golf course.
  • Green: A specially cultivated area on the golf course with a specific type of grass. On it, there will be a golf hole, and this is where the ball’s journey ends.

How to calculate points in Golf competition?

Additionally, there are specific terms and scores for various outcomes in golf:

  • Condor: – 4 (subtract 4) represents four strokes under par.
  • Albatross (Double Eagle): – 3 (subtract 3) denotes three strokes under par.
  • Eagle: – 2 (subtract 2) signifies two strokes under par.
  • Birdie: – 1 (subtract 1) indicates one stroke under par.
  • Par: E is equal to par.
  • Bogey: + 1 (add 1) represents one stroke over par.
  • Double bogey: + 2 (add 2) denotes two strokes over par.
  • Triple bogey: + 3 (add 3) signifies three strokes over par.
Golf has a rather complicated scoring method
Golf has a rather complicated scoring method

Penalties for golfers who make mistakes

Depending on the specific situation, players will be considered and fined for violating the rules, some common cases are as follows:

  • Losing the ball or hitting the ball on the edge is punishable by a penalty of 1 stroke and a gap.
  • The player’s equipment (club bag) that shifts the ball position or changes the current state of the obstacle of the field. Causes the ball to move, a penalty of 1 stroke.
  • The ball falls into the lake or pond, then 1 stroke is fined.
  • Hitting someone else’s ball by mistake is punishable by a 2-stroke penalty.

In short, the foul will depend on the severity of which is punished with the corresponding number of clubs (according to the rules of golf). The foul can cause a player to be forced off the course, disenfranchised.

The World’s Most Famous Golf Tournaments

The ranking of major golf tournaments in the world depends financially and is divided as follows:

  • Tier 1: PGA Tour.
  • Tier 2: European Tour.
  • Tier 3: LPGA Tour.
  • Tier 4: PGA Tour Champions.
  • Steps 5 – 7: Asian Tour, Japan Golf Tour, LPGA of Japan Tour.

1. Golf The Master

The Master’s Tournament is one of the biggest golf tournaments on the planet that takes place every April and will end on the second Sunday of that month. This golf tournament was first held in 1934 at Augusta National in Georgia, USA and until now has remained the same venue. In the Master brings together more than 50 professional golfers competing with a prize money of up to $ 9 million along with a green Green Jacket, considered the noblest symbol of the sports world.

2. Open Championship (British Open)

The Open Championship is considered the oldest golf tournament in the world of professional golf and was first held in 1860. The tournament takes place alternately on the courts of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland over 4 days from 5th to Sunday after the conclusion of the US Open and before the PGA Championship.

The top golf tournaments are all bet at high odds
The top golf tournaments are all bet at high odds

The Open Championship brings together 156 of the world’s top professional golfers along with amateur champions. Besides, there are golfers with excellent achievements in the qualifying round.

3. Golf PGA Championship

The PGA Championship, with a prize fund of up to $8 million, is one of the major golf tournaments worldwide that attracts numerous professional players. This exclusive event takes place solely in the United States and is open to golfers within the top 100 of the world golf rankings and those with achievements in the PGA system. The championship winner receives an invitation to compete for the next five years and is exempt from qualifying rounds for this tournament for life.

4. Golf US Open

When discussing major global golf tournaments, the US Open is an essential mention. Organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA), it takes place in mid-June each year, concluding on the third Sunday of the month. The inaugural US Open was held at Newport Country Club in 1895, and subsequent editions have been hosted at various golf courses across the United States. Selected courses must meet strict criteria, featuring lengthy fairways, tall rough, and narrow fairways.

5. Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup stands out among the top six major golf tournaments globally for its unique and diverse format. Players compete in teams led by captains and vice-captains. This biennial event features teams from the United States and Europe, engaging in Foursome, Fourball, and Single matches.

6. US Open Woman

Also listed among the world’s major golf tournaments, the US Women’s Open is exclusively dedicated to professional female golfers. First held in 1946, this event garners a significant following, much like its male counterpart, the US Open.

Detailed Betting on Golf tournaments guide

What is Betting on Golf tournaments?

Betting on Golf tournaments in general, is similar to wagering on other sports. Players can stay updated on the golf tournament schedules for both domestic and international teams through online betting platforms with great accuracy. Fundamentally, golf betting will also encompass various simple betting options, such as predicting the tournament champion, betting on the overall winner, or placing over/under bets. However, if you have a particular interest in golf betting, it’s advisable to invest time in learning about the intricacies of the game.

This knowledge will empower you to be confident and successful in your betting endeavors. Once bettors become familiar with golf betting, they often consider the credibility of the betting platform. This concern is common among most bettors.

Golf betting guide for newbies from Wintips experts
Golf betting guide for newbies from Wintips experts

Hence, a foreign-based betting platform with a solid and established foundation is likely to offer a high level of credibility, along with professional operational policies and a strong commitment to ensuring player data security. Moreover, it’s important to choose reputable betting platforms with a proven track record of prompt payout and valid licensing for their betting operations.

Popular forms of Betting on Golf tournaments

  • Overall Winner Bet: Simplest form, but takes time for results. You wait until the match ends and the winner is announced.
  • Head-to-Head Bet: Two players are paired, and you bet on who you think will win, even if they aren’t directly competing.
  • Over/Under Bet: Like over/under in other sports. Bet on whether two players’ total score will be higher or lower than a set number.
  • Handicap Bet: Betting platform assigns a handicap to pairs. Bet on the pair with the best odds considering the handicap.
  • Top Nationality Bet: Bet on the nationality of the eventual winner.
  • First-Round Leader Bet: Bet on the player with the highest ranking after the first round.
  • Additional Options: Platforms offer more choices like betting on top finishers (4, 5, 6, 10, 20), 18-hole 2-ball/3-ball results, tournament groupings…

How to Play Betting on Golf tournaments?

In a golf round, there are 18 holes, and the order of these holes is predetermined by the tournament organizers based on the layout of the golf course. A golfer plays one shot at each hole, and the number of shots is not limited, depending on the tournament rules. Typically, a round of golf consists of one to four players.

A match begins when the ball is placed on the Tee Box, and the player strikes the ball using a club. The first shot, known as the drive, aims to hit the ball as far from the Tee Box. As close to the golf hole as possible. After the ball comes to a stop, the golfer proceeds to the ball’s location. Executes additional shots known as approach shots, pitches, or chips. These shots are played with a softer touch, aiming to guide the ball onto the green. The golfer continues this process until the ball is on the green. Employing delicate shots to get the ball into the hole from there.

Golf betting experience always wins from masters

Master Golf Knowledge

Apart from knowing golf-related information, understanding the fundamental rules and principles for each match is crucial. Shaping your mindset is an effective strategy, helping you adeptly apply the rules and terms set by the betting platform. Once you have a solid foundation, adapting and succeeding in this sport becomes more flexible and significantly increases your winning odds.

Understand the Rules and Your Players

The game’s rules may slightly vary based on regional norms, so take time to understand them. This aids you in assessing and evaluating the playing abilities of the golfers you want to bet on. This step marks a pivotal decision-making factor for your success or failure in your bets.

Know the Schedule for Smart Choices

For beginners, it’s a misconception that any match can be bet on. Selecting the right matches is crucial for higher chances of winning.

A few important golf betting tips to keep in mind
A few important golf betting tips to keep in mind

Major matches featuring skilled players have better odds, so accurate knowledge of match schedules helps you place timely bets. This also allows you to follow your favorite golf events and witness extraordinary moments while earning a considerable income.

Player Assessment

Consider whether the players you’re considering have had injuries or show any signs of instability. This ensures they’ll perform at their best and reduces risk when you place bets. Also, evaluate recent performance to make informed decisions and astute choices in your betting.

Learn from Those with Experience

To gain insights from seasoned bettors, you can join betting groups and forums to ask questions and listen to their analysis of rules or strategies for various platforms. This approach is highly beneficial, so don’t miss out!

Choose a Reputable Betting Platform

Selecting a reliable online golf betting platform is not challenging, but finding a genuinely reputable one can be tougher. It’s unfortunate to disregard researching a platform and diving into betting recklessly. Losing your funds is an outcome anyone can anticipate, so always be cautious.

To determine a trustworthy platform, consider the following factors:

  • Years of operation with a substantial user base and active daily participation.
  • Transparent and clear procedures for distinguishing wins and losses. As well as secure, swift, and highly secure transactions.
  • 24/7 customer support team dedicated to professional assistance.
  • Attractive promotional programs that cater to players’ needs.
  • Reasonable payout ratios, neither too low nor excessively high.


Golf betting is a relatively new form of betting in some countries around the world. But there is a simple way to play and almost similar to other sports betting. Therefore, it is gradually interested in many people. Hopefully, through the above article, we will help you better understand Betting on Golf tournaments. Also, don’t forget to record yourself the most effective Golf betting experience. Good luck and have an enjoyable moment with Golf.

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